27 June 2011

FO! Wedding Shawl...

Part 4 and final part!

I finished this baby the Tuesday before the Sunday wedding.  I gave it to the bride-to-be on the Thursday, and I was super relieved that she was happy. 

Ravelled here, but final stats are:

Weighs just over 100g. Around 1000m I believe. Ms Gusset is obviously very generous with her yarns, as I still have a bit left over from one skein!

Highly scientific and accurate weighing mechanism.
Unblocked: 55” along the top, 25” deep.
Blocked: 65” top and 34” deep.

The pattern said to block it to 70", but I couldn't get mine to stretch that far.  In any case, 5" is not very much.

I already posted (a rather crappy) picture of it unblocked, so here it is blocking/blocked:
Edging detail.  I estimate I used about 100 pins to block this sucker!
The Kitten always gets in  my crochet shots!

And the best pictures of them all!  I think the shawl, and of course my friend, looked stunning.  These photos looks like they were from a magazine!

In conclusion, I am really happy with the result, and was very relieved that my friend loved it so much.  We both agree it was perfect.

I'm so jealous, now I really want one!!

More photos on my Flickr!

24 June 2011

My queue of yarny crochet goodness.

So many patterns, so much yarn, so little time.

I'd rather be crocheting.  All. The. Time.

I'm pretty sure my yarn stash is quite modest compared to some.  Even so, there is SO MUCH OF IT.  The thought that I have to do things with it stresses me out, as does the fact that I have no time to do those things, and those things take lots of time!! 

Yes, my life is so hard, and these are my problems.

In an effort to alleviate my stresses, I thought I would make a list of the things.  Here are some of the lovely things I want to make...

Tea wrap by Lion Brand.   Its not a pointy triangle shawl, as so many are, but a crescent shape, which I haven't done yet.  Lion brand's picture is pretty ugleh, but some of the projects of this are stunning.  Looks nice  8 ply...
....so I might use this 8 ply merino/alpaca/silk yarn  I picked up in the BWM bargain room.

A couple of cardis:
The Stepping Stones Cardigan (not sure if it will look as good on me because I am not so skinny..)...
...both in some black 8 ply cotton, again from BWM.

For my mum, this fetching Aran Toggle Wrap by Coats & Clark / Red Heart...
...in some Shetland, again BWM.

The lovely, lacey Elise Shawl...
.... in some luscious Handmaiden Fine Yarn Silken I managed to score from the Australian Knitters Oz Destash Thread on Rav.

South Bay Shawlette, which I think looks quite nice in 2 ply, so...
...I will use some of my remaining Ms Gusset silk of wedding shawl fame!

And maybe... Simple Scallops...
...in some random 5 ply, from the BWM bargain room.

Not sure if I feel more or less stressed now.  I definitely feel excited to start all these projects, but when dammit?? WHEN!!!

Also, this list doesnt take into account the granny blanket I need to make out of this...

(I know this post is cheating a bit.. where is my own work/creations?  Just because I say I'm gonna do something.. how is that special!?! 

I have some FOs I haven't had time to photograph though, so that is my job for the weekend so I can have a lovely showy offy post next time!)

19 June 2011

FO! Sidewalk (aka Pineapple) Shawl

I largely finished this a couple of weeks ago, but becuase the wedding shawl happened, I couldnt get around to end weaving, fringeing or blocking this until last weekend.

I'd seen this shawl before, and put it into my rav favourites a while back.  But I got the sudden urge to get this on the hook over easter, and went out and bought a bunch of yarn to get started.  I opted for acrylic - why not?  This particular brand is squishy and smooshy, and very soft!

I'll confess I never did get the pattern memorised. This took me AGES because a lot of the time was spent going backwards, frogging to correct a mistake that I'd made 4 rows down.  On my last repeat I refused to frog anymore, the rows were just SO LONG!!  I made some mistakes, so just fudged them rather than fixing my errors. I'm sure no one can tell!  My tips for avoiding mistakes with this pattern:
  • watch those 3ch spaces (in the pineapple bit), it's very easy to miss one and then have to frog 4-5 rows because you don't notice to later.
  • similarly, count your little 3ch spaces to make sure you're always doing the correct number.
I drew up a chart to make it easy to see where I was at at a glance:

Shawl stats:

Yardage:  Shawl weighs in at about 550g, using just over 7 x 80g skeins (yeah, I know that doesn't quite compute!) for a total of 1185.7 yards (1084.2m) (according to Rav) of yarn.

Pattern repeats:  The pattern calls for 4 repeats, but I think I did about 7.  After a rough count of the rows I got 72.  This might be a bit off, but you get the idea. 10 completed pineapples across in any case.
77" (195cm) wide x 33" (83cm) tall

Blocked: (I used the steam blocking method which I trialled a while ago)
101" (256cm) wide x 47" (120cm) tall

I think I've blocked it incorrectly.  Looking at the project gallery for this pattern on Rav, I don't think the top should curve downwards, but should be straight.  Might try re-blocking, but it is acrylic so I may have already killed it!

Some action shots of steam blocking:



Trying to look awesome, and failing >_<

I think I really love it.  It doesn't sit properly on the shoulders though.  Will require a shawl pin.  Ravelled here.  An obscene amount of extra pictures on my flickr

The Kitten and her insolent face.

08 June 2011

Around the internets

Some cool things from blogland and the internets...

If you've never thought about dying your own yarn, you will after checking this post out by pea soup of the day (I know I am!)

I just did this! Srsly.

I just discovered Fuck Yeah Crochet Goat. I love memes.  And I feel this one was created just for me.  Thank you internets <3

Recipe for fresh lemon loaf via Be by Belinda. This is on my baking agenda for this weekend!

      I saw this a while ago but it's still awesome enough to share - baby Who via Mateo and Me.

    06 June 2011

    Race to make a wedding shawl part 3: my poor hands...

    WOOOOOO!  Shawl is complete, bar weaving in ends and blocking, which I will do tonight.  I had a mammoth session yesterday, at least 8 hours.  This is how my hands felt at the end of it:

    I haven't gotten to this stage without drama.  I was feeling very chuffed with myself when I wound the first skein of this yarn into a ball.  But I've since learned that a self-wound centre-pull ball is probably not the best idea for lace weight yarn.  Is this general knowledge?  I feel like such an idiot.  Even with some 8ply I had wound with a ball winder sometimes clumps would come out and get a bit tangled.  But this yarn, oh the knots, oh the agony! 

    Also, how did I not know about russian joins?  That's one to try out next time.  Especially as I got my yarn discounted for having a few knots in it.

    Also also, I've made LOTS of mistakes.  And due to the time frame, there was no frogging unless absolutely necessary.  My most common mistkes included not enough dcs in a shell, or too many, totally not doing to ch5, or doing 2 ch 5 spaces.  My BIGGEST mistake was putting my stitch marker in the wrong place, so the spine was not actually in the centre for a few rows.  Again, I didn't frog, but just righted it as I continued.  Hopefully all of this is unnoticeable to the untrained eye!

    So the last bit of progress last week:
    Measuring 17 inches as of Wednesday night.

    And, after finishing at 1am (Monday).
    Terrible blackberry pictures sorry.  I will have some REALLY pretty ones of it blocked and finished soon!

    I can't believe I did it.  Those last rows, the edging, took me ages.  A combination of being a bit over it, having crippled hands and the LOOOOONNNNNGGGG rows. 

    I might take a break from lace crochet for a while.  Or just make sure my next lace project is within a more manageable time frame :)  I have more than 2 skeins of this yarn left. I didn't even use a whole skein!  I thought that was kinda odd, I hope it blocks out big enough. 

    Remnants of the one skein I used.
    Pictures of the finished product coming soon!!