17 April 2012

The Crochet Biatch Club Convenes

I have two buddies who are as enthused about crochet as me.  I call them my Crochet Biatches.

I thought I would take some time out to tell you the story of the formation of the Crochet Biatch Club (CBC).

I taught myself to crochet in November of 2010.  I quickly became very passionate about my new hobby, but had no one to share my joy with.  Also, in the beginning of my crochet career I was a little bit timid about sharing my hobby with anyone, feeling it was a bit naff and grandmotherly. 

But, I did start talking about it, and was chatting to some co-workers about it.  Two in particular indicated they would like to learn, so I quickly offered to give them some lessons. 

So it came to be, way back in May last year that we booked a meeting room on a Monday, I provided my new padawans each with a little starter kit of crochet hook, yarn and printed instructions for the basic stitches, and we began to hook together. 

Fast forward a year later, there is not a work day that goes by that we don't speak about crochet, share ideas, forward links to each other about yarn, patterns and colour choices.  Many a lunch hour is spent in my office, with the door closed, merrily hooking away.  We attract a bit of attention from passers by, ranging from funny looks to the more bold who stick their head into my office to offer some quip or other about our hobby:
"Are you going to make me a blanket next?"
"What are you working on today?"
"Look at you bunch of Nannas!"

We just laugh it up and get back to hooking!

We have also begun to add weekend crochet sessions to our schedule, rotating between each biatches house as to the location.  We have now had sessions at everyone's house.  This past Sunday we convened the CBC at Ange's house and a good time was had by all! 

Her house is just beautiful!  Well, a bit like a display home really (Ange forwarned us that she is a neat freak to the nth degree, and this was no joke!).  But absolutely lovely, and it was the perfect day for it!  Sunny and warm, but just perfect in the shade.  We didn't really get much crochet done in the end, as we spent most of the time bitching, gossiping, admiring the flowers (and Ange's yarn stash!) and eating - it was devine!

And now the Biatches themselves (in no particular order):

Crochet Biatch Ange.  The self confessed neat freak, a perfect princess and absolutely indecisive.  Ange is always asking me "how does this look?", "what do you think of these colours?", "is this ok?".  But I absolutely adore her for it!  Ange's crochet style is: perfectionist.  She likes to have every stitch perfect, and will practice, practice, practice before starting anything.   I think her yarn stash is already bigger than mine!  She is the blanket biatch.  Ange's colour palate is girly - pinks, purples, pale green.  I asked Ange to send me some pictures that represent her crochet style, and she sent me these:
Ange has told me to tell you she loves flowers, girly colours and alpacas!  via: 1, 2, 3
Crochet Biatch Rhon.  Rhon is a fitness fanatic.  She's always telling me about how many hundred squats and pull ups she can do, but she's just the tiniest little thing!  She does crossfit, the most insane type of fitness thing eva.  Rhon's crochet style is: free spirit.  She loves the mindlessness of crochet, and doesn't over think it.  She has made her own scarf and blanket pattern.  Rhon's colour palate is greys, beiges, pinks and browns.   The first two pics below are Rhon's babies, Vervainn the 16 year old black beauty and Aslan, 11 years old.  Despite Vervainn's age, since Rhon started crocheting she acts like a kitten when that yarn comes out!
3rd pic via
I feel it is so important to have people who you can share your passions with.  My passion is crochet, and while that might not be impressive by some people's standards, I feel very blessed to have two kindred spirits who I can share my passion obsession with.  You really need to surround yourself with people who get you, or you feel a bit empty.

I'm not usually this mushy, and sincerely apologise.  It won't happen again!




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