28 August 2012

The hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benedict: Mess Hall

Last week's hunt brought us to the Mess Hall.  Hilariously right next door to the location we chose the week before.

Location: Mess Hall
51 Bourke St, Melbourne
ph: 03 9654 6800
f: 03 9654 6877
e: themesshall@bigpond.com.au

This joint had a nice feel to it, however the seats were a bit squishy, which you come to expect in Melbourne cafes anyway.  We saw it for our search for inaugural eggs benny, but dismissed it because it didn't look cosy (metal seats) and it was a cold day.  But it turned out the temp inside was fine.

They also tried to disguise the eggs benny as 'Hollandaise eggs'.  Nice try Mess Hall, we will not be fooled so eaily!

Base:  Sweet buns.  WTF are sweet buns? 
Eggs:  Cooked perfectly. 
Sauce:  OK, but just not enough of it!  It also had some dukkah sprinkled on it, which was just weird. 
Ham:  Fine, but would it have hurt you to grill it a bit?  Lil sis and I agree that grilling the ham just gives it that extra little something!
Price:  $16.50
Other:  This version came with spinach, and there was a drizzle of oil around it, which I do not approve of.
Coffee:  Really good.

6/10. Good but not great.  Probably trying a bit too hard to be fancy, when it's really not necessary.
My sis:
5/10.   The bread was weird and why couldn't they decide to have ham or just spinach? And that sh** they sprinkled on the top was not needed. And the oil, bleh!

So that gives us an average of 5.5!! How does that look on the benedict rater?

And here is my lil sis doing 'eggs benny eyes'.  You know, because holding the eggs benny like this makes it look like the eggs benny are her eyes.  Love ya sis! xox
Good thing we try a different cafe every week, they probably won't let us back in!
Also, you may have noticed I've put together a little map.  This way we (and you) can keep track of where we've been!  Yellow markers deonte eggs benny locations.
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