15 August 2012

WIP: the needs of babes

Another new project to show you today.  My sister is having a baby, and new baby niecicle needs a layette. Just needs one.  I'm making the same set as last time, because bub is due 15 Sept and I don't have time to look for or learn a new pattern.  Mixing it up a bit with colours this time, and adding yellow.  OOoooOOOoo. 

I've started with the blanket, using my own patten.  I've actually done TONNES more than in the following photo, but have no pretty pictures.  So you get a very preliminary, but prettily composed picture.  Suffer in your jocks.  I believe I am at row 37/108.  At this rate I am very confident of being done in time.  

I'm reading book two in the John Carter series, The Gods of Mars.  I feel myself tuning out a lot.  It goes a lot like this:  *Oh, John Carter's in a pickle?  Oh no.  Oh, John Carter's ok?   phew!** Repeat from * to **.  

I'm also reading a couple of chapters of Kingdom of the Wicked (Skulduggery) before bed every night.  It's ok.  But lookie what I found in there!! 
Fezzes will now and forever be cool.
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