05 January 2011

Sewing satisfaction

I haven't sewed in a LONG time.

But today I did.  I got back behind my mum's 20-odd year old machine and whipped up this little doozy.

The frame was made for me by a family friend, and I made the material bit, whatever its called.

I am SO proud of myself.  I made a little pocket for the end for all my crafty bits and bobs, pins, crochet hooks, whatever.  In the main it will sit in my lounge room and hold my current yarn and things.  This object now goes toward my goal of beautfying my surroundings by the insertion of colour. LOTS of colour!!

03 January 2011

OMG another lame blog

OMG I actually made a blog.  RIDICULOUS!

Mostly, I have been inspired by people like this and this, showcasing their beautiful creations and ideas. 

I want to keep a bit of a record of my little projects, and also stuff I love.  So, that's what all this nonsense will be about. 

And as the name of my blog suggests, I go through a lot of 'flavours of the month', I can be very fickle and my obsessions chop and change.  Now I'll be able to keep track of everything!

My current obsessions are crochet, baking, Doctor Who, Professor Layton.

Projects coming soon!