31 August 2012

fo: blissful

Here it is at last, the completed Blissful Flowers Shawl.

We took the photos at the Treasury Gardens.  The whole time I was praying to the crochet-gods that no one from work saw me!!  I think the gods in this case were kind :)

Again, many thanks to Clara for taking the time to support my crazy crochet obsession by taking pictures of me, inept a model though I might be, and introducing the photography stylings of Louisa.  Louisa joined us last time and was credited as 'stylist', but this time she also brought her dslr with her fancy shmancy prime lens and credit goes to her for the great close up shot at the bottom.  It was a bit like the paparazzo were following me!  There was this weird bearded hipster guy lurking about for a while, but otherwise no dramas, apart from me now realising that I need a haircut after looking at the back of my head in the photos below.

Y'all might recall this one, Ravelry tells me I started this back in March.  Ravelry also tells me I've blogged about it 7 times.  Flip! Sorry for boring you so long!!  The pattern and colour of yarn were chosen by the recipient, my aforementioned crochet biatch Ange.  This was / is (?) her birthday present, for her birthday back in MAY!!  Sorry !!!! Only 3 months late!  I finally presented this to Ange last week, and she was happy with it, and assured me it was worth the wait.  She said, and I quote "you did an awesome fucking job!  only way to describe it!"  Can't ask for more than that eh??

Pattern:  Blissful Flowers Shawl.  I modified the original pattern by adding two extra rows, and opting for a simple edging to facilitate the addition of tassels.  I think it works.   It turned out 180cm long and 96cm deep.
Hook: 4mm
Yarn:  Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 5 ply in Pale Eucalypt.  I probably won't use this yarn for a shawl again, it's just a bit too course.   I used every single inch of 2 skeins.  This shawl is massive!!
Ravelled here

Check out my other FOs modelled at various Melbourne locations on my blog map.

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29 August 2012

wip: slack

This past weekend flew past without even consulting me first.  Rude.  Well, I had a lazy Sunday but I didn't get the urge to pick up the hook at all.  I think it's because I've been devoting every spare moment to this piece the last couple of weeks, I just needed a time out.  Thus, I feel I've slackened the pace with the pressie for my new niece.  This blanket really should be done by now.  Sorry unborn child, what ever will you do without it?  So, working on weaving the ends in and the border at the moment.

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28 August 2012

The hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benedict: Mess Hall

Last week's hunt brought us to the Mess Hall.  Hilariously right next door to the location we chose the week before.

Location: Mess Hall
51 Bourke St, Melbourne
ph: 03 9654 6800
f: 03 9654 6877
e: themesshall@bigpond.com.au

This joint had a nice feel to it, however the seats were a bit squishy, which you come to expect in Melbourne cafes anyway.  We saw it for our search for inaugural eggs benny, but dismissed it because it didn't look cosy (metal seats) and it was a cold day.  But it turned out the temp inside was fine.

They also tried to disguise the eggs benny as 'Hollandaise eggs'.  Nice try Mess Hall, we will not be fooled so eaily!

Base:  Sweet buns.  WTF are sweet buns? 
Eggs:  Cooked perfectly. 
Sauce:  OK, but just not enough of it!  It also had some dukkah sprinkled on it, which was just weird. 
Ham:  Fine, but would it have hurt you to grill it a bit?  Lil sis and I agree that grilling the ham just gives it that extra little something!
Price:  $16.50
Other:  This version came with spinach, and there was a drizzle of oil around it, which I do not approve of.
Coffee:  Really good.

6/10. Good but not great.  Probably trying a bit too hard to be fancy, when it's really not necessary.
My sis:
5/10.   The bread was weird and why couldn't they decide to have ham or just spinach? And that sh** they sprinkled on the top was not needed. And the oil, bleh!

So that gives us an average of 5.5!! How does that look on the benedict rater?

And here is my lil sis doing 'eggs benny eyes'.  You know, because holding the eggs benny like this makes it look like the eggs benny are her eyes.  Love ya sis! xox
Good thing we try a different cafe every week, they probably won't let us back in!
Also, you may have noticed I've put together a little map.  This way we (and you) can keep track of where we've been!  Yellow markers deonte eggs benny locations.
The Mess Hall on Urbanspoon

27 August 2012

Mochachino Brownies

If it isn't blogged about, it didn't happen right?  Yipes, I better share with you the fact that I did some baking!!

My last three attempts at brownies have failed.  They were less a brownie and more a brownie-batter puddle.  Burnt on the outside, not cooked on the inside.  I maintain it's my oven - it's way too hot.

Anyway, this time, a new recipe and success!  I give you, my slightly tweaked version of Mochachino Brownies

115 g butter
115 g chocolate (I used old gold)
2 tbsp strong coffee (I brewed up a Ristretto pod)
250 g caster sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
3 eggs, beaten
100 g milk choc chips (original recipe said 55g of choc chips and 55 g walnuts, however my other half does not like nuts so I just added more chips)

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C, grease and line a sqaure baking tin.
  2. Place the butter, chocolate and coffee into a saucepan and melt until smooth.  Cool slightly (I let it cool for the amount of time it took me to gather the rest of my ingredients).
  3. Whisk in the sugar, eggs and cinnamon.
  4. Mix in the flour (I continued to use my whisk) and stir in the choc chips.  
  5. Pour into the prepared tin, bake for 30-35 mins, apparently until firm but moist inside.  Mine was probably in for closer to 40, but this was purely because my oven timer didn't go off when it was supposed to.  So mine was a bit black on the top.  But it is still ridiculously moist, plus I hid the blackness with icing. 
  6. Allow to cool before icing.
115 g white chocolate
1 tbsp coffee (I had left overs from that brewed above)
2 tbsp milk
175 g icing sugar, sifted

  1. Melt white choc with milk and coffee.  
  2. Sift in the icing sugar and mix together (I used my whisk).
  3. Spread over your brownies.  My icing was quite runny, so I popped it into the fridge for a while to set a bit before using.  Then it's a lovely consistency and won't drip everwhere.
I cut mine into 25 pieces.  They're super rich, so try not to have more than say, 5 :D

26 August 2012

Lazy Sunday

For the first time in a long time, I've had one.  Yes, a lazy Sunday.  With my precious free time I've finally given the old blog a bit of a refresh.

So, officially, welcome to Tanya Today!  I felt a bit restricted by My Grandmotherly Ways, because I am getting the urge more and more to blog about things a bit more varied than would fall into my previously chosen title.

Tanya Today is all about showing you what I'm up to today (not everyday mind).  Don't worry, it's likely still going to largely entail crochet and knitting.  But I have been, and will probably continue to mix it up a bit with other things.  I'm surprised how much I like to look back on my blog to see where I've been.  So the update is just to facilitate that.  You know, for posterity.

So on this lazy Sunday, I'd like to share with you my new toy.

Customary bathroom self portrait which, I understand, is essential on these occasions.  I even cleaned the mirror first. You're welcome. 
Yes, I have joined the ranks of dslr owners, so be prepared to see many, many dodgy photos in the coming weeks.  I got this one, based on a couple of reviews.  I don't know if I've done the right thing.  I got it out of the box and had a mini-panic because it seems so complicated.  But I will persevere.  I think it takes pretty nice photos even though I don't know what I'm doing.  What's an ISO?

And to conclude this post, the first for Tanya Today, and continuing the photography motif, check out this awesome graffiti I spotted down Little Collins Street on Friday:
Sorry blog land, I had to use my blackberry for this picture, but I am of the opinion that that does not detract from it's awesomeness. 

24 August 2012

Caturday XXIII

Welcome again to Caturday, the day I dedicate to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

Today, The Kitten would like to share with you her favourite toy.  This is Blue Mousey.  Once upon a time, Blue Mousey was attached to a string of elastic and a pole, so The Kitten could enjoy playing with it's life-like movements as her cat guardians moved it around in a jaunty fashion.  The Kitten promptly used her wonderfully sharp teeth to sever said elastic string.  Blue Mousey now enjoys a much more independent existence.  The Kitten and Blue Mousey are rarely separated.  You know when The Kitten is spending quality time with Blue Mousey, because Blue Mousey has a bell attached, so Blue Mousey will jingle when The Kitten and Blue Mousey are up to shenanigans.  Blue Mousey often feels like coming out to play when cat guardians are ready to sleep, so Blue Mousey gets put in time out.  The Kitten will also play fetch with Blue Mousey.

How is your kitty doing?  Oh?  That's nice.  I'd love to hear more.  Fill in Mr Linky below and link back to join Caturday!

23 August 2012


I mean that in the old witch from Princess Bride context...

That's how I feel about this item.

Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but it's still disappointing that it didn't work!!  I just feel like... booooo.  It's not a huge thang, really only a few hours work, but I was so pleased with my cable skills I didn't think it wouldn't work. booo

I'm not sure what I will do with it.  Finish it off?  Anyone know someone with a big giant head that I can give this to?

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22 August 2012

WIP: ripples

I am super duper surprised how much of this baby blanket I've been able to complete in the last week.  I've now crocheted 81 of the 108 rows I need.  Then I need to weave in the ends.  Then I need to crochet a border.  Then I need to make a matching matinee jacket, hat and booties.  Despite all the work ahead of me, I have high hopes about getting this gift completed in time for the birth of my new niecicle, who is due mid Sept.  Wish me luck!

I've started (audio) book 3 of the John Carter/Barsoom series.  They're just good background noise, you don't have to listen quite closely.  It's all adventure/sword fights.  I need to find something better to listen to, I just haven't gotten around to it.  Any recommendations?
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21 August 2012

The hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benedict: Twenty Seconds Cafe

My littlest sister got me onto eggs benny.  Prior to her suggestion insistence, the thought of eggs covered in sauce made of more eggs disgusted me.  But now I'm hooked.  However, I think it's quite difficult to find good eggs benny.  Especially during on a week day in the Melbourne CBD.  So, we have set ourselves a challenge.  Lil sis and I are on the hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benny.  Once a week we meet up for breakfast before work to partake in the eggs benny offering of a different cafe.  And I'm going to record my findings here.  Why not right?

I'm no professional food critic, and wouldn't even describe myself as a foodie.  I'm just going to tell you if I like it or not!  We are going to try everywhere! Every cheap and nasty or fancy-pants cafe in this city of restaurants we have.  May the best eggs benny win!

There was no rhyme nor reason for choosing the location for the inaugural eggs benny.  It was close to our meeting place so we scooted in.  I would characterise it as one of the aforementioned 'cheap and nasty' cafes.

Location:  Twenty Seconds Cafe
49 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9654 4181

There were plastics vines wrapped around the pillars inside.  We should have taken this as a sign.
Looks ok at least.
And the review...
Base:  English muffins.  Lil sis and I both prefer muffins over toast, and these were as expected.
Eggs:  Overcooked!  Wayy overcooked.  Where's my runny yolk mister?  Plus I felt there was too much of that vinegary taste some poached eggs have.  I do not like.
Sauce:  Passable but underwhelming.  No flavour almost. 
Ham:  Yummy.  I don't think you can really go wrong with ham anyway. 
Price:  $10.50
Coffee:  Not great.  Just, not great.  And I am no coffee snob, but even my low low standards were not met by this brew.

Overall:  4/10.  Edible but definitely not a venue we will revisit.  I attribute the low score to the disappointing eggs and sauce.  The two key elements really.

A disappointing start to our quest!  But I am heartened by the fact that we have many many more places to try!

Any Melbournians with an eggs benny location for me to try?  Please let me know!

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18 August 2012

Caturday XXII

Welcome again to Caturday, the day I dedicate to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

Today, looking at The Kitten from that weird angle where it looks like she has a bald spot.  Weird.  But I've managed to capture her eye so you can see how the convex part is transparent.  Kitties are so amazing.

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16 August 2012

FO: loverly

I've cheated a bit with this FO.  These photos were taken at the same time as my cowl last week.  I just felt like they needed a post of their own.

Again, pictures taken at Hosier Lane, with thanks from Clara for the photography!

Pattern:  Thinking of You
Needle:  4.5mm
Yarn:  Bendigo Woollen Mills Allegro in Wild Inferno.  After blocking it came out so so so soft!  It was already quite nice, but after blocking it was gor-geous! 
Ravelled Here
Final thoughts:  An ok pattern, but even after blocking it curls.  I'm sure I made a few lots of mistakes on the heart pattern section, but am quite proud of my first lace work.  And finally, I'm not a huge fan of non-reversable patterns for scaves, so I'm fairly sure I won't make this again.  

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15 August 2012

WIP: the needs of babes

Another new project to show you today.  My sister is having a baby, and new baby niecicle needs a layette. Just needs one.  I'm making the same set as last time, because bub is due 15 Sept and I don't have time to look for or learn a new pattern.  Mixing it up a bit with colours this time, and adding yellow.  OOoooOOOoo. 

I've started with the blanket, using my own patten.  I've actually done TONNES more than in the following photo, but have no pretty pictures.  So you get a very preliminary, but prettily composed picture.  Suffer in your jocks.  I believe I am at row 37/108.  At this rate I am very confident of being done in time.  

I'm reading book two in the John Carter series, The Gods of Mars.  I feel myself tuning out a lot.  It goes a lot like this:  *Oh, John Carter's in a pickle?  Oh no.  Oh, John Carter's ok?   phew!** Repeat from * to **.  

I'm also reading a couple of chapters of Kingdom of the Wicked (Skulduggery) before bed every night.  It's ok.  But lookie what I found in there!! 
Fezzes will now and forever be cool.
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11 August 2012

Caturday XXI

Welcome again to Caturday, the day I dedicate to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

Today, The Kitten sits in the sun on her mat, contemplating life, the universe and everything.

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10 August 2012

FO: in which I become a model

This is a very exciting FO today.  Not so much for the FO piece itself, but for the amazing photographs.  I have a wonderfully talented friend who has agreed to become my personal photographer of my knit and crochet creations!  The plan is to pick a cool Melbourne location to nick off to during our lunch break and take some nifty piccies of my latest FO.  The location we picked for today's FO is Hosier Lane, known for the epic street art to be found there.  And without further ado, the photographic stylings of my dear friend Clara ...

And now for the boring bit, stats:
Pattern:  No pattern, I made this up.  CO a multiple of 4 and k2p2 in the round until my yarn was gone!  I wanted a big thick chunky cowl, and the yarn was far too busy for anything much more eloborate.  I would have liked it a bit shorter, but when I was casting on it just didn't seem like enough.  Still, it does the job nicely methinks, and it's stretchy and squishy.
Needles:  6.5mm (I think) ciruclars.
Yarn:  Some acylic stuff called Toscana by a mob called Fiddlesticks purchased from Big W.  The ball band tells me there was 100m per ball, I used 2 balls.  I was very surprised to discover the yarn was self striping - bonus!
Ravelled here

In the interests of full disclosure, my modelling career did not get off to a good start.  As soon as I got in front of the camera, I felt like a total nong.  How does a person pose?  What do I do with my hands?  Regular readers will know that I don't like my face.  I think it's more that I don't like my face in photographs.  I am therefore using the medium of this blog to get over my aversion to my own face.  It's like therapy.

I also need to give a shout out to my 'sylist' Lou for her invaluable contributions towards setting up the wonderful pictures seen above (and holding my stuff!).  (There she is helping me!!) xox

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08 August 2012

WIP: tendrillar

I can knit while on a bus, I can knit while eating lunch.
I can knit while on a train, I can knit in the rain!

Well, maybe not in the rain.  That would be silly.

But, I really think it goes to show how my knitting confidence and skills are improving, by my ability to take this project on the train.  I've memorised the pattern.  What the fudge?  k6, k2tog, yo.  The pattern has some mumbo jumbo about using stitchmarkers and what not, why anyone would do this rather than going round and round and round without stopping is beyond me.  One more inch of pattern to go and I can start the picot finishing edge!
In the interests of full disclosure, my cowl is not without mistake.  Can you see it?

As a postscript to my Wonderful Realisation Of How Great A Knitter I Am Becoming, this morning there was another woman knitting on the train.  Her needles were flying and the yarn was a blur.  Somehow it made me feel a bit less special.  But I will endure!
I've stopped reading Jane Eyre for the moment (I'm up to the bit where she's just left Thornfield and it was depressing me.  That lady really needs to build a bridge, seriously, would it have killed you to just be his mistress?  Since reading this book last I think my feelings towards marriage have developed much - I really don't get it.  Fair enough in 1842 it was necessary, but now it's just like whatevers Jane, it ain't no thang!) and started reading (listening to) A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  I'm a big fan of reading the original source before/after I see a film I like.  In this case, I saw the film first.  I'm not one of those people who have to read the book first.  Whatever floats your boat dudes.  The book is good so far, in a sort of diary fashion.  The dude reading it is a bit weird though, he tries to do this Virginian accent, but then doesn't prounounce his 'r's.  (Like this: Warrior is prounounced Wawwior).  Obviously you may not want to watch the whole hour long video below, but John Carter animated! 

Oh and I also started reading the new Skulduggery book!  I've come to think of the author as a bit of a douche, (read his blog, blerg), but I still really like the books.  I mean, I don't like Valkyrie as a protagonist, (she lost me as soon as she cheated on Fletcher) but I love SP.  You can really picture what he would be like.  Even though he's a skeleton.

(thanks for the title, thesaurus.com!)

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04 August 2012

Caturday XX

Welcome again to Caturday, the day I dedicate to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

This week, the kitty chillin' at the end of her tunnel.  That piece of string you see hanging down is where there was a ball hanging down, which she promptly detached as soon as she got it.  Also pictured is her blue mousie, which was also detached from the string it was originally attached to, like a fishing pole toy.  
check out my made photography skills, yo.
And, in kind of unrealted news, I got my driving licence this week!  OK, not that impressive, seeing as any 18 year old can achieve this feat.  However, at the very least, it calls for an appropriately themed lolcat???
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03 August 2012

July movies

I'm going to continue with the crafti-sh related piccies for the movies I saw in July, though I am cheating a bit because there's some comics I love too.  But comics are crafty... they're artfully drawn.

Flash Gordon (H)
A read a review for Ted (see below), that said be sure to watch this movie before you see Ted to get the full extent of the in jokes.  In it's own right, this movie was rad.  So retro, so bad that it was good.  Definitely a super fun popcorn movie.  And a soundtrack by Queen! 
As an aside, "Pew Pew" is one of my favourite things to say (via)
Ted (M)
Thank goodness I watched Flash Gordon (see above).  When A and I went to see this, the theatre was packed, and there were so many moments, involving FG, that were histerical because FG was so fresh in our minds.  A few times I stopped laughing and notcied I was the only one.  Come on people, lighten up!  Definitely see this, lives up to the hype!! I love it when Marky Mark gets his Boston accent on too!
The Amazing Spiderman (M)(N)
I had super low expectations for this movie, I mean - seriously, remake a movie that was made 10 years ago?  Come onnn you must have some new ideas???  Plus, don't mess with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.  Just don't.  And then, I quite enjoyed it.  It had a lot of problems, but it was ok.  

I saw this comic before I saw the movie, and during the movie I was insanely distracted by those floaty specks (via) (see also Kate Beaton's spidey)
Pride and Prejudice (1995) (N)
We have all seen this and we all love it.  Upon watching it last month, I laughed a lot more than I ought to I'm certain.  For example, when Mr Darcy's face appears in Elizabeth's mirror; when Mr Darcy is agonisingly writing the letter; the bath bit.   I do have one lingering question ... when are bonnets going to come back into fashion?  I think I would look rather fetching in a bonnet! 

Love Kate Beaton.  Oh so much, (via)
Pride and Prejudice (2005) (H)
Do you do this too?  After reading a book you must watch the film adaptation?  Do you do what I do, and watch as many adaptations as you can get your hands on?  Well, that's what I do.  I hadn't seen this yet, and I should not have really bothered.  It was as expected.  I don't like Keira Knightley's mouth.  But I did like Matthew Macfadyen.  And it ended in a weird place.  Please refer to the above when looking for your P&P fix. 

Jane Eyre (1997) (N)
I quite like this verion, I quite like the dude that plays Rochester. 

More Beaton, (via)
Little Women (N)
Just re-watching an old favourite.  Such a good movie, with lovely people in it.  If you haven't seen it, see it.  That is all. 
The Dark Knight Rises (M) x 2
This movie.  I will have this movie's babies.  I surely will.  I saw this movie twice in July, and plan on seeing it at least as many times again.  I was unsure going into it - could it live up to the hype?  But it did!! Everyone was brill in this movie, Bale, Hathaway, Levitt, Oldman.  Love.

Sexy batman (via)
The Big Hit (H)
Marky Mark, you are wonderful, even back in the day before you were big.  This was a great movie!  Very fun, good action and guns shooting etc.  Kidnap movie where the abductee falls in love wither her nice guy abductor - we've all been there. 

H = movies from the DVD vault at home
M = movies at the theatre
N = movies I watched while in Noosa

Pick of the month:  Batman!  Duh!

So, have you seen any good movies lately?

01 August 2012

WIP: bicraftual

Two of todays WIPs are new this week.  Shameful.  But I'm really starting to love knitting... and I didn't have anything on the needles - surely I can be excused!  Hence the title - I am starting to feel truly bicraftual!

I've cast on two new knits.  The first, a spiral cowl.  I blame Ravelry.  You see, after finishing my Lovey Dovey Scarf, I had about half a skein of bwm allegro left.  So, naturally, I searched Ravelry to see what I could do with about 200 yards of 8ply that would go around my neck.
Look at that picot edge!!! LOOK AT IT!! I DID THAT!!!
I've also started a Snappy Hat, again the fault of Ravelry.  I was having a look to see what I could do with some Lincraft Veronica I've had for a while, and came across this lovely version.  So that was the end of that and I cast on immediately.  
I am firmly of the view that a crappy picture is better than no picture at all.
Knitting the snappy hat last night, I was stunned that I actually thought to myself 'what an easy pattern'.  Seriously, knitting, with all the fiddly little loops - easy???!  I honestly thought I would never get to this point.  Compared to crochet, I always found knitting fiddly, difficult to see where you're at, what you did wrong.  I'm not super duper at figuring out how to fix mistakes, but I can remember the pattern repeats in the above two patterns no sweat, and I can even see where I'm up to.  Knitting is still much more frustrating for me than crochet, but I'm starting to find my peace with it.  Sorry for rambling, but I'm so proud of myself - and you should be too!!!

Speaking of crochet, Sailor's Delight has not seen much progress.  Being my commuter project, I'm lucky if I get 3 rows done per return trip at the moment, the rows are sooo long.  The below photo was the first time I had actually laid this project out fully for a while to have a look at the big picture.  I'm slightly concerned at the humpy-ness of it, but I think a good blocking will fix that.  On the up side, I'm loving the stripes.  They're so neat and tidy.  And I love the drape and feel of the fabric, it's really lovely.  And it's reversable (yes, I'm looking at you gross knitted one-side-only stripes).   I have now used about 150g of yarn, and have 80g or so left.  It currently measures 65cm.  If I knew about maths I might be able to calculate how far my yarn will actually go, but instead I will wait and see. 
The Kitten subjects my shawl to the sniff test. 
And I have pulled my Mum's wrap out of hibernation in an effort to get it done for her birthday in September.  It was originally intended to be for her last birthday.  D'oh.  BUT she has been uber annoying and asking me all the time when I'll be done, and she has also demanded matching mitts and hat!  This type of behaviour does not make a person want to work on a gift, so hence the hibernation.  Also, as soon as I got it out, the following happened, further hindering my progress.  
In the absence of proper photos, include as many pictures of cats as you can.
I'm still listening to Jane Eyre, and enjoying it.  I'm looking forward to finishing it, as I have this adaptation lined up to watch.  I just need to find a spare 6 hours or so to watch it.  So, here's a comic - careful *SPOILERS*!!

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