28 May 2012

CBC - 27 May

The Crocher Biatch Club (or CBC) convened yesterday for a day of catching up with masterchef, baking, gassbagging, cuddling of furbabies, eating and of course, crochet.  It's funny how little crochet I find myself doing during CBC. 

This time, we met at Rhon's.   Rhon and I both needed to make something for morning tea at work, so we utilised CBC to do some baking.  Rhon made a delectable lemon slice with passionfruit icing, and I made this almond, chocolate and date torte.

As for crochet, Rhon was freestlyin' some fingerless gloves in a retina-burning hot pink cotton.  Ange was bordering some granny squares and I showed her how to join-as-you-go, and am proud to say that I had a very proficient student!  (I feel I need to mention here that those blue and green squares are most definitely not Ange's choice in colours.  She's making this particular afghan for her hubbie, and Ange thinks these colours are repulsive!  LOL.  I think they look great, and she has done a smashing job!).  Ange is also getting her ripple on.  For my part, I continued to work on my baby set.

There were lots of cuddles going on with both Aslan and Vervainn, who I introduced you to last time.   A good thing too, because it was flippin' freezing.  Thanks for keeping my feet warm Assie!!

Thanks for a lovely day gals, see you at my place next time!



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25 May 2012

Caturday X

Welcome to another exciting edition of Caturday!  The day I unashamedly dedicate to the The Kitten and her shenanigans, and invite you to do the same with your kitty!   And today is a very special Caturday because it's Caturday the tenth!!! Wooo!! *confetti**streamers**trumpets*

Today, The Kitten hangs out in my clothes basket.  I've exhibited evidence o the effect that The Kitten likes my clean laundry, and here is another example. 

Ok, you can have a scratch.  Only because you're cute!!
Today's topic:  Other blogger's cats.

Katia from Etudes de K has kindly permitted me to feature her kitty, Saoune!

Saoune was born in the street, and was abandoned after being adopted by a young couple.  He was found frightened and shy in the city center by the association L'Ecole du Chat.  Saoune was adopted by Katia 1 April 2012, and Katia describes him as very kind and affectionate.

Katia is making a Felted Cat Basket, and by the looks of things, Saoune loves it even as a work in progress!!

So freaking cute!!
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19 May 2012

Caturday IX

Is the ratio of Caturday to non-Caturday posts too high?  Well, I can't help it!  The amount of crochet and knitting in my life fluctuates significantly, whereas the amount of cuteness in my life due to The Kitten is generally the same.  So, no apologies!

Today:  the difference a moment can make.  Look at The Kitten go from relaxed to freaked out in the blink of an eye!

And for your enjoyment, a cute and crazy kitten spazzing out at some apples!
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16 May 2012

FO: Hitchhiker

I haven't blocked it.  I haven't woven (weaved?) in the ends.  But I'm counting this as an FO.

My Hitchhiker!  A bit of a poor excuse for one, with only 38 teeth, but I am still quite pleased.

Yes, marvel at my amazing photo editing skillz using Paint to seamlessly join two photomagraphs!
Pattern: Hitchhiker
Yarn: Schoppel wolle Zauberball
Needles:  3.25mm circulars

Obviously the best thing about this piece is the yarn.  (Oh just look at the amazing things you can make from this yarn.)  Although I think this pattern looks awesome in a plain colour too.  I would also really love to knit one with stripes.   It is a very good pattern, I had no difficulty in memorising it, and this is only the second thing I've knit. 

I'm a bit over garter stitch now though, so will be moving on to bigger and more challenging projects soon!
Vogue.  Strike a pose.  Even a blurry one.
Blocking will probably make it look nicer, but I'm time poor and also lazy right now.  I really like it against the grey.  It's going to add a great pop of colour to my predominately black Melbourne wardrobe.
la la la la.  also I must learn to take photos in better light.  whatevs.

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06 May 2012

Caturday VIII

Welcome to another Caturday, the day dedicated to The Kitten, her cuteness and her various shenanigans.  The day I also invite you to particpate and link back at the bottom :)

This week I've had a bit of a case of the sads.  Just one of those everything-that-could-go-wrong-does-and-I-can't-do-anything-right-fuck-my-life kind of weeks.  But then A will sent me this text, and things seemed just a bit better.

Cuteness update, keeping me fully informed on all the latest cuteness news.
And in case you'd like a larger version of this photo taken in atrocious light, here it is.  You can't say I never did nothing for you.  (Don't mind me.  I can't brain today.  I has the dumb.)
Apparently she was sleeping quite peacefully until A came in and flashed the camera at her.  Suck it kitten! 

And today's topic, Kitties in Literature (the term 'literature' is used loosely)

So, I recently finished reading the Hunger Games series.  The series wasn't mindblowing, but it was entertaining enough for me.  One of my favourite characters was Butercup (well of course the Hunger Games has its own wiki!). My only emotional response was near the very end of book three, involving an exchange between Katniss and Buttercup.  I won't spoil it for you.  I will say however that I actually welled up, which is rare for me when reading any book.  I'm so tough.

Enough talking Tanya!  What did you find when you googled 'Hunger Games Buttercup'?  Well, since you ask so nicely, Hunger Games advices!
Advice Buttercup

More hunger games advices here!!

Katniss Pusheen.  Your argument is invalid.
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Caturday VII (late)

Alright I'm tardy this week, but The Kitten still needs to be appreciated, and gosh darn it if I can deny her!  So, lets celebrate  Caturday !!!

May the fourth be with you

As you would be aware, it was Star Wars Day on Friday.   This week, The Kitten gives you her best Jawa impression.
In honour of Star Wars Day,  I have painstakingly scoured Google images to make this  Caturday as Utini as poss.  You're welcome.
Via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
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02 May 2012

WIP: garter garter garter

Ahhh back to the familiarity that is a normal WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along.

I wasn't going to do a post today, but to hell with it, I'm proud of my progress!

Getting closer to the end of my Hitchhiker, although sadly I will not make it to the magical 42nd tooth.  I currently have 31, and with less than one colour repeat left, I think I'll be lucky to get another 4 or 5.  Sad :(  I hope it's long enough.  Buying another skein of yarn is out of the question, as is frogging to add a different yarn to make cool stripes.  I might try seeing if I can find some yellow to tack onto the end, as I will be finishing with yellow.  We'll see. 
Last week, I was up to the yellow.  Judging by my progress, I am obviously a kniting master.

I've got 2 chapters left of Mockingjay (lord I am an idiot.  I wanted a fancy link for here, but then I actually read the frickin Wiki page and now know the ending. So yeah, don't click it if you don't want to know.  A has been so annoying lately, as he read the wiki pages ages ago, and periodically asks me "so how's the book going", and when I recount the latest chapter I've read, he keeps asking "I know what happens, I can tell you"  bah!).  Book 2 was my favourite, with book 1 coming in second and book 3 coming in third.  It just gets a bit ridiculous, and people I liked died, so that sucks.  Boo!  After my initial meh-ness on this series I've warmed up to it and enjoyed it for what it is, teenage fluff.  I'm looking forward to the next movies though, hurry up dammit!
Oh god, I spoiled the ending for you didn't I? (via)

These books reminded me tons of John Marsden's Tomorrow Series, which I love.  If you like teenages running around blowing shit up and saving the worldishness, you should read Tomorrow.  Now I'm looking for my next series to start reading, or maybe I should get back to Game of Thrones.  Finishing a series (albeit a short one) is the WORST!

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