30 May 2013


I'd wanted a bright mustard coloured scarf for a while.  And even though I have a buttload of knitting and crochet commitments (many many running behind schedule) something possessed me to join in on the recent KAL collaboration between sillylittlelady and candyskein.  What compelled me I'm sure I don't know.

I don't think I gained anything in particular from participating in the KAL.  It's a fairly straight forward pattern, so much discussion wasn't really required.  Sure I got stumped when the pattern started, and that was only because I didn't read the pattern properly (remember to increase every 4 rows throughout the pattern peeps).  It was nice to see the variations of other participants come to life, but I don't think I will participate in one again.  It doesn't sit with my crafting style to feel pushed to do something when I could be doing something else (because I really wanted to get to the deadline for some ridiculous reason).  To be honest I felt a bit like a glorified test-knitter.  Oh well, at least I can cross 'participating in a KAL' off my bucket list, not that it actually was on there.

Anyway, here's my Sweet Summer Rays.

Pattern:  Sweet Summer Rays.  As I said, fairly straight forward pattern for a uniquely shaped shawlette.  I used heaps more yarn than called for in the pattern, but then I didn't swatch and probably made it a teeny bit bigger.  Even then I feel it is an awkard size and not particularly wearable.  I usually just tie it neckerchief-style or use a pin to keep it in place as shown above. 
Yarn:  Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin in colourway Saffran.  Another knitting-bucket-list item, one of those yarns I see every woman and her cat going bonkers over on ravelry.  I was not particularly impressed.  Oh it's nice enough and the colour is grand, but it's quite splitty and not particularly soft.  I'll stick to my beloved BWM luxury thanks.
Ravelled here.


P.s.  Many thanks, as usual, to Clara for taking these rad snaps, and for putting up with me constantly begging her to be my personal photographer xox

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29 May 2013

Yer a wizard Tanya!

Seriously, how else would I be able to chart a cable pattern all on my lonesome?

So I started thinking about cables when I slapped my eyes on Liesl's latest gorgeous creation.

I had an image of a cable pattern in my head.  I had to get it out of there.  Similar to the Dapple cable but not quite.  I doodled a little design and with the power of Microsoft Paint behind me, came up with this.

I tried to find a pattern for it - surely this can't be a new idea?  It's all been done before - right?  I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.

Well, I couldn't find it. It's not quite a saxon braid, a criss cross cable, a celtic knot or a four strand cable.

I needed to get this idea out of my head.  I found this extremely helpful tutorial about how to 'uninvent' a cable, and decided to give it a go.  For my cable, I wanted 2 thick strands and 2 thin strands.  I've gone with 3 stitches and 2 stitches for each thick and thin strand, respectively.

Using this knit chart maker, and a little trial and error, here is my chart.

And of course, a little swatch.

The thick/thin strands are not very distinctive.  I'm going to work up a swatch in some chunkier yarn and maybe that will be noticeable.  Or maybe I'll try 4 stitches for the thick strands?

Seriously, if I can work something like this out, I can do anything!

Now to incorporate my creation into something!!


P.S. Later I found this pattern.  I knew I wasn't original!

P.P.S.  I'm still a friggin' wizard. 

P.P.S.   Lots more cables here!  I can't decide which I like better!!

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28 May 2013

out of copyright

So I just did a spot of research on copyright law.  Apparently, if a photo was taken before 1955, copyright elapses after 50 years!  Sweet mate!

I don't have any insidious intentions - I promise.  I just want to get some if these gems printed up as postcards to send them to postcrossers.  Anyways, I'm still doing reaserach about whether or not I can/should do this.

Nevertheless, I can still appreciate how rad these pics are. These are from the National Library of Australia Flicker Commons Photostream.

Ladies cricket team about 1910, area near Weetangera Lane on Peter Shumack's property 'Fernhill'

Young Australian male athlete flexing his muscles, ca. 1899

H.M. Queen Elizabeth at a garden party held in her honour at Home Island in the Cocos Islands, April 1954

Unidentified group of people proposing a toast after Christmas lunch: scenes of Army life in Australia during World War II

Surf sirens, Manly beach, New South Wales, 1938-46

This next one even has a little story along with it:
Even the defendent (left) laughed when his solicitor, Drouin lawyer Basil Telford joked to witness at the Local Court.... Three here are Drouin's Shire secetary (Thomas Ryan), secretary of the town Water Trust (William J. Young), and the school teacher, (Frank Davis). The local policeman (helmet on table) prosecutes.
Justices of the Peace, Thomas Ryan, William Young and Frank Davis sit on the bench at the Drouin Courthouse,Victoria 1916-

Mothers and babies at the Drouin Infant Welfare Centre, Victoria 1916-
 Again, a little story:

A wartime skeleton staff of two produces the Drouin "Independent" (once weekly); circulation 1,000. It prints social doings ... Apprentice Ken McPhan (16) who is an Air Training Corps cadet, helps owner-manager-editor-reporter ... William Pettit (59) who has run country newspapers all his life
William Pettit and Ken McPhan of the Gippsland Independent and Express newspaper, Victoria

And this one, apart from the rad camera angle:
Rev. William McSpedden, Vicar of Christ Church (Church of England), Drouin is a fighting parson. He held two bantamweight Victorian boxing titles in his youth; went into the ring at 124 pounds. Other sports were distance running and baseball. He captained a country baseball team, catching and batting a .3 average. Rev McSpedden still teaches promising youngsters the fistic art; is married and has a son aged two. He sings baritone solos and recites at local concerts.
Portrait of Rev. William McSpedden, vicar of Christ Church, Drouin, Victoria

Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset, 19 March 1932
Part of the collection: Official air views of the opening celebrations of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 19 March, 1932

Group of Aboriginals at Chowilla Station on the lower Murray River, South Australia
Bayliss, Charles, 1850-1897

The icy face of a member of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition team, 1911-1914

Parliament House, Canberra, [1930s, 3]
Unidentified baby lying in a hollowed out pumpkin : part of a mixed selection of lantern slides and negatives from John Flynn's teaching days in Gippsland, and early AIM [Australian Inland Mission]

Aren't they fantastic?  I hope I can capture some photos half as interesting and meaningful one day.  They don't even look real, some of them just seemed staged. 


25 May 2013

365: 61-80

61.  Dinner at work.
62.  Chuck Norris.  Best action figure ever, recently acquired by Partner for his colleciton.
63.  Bike rack.  Yes I'm so artistic.
64.  Typical view of Sydney, during a quick visit for a fun run!
65.  A quick knit.
66.  A treat for myself.  bestshowever.
67.  Another treat for myself!  Her name is Ingrid.
68.  Amazing product for the iced-coffee addicted.
69.  A favourite book, used frequently.
70.  Ridiculous artwork on City Link.  Apparently this is called the "Cheesestick"!!
71.  Mother's day high tea at Franga RSL.
73.  Lovely stamps on a postcard from Taiwan
74.  I like big balls and I cannot lie.
75.  The Kitten.  That face.
76.   Partner won me a Jake!
77.  Quick snap on the walk to the station.  What's this called?  Dusk?  Twilight?
78.  Resurrecting a hibernating project.
79.  Looking up at the Melbourne Town Hall.
80.  Shenanigans with The Kitten.


24 May 2013


I watched The Amazing Spiderman at the movies. It was forgettable, and not as good as the Sam Raimi versions.  But anyway, during the movie, one part was particularly memorable.  Gwen Stacey/Emma Stone rocks up at Peter's place for some reason... wearing this friggin amazing beanie!  I could not focus on the movie because of this magnificent pice of knitwear.  Just look at it! 

Don't cry Emma, you are wearing an amazeballs hat!
Of course, some clever Raveler wrote this up as a pattern!

Here's my version.  Can you believe I hadn't made a hat for myself?  This hat has EVERYTHING a girl needs.  BOBBLES.  CABLES.  A BIT OF LACEWORK.  EVERYTHING.

Once again, photography stylings of the wonderful Clara.

Pattern: Gwen Stacy.  I've noted on my project page the mods I've made - essentially lengthening it for maximum slouchiness.  Srsly, I thought it was too slouchy for a while, but it seems to have relaxed a bit and is just slouchie enough.  I used this blocking method and am now addicted to blocking hats!
Yarn:  Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8ply
Ravelled here.


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22 May 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Sorry to hassle you, but apparently I need to post this to claim my blog?  This is my blog dammit!  You probably already know about this Bloglovin' razzle dazzel and are shaking your head.  Sorry.

Anyways, I'm not technical and have no idea what I'm doing.  Just ignore me.


Keep Calm and Cast On

Well of course I am not original at all.

Seriously, is there anything better for quieting the mind than starting a new project?  It's funny that this is true for me, given that the cast on is my ultimate least favourite part of knitting.  I mean, ugh - all that counting.  And the fiddlyness.  And then knitting the first row, it being all tight and hurty for the fingers (yes, I may be doing something wrong).  And don't get me started on working in the round and the stress involved in making sure the cast on isn't twisted and that it joins properly and doesn't ladder. 

It must be something about requiring 100% of my concentration, everything else fades into the background.  And then, the amazeballs feeling of seeing those first few inches.  Bliss.  I'm loving this new project.  I mentioned it as one of my 'hopefully one day I'll make this' projects a while back and have since had the sudden urge to cast on.

This urge was borne of the slight panic in knowing I have a HUGE project coming up, and the yarn is right now on its way.  I've also recently finished a bunch of things so felt justified in starting something new.  So I'm in the eye of the storm.  Stress + excitement.  Knitters will get it.

Lookit my progress anyways, only started this mid last week.  I have less than 10 inches left to knit.  It's been super fast and satisfying to knit.  One of those projects I step back just to admire every few rows.  I've got a bunch of kitchener stitch

A bunch of people on ravelry are all 'boohoo so much stockinette'.  This isn't even stockinette dudes - I consider real stockinette is alternating your purling and knitting rows, where as this is a big knit tube (btw, I am still amazed at how knitting in the round = stockinette).  No freaking purling, no sir no way no how.  Suck it purl, nobody likes you anyway.  I'm loving this.  The enormous needles, the fluffy yarn, the speedy progress.  This is zen knitting. 

Oh yeah, I've gone backwards on Venus, which is super annoying but I had to rip out row 8 because I stupidly read my dcs as US rather than UK dcs, and then I tangled all the yarn.  Back on track now, but progress is slow.  I can do one and a half shells per train ride.


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21 May 2013

Breakfasting: Sally's Kitchen

My sincere apolgies to my sister Jacks, I just had to have eggs benny without you!  It just wasn't the same, I assure you!

Location:  Sally's Kitchen, 295 Exhibition Street Melbourne
Dining companion: Lermm
Dining date:  17 May 2013
Ordered:  Grilled asparagus with poached egg, hollandais & prociutto; skinny latte

A very cute and cozy location.  Lermm arrived first and I could literally not see her from the entrance way.  Service was pleasant, but frightfully slow.  The table we habitated was teeny tiny and the plates were huge.  Maybe that's supposed to be charming but somebody needs to do their math.

My eggs benny (for that is what they were, regardless of the fancified language) was ok.  Sauce was tasty but lacking that special something.  One of the eggs was slightly overcooked.  Ciabatta is not my favourite base for eggs benny, and I don't enjoy sharp edges on my toast in any case.  I have now decided that panchetta is not for me - it's all stringy, how is that enjoyable?  So overall an average dish. 

Sally's Kitchen's eggs benny gets a score of 5 out of 10 Benedicts!!

Don't get me wrong, the dining experience was very pleasant and I will definitely put Sally's Kitchen into my regular roster of breakfast locations!


Sally's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

16 May 2013

the greatest of them all

This cowl was by special request.  Partner's mother saw my camera strap cover and immediately requested a scarf adorned with kitties.  In suitable football team colours.  I tried to tell her the pattern wouldn't work as a scarf, and that I could do a cowl isntead, but even then it might be stiff.  She wouldn't heed my warnings and continued to insist. 

I was initially worried, but am pleasantly surprised by the result.

Many thanks to Clara for taking these magnificent photos!

Pattern:  A perrrrfectly wonderful tapestry crochet kitty bag.  Obviously this is not a bag.  If I make another cowl I'll tapestry-crochet the whole thing.  I did a few rows of stripes either side of the tapestry in hdc and they tend to curl over a bit as they lack the strucutral integrity of the tapestry section.  You live and learn, I think it looks rad anyway.
Yarn:  Some odds and ends I scored from the bargain room at Bendigo Woollen Mills, both of which are 8ply, the white being Celeste (I think) and the blue Persian.
Ravelled here.


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14 May 2013

Breakfasting: Manchester Press

Breakfast is my fave.  It's about time I started documenting my food exploits beyond my search for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benny.

Location:  Manchester Press, 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne
Dining companion:  Lermm
Dining Date: 10 May 2013
Ordered:  2 x skinny lattes, fruit bagel with wildberry marscapone, strawberries and 'pistashio dust'

My bagel was super delicious, if a bit excessive.  Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but there really was copious amounts of marscapone.  Oh, don't get me wrong it was delectable - but I couldn't eat the whole thing, and that's saying something! 

The coffee was great and the service was friendly.  It has a great atmosphere, and I love how hidden away it feels. Will definitely go again!

Can't say much more than that - it's a bagel - deal with it.


Manchester Press on Urbanspoon

09 May 2013

she runs the night

Yes, she does.

She Runs the Night, 4 May 2013, 10km

Time:  1.26.22
Place:  4768
Freebies:  Race tee was included in the registration price.  Rhonda got a cool drink bottle, but I was just too slow to get in on that action. 

This was by far the funnest fun run I have done thus far.  The atmosphere was amazing - over 6000 ladies there to run.  There was something about it, the fact that such a large group of women were there for the same purpose, it made me a bit emotional.  It was extremely cool to see everyone dressed the same, and people of all fitness levels joining in.

This was a Nike branded run - no charity involved at all.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's funny, whenever I tell people I'm doing a fun run they immediataly ask what charity it's for.  This run was all about Nike showcasing their shit, and I tell you, they know their shit. The whole run had a very festival vibe about it, celebratory and empowering.  Their merchandise was obviously for sale, but it wasn't the focus of the evening, which was fantastic.

Everyone had these nifty bracelets that would all flash in unison, with each wave of runners getting a different colour bracelet.  Rhonda was in the second wave with a pink bracelet (Lionesses) and I had green (Tigresses).  There were some cool things around the course - a big screen which flashed your facebook picture up as you approached - it must have been linked to the timing chips and a huge projection screen with cheetahs, tigers and lions running beside you.  You can see some of these on Facebook.

Will definitly do this one again next year!


08 May 2013

Tanya does movies: April

Seriously, four movies.  Last month was bonkers.  You can tell what kind of month I've had by the number of movies I've watched.  Work was insane last month (I worked a public holiday y'all, so unAustralian!) so not much movie time :(

Bee Movie (2007)
There were heaps of Bee Movie memes going round tumblr a while back and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  How funny is it that you just don't see Jerry Seinfeld anymore?  This was ok, not particularly memorable.  Educational though.  Bees pollunate 3/4 of the worlds foods yo, we need bees.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Not really sure what all the fuss was about with this one?  I agree Jennifer Lawrence (who is the most gorgeous thing ever) gave a fabulous performance, but the story made me feel a bit sick towards the end?  Was I supposed to be happy that this woman emotionally manipulated the guy to fall for her?  Yeah, no.  Won't watch again.

Iron Man Three (2013)
Apparently Australia got this before the US.  Haha suckers!  Anyway, it was super fab.  I enjoyed every moment of it. Really fun, explosions, hilariously funny parts - the kid really stole the show - we're connected - classic.  But why is Tony Stark so into Pepper?  I do not see the attraction, she's always telling him off.  I thought it was fantastic that direct reference was made to the events of The Avengers and how that affected Tony.  Just love RDJ. 

The Last Stand (2013)
Arnold is back!  Hells yeah!  Arnie is a small town sheriff, and the only one (of course) who can stop this big-ass escaped convict from crossing the border into Mexico.  This was about as good as you would expect.  Passable action movie, predictable ending but some rad one liners and ARNIE! 


P.S.  Even though there wasn't much movie watching, there was quite a bit of TV show watching.  I love TV shows because it's so much less commitment.  The thought of sitting through 90 minutes is just too much for me to handle.  I've been watching Bad Education, Fresh Meat, Banshee, as well as all my usual shows.

All pictures randomly found on etsy.  Click the picture to see the original listing.