About me

Welcome to Tanya Today. Why today? Well, there's no day but today! Plus I love alliteration.

I'm a bit fickle. I get these grand obsessions which I devote enormous amounts of time and effort into, and then I get over it and move to the next project. So, yeah, Tanya Today is all about what I'm into right now. Mostly that's crochet and knitting. Of anything I've ever devoted my time to, the yarn arts are actually a very stable part of my life. It just fits. So you'll see a lot of that. Then there's my job. I'm a lawyer. You need to love your job when you're a lawyer. You could be working long hours and getting no weekends, So you need to love that shit. I might talk about that a bit. I bought myself a fancy camera recently, so you'll probably also see a lot of amateur photography. Feel free to tell me I suck, I can take it (plus I already suspect as much).

My motto in life is 'it's not worth it'. This means, don't worry unless it means something. I see so many people stressing out and worrying about things that, really at the end of the day, don't matter. Oh sure I stress sometimes, but I think I've reached a stage in my life where I am much better able to let things go. So I'm not going to complain on this blog. Nope. Nor will I be very serious, apart from my yarn arts, which is indeed serious business. Life is serious enough as it is amiright?

So, thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it y'all. Why is it that making a connection with a random stranger feels so good. That sounded creepy. Sorry.