21 August 2012

The hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benedict: Twenty Seconds Cafe

My littlest sister got me onto eggs benny.  Prior to her suggestion insistence, the thought of eggs covered in sauce made of more eggs disgusted me.  But now I'm hooked.  However, I think it's quite difficult to find good eggs benny.  Especially during on a week day in the Melbourne CBD.  So, we have set ourselves a challenge.  Lil sis and I are on the hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benny.  Once a week we meet up for breakfast before work to partake in the eggs benny offering of a different cafe.  And I'm going to record my findings here.  Why not right?

I'm no professional food critic, and wouldn't even describe myself as a foodie.  I'm just going to tell you if I like it or not!  We are going to try everywhere! Every cheap and nasty or fancy-pants cafe in this city of restaurants we have.  May the best eggs benny win!

There was no rhyme nor reason for choosing the location for the inaugural eggs benny.  It was close to our meeting place so we scooted in.  I would characterise it as one of the aforementioned 'cheap and nasty' cafes.

Location:  Twenty Seconds Cafe
49 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9654 4181

There were plastics vines wrapped around the pillars inside.  We should have taken this as a sign.
Looks ok at least.
And the review...
Base:  English muffins.  Lil sis and I both prefer muffins over toast, and these were as expected.
Eggs:  Overcooked!  Wayy overcooked.  Where's my runny yolk mister?  Plus I felt there was too much of that vinegary taste some poached eggs have.  I do not like.
Sauce:  Passable but underwhelming.  No flavour almost. 
Ham:  Yummy.  I don't think you can really go wrong with ham anyway. 
Price:  $10.50
Coffee:  Not great.  Just, not great.  And I am no coffee snob, but even my low low standards were not met by this brew.

Overall:  4/10.  Edible but definitely not a venue we will revisit.  I attribute the low score to the disappointing eggs and sauce.  The two key elements really.

A disappointing start to our quest!  But I am heartened by the fact that we have many many more places to try!

Any Melbournians with an eggs benny location for me to try?  Please let me know!

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