01 August 2012

WIP: bicraftual

Two of todays WIPs are new this week.  Shameful.  But I'm really starting to love knitting... and I didn't have anything on the needles - surely I can be excused!  Hence the title - I am starting to feel truly bicraftual!

I've cast on two new knits.  The first, a spiral cowl.  I blame Ravelry.  You see, after finishing my Lovey Dovey Scarf, I had about half a skein of bwm allegro left.  So, naturally, I searched Ravelry to see what I could do with about 200 yards of 8ply that would go around my neck.
Look at that picot edge!!! LOOK AT IT!! I DID THAT!!!
I've also started a Snappy Hat, again the fault of Ravelry.  I was having a look to see what I could do with some Lincraft Veronica I've had for a while, and came across this lovely version.  So that was the end of that and I cast on immediately.  
I am firmly of the view that a crappy picture is better than no picture at all.
Knitting the snappy hat last night, I was stunned that I actually thought to myself 'what an easy pattern'.  Seriously, knitting, with all the fiddly little loops - easy???!  I honestly thought I would never get to this point.  Compared to crochet, I always found knitting fiddly, difficult to see where you're at, what you did wrong.  I'm not super duper at figuring out how to fix mistakes, but I can remember the pattern repeats in the above two patterns no sweat, and I can even see where I'm up to.  Knitting is still much more frustrating for me than crochet, but I'm starting to find my peace with it.  Sorry for rambling, but I'm so proud of myself - and you should be too!!!

Speaking of crochet, Sailor's Delight has not seen much progress.  Being my commuter project, I'm lucky if I get 3 rows done per return trip at the moment, the rows are sooo long.  The below photo was the first time I had actually laid this project out fully for a while to have a look at the big picture.  I'm slightly concerned at the humpy-ness of it, but I think a good blocking will fix that.  On the up side, I'm loving the stripes.  They're so neat and tidy.  And I love the drape and feel of the fabric, it's really lovely.  And it's reversable (yes, I'm looking at you gross knitted one-side-only stripes).   I have now used about 150g of yarn, and have 80g or so left.  It currently measures 65cm.  If I knew about maths I might be able to calculate how far my yarn will actually go, but instead I will wait and see. 
The Kitten subjects my shawl to the sniff test. 
And I have pulled my Mum's wrap out of hibernation in an effort to get it done for her birthday in September.  It was originally intended to be for her last birthday.  D'oh.  BUT she has been uber annoying and asking me all the time when I'll be done, and she has also demanded matching mitts and hat!  This type of behaviour does not make a person want to work on a gift, so hence the hibernation.  Also, as soon as I got it out, the following happened, further hindering my progress.  
In the absence of proper photos, include as many pictures of cats as you can.
I'm still listening to Jane Eyre, and enjoying it.  I'm looking forward to finishing it, as I have this adaptation lined up to watch.  I just need to find a spare 6 hours or so to watch it.  So, here's a comic - careful *SPOILERS*!!

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