30 June 2012

Caturday XV

Welcome again to Caturday, the day I dedicate to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

Today: The Kitten basks.  Isn't this a wonderful photo?  The sun, gleaming in her fur.  Her contemplative gaze - what is she looking at?  The way the sun has given the photo a washed out effect.  Suck it Instagram! (who's bastard child Instigram doesn't work on my blackberry *boo*)

Yeah it feels good to be a gangsta.
And look, a related cat-bit today, another comic from the lovely Yasmine from Cat versus Humans!
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29 June 2012

FO: knitty

Wowser!  Look at all these finished items!

I recently finished two knitted hats.  That's right, two.  That's also right, knitted.  What is going on???  I think they're pretty snazzy too!  Here is a Snow Hat for Kid and a Two Needle Garter Hat, modelled by my lovely niecicle aged 7.  I actually made the purple one for her, and the green for a little boy, but she liked the green one better.  Go figure.  Sorry little boy, no hat for you.
I tried modelling these myself but I still can't get over how much I hate my face in photos.  ugh.
I really should have made the snow hat longer (ie. followed the pattern properly!), but I misjudged how long it should be for a decent sized turny uppy bit (wtf is that called?  I've gone blank).  I also need to watch my yarn as I knit because a few times I made accidental yarn overs between the purls and knits, causing me to have to undo a row every now and again, and then I didn't put the stitches on the needles properly and got all these twisted purls.  Despite all that, this knit up really quickly!  I will definitely make more, maybe even one for myself in a nice plain colour!

The garter cap was much more successful, with adequate length for a generous turny uppy bit.  The downside is that it has a seam, but I think it is not very noticeable.  I didn't whip stitch the seam, I don't know what the name is called for what I did, I sewed it up in a sort of inside-to-out motion.  I also modified the pattern to match the weight of the yarn, by casting on 25 stitches, and doing each decrease section over 8 stitches.  I only had to knit 6 sections (rather than the 7 suggested in the pattern) and the finished measurement is 9” long by 8” wide.  The snow hat is slightly smaller unstretched. 

And here are my finished toasts, modelled by the lovely A.  I made the thumb hole by not knitting in the round for enough rows to give me the desired size thumb hole.  I think I should have done the method of casting off stitches instead, becuase my hole was super loose, which I attempted to remedy by crocheting around the hole.  Also a lot of my ends are poking out.  Weaving in ends in knitting seems to require a lot more finesse than for crochet.  Any tips?  Aaand finally, my cast on seems tight, so it can be a bit of a struggle to get them up my arm. 

Anyways, the yarn for these cost me all of TWO DOLLARS!  So even with their imperfections, a great little item to keep my hands toasty this winter.

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27 June 2012

WIP: doldrums

Hi there.   Nothing particularly exciting to show off today, even though I have been doing my best to keep my hook moving at every opportunity.

My Sailor Purples Shawl (haha, so clever, as I'm using purple instead of blue *snort*) is coming along, though I expect progress to slow down now the rows are getting longer.  I can get about 2 rows done per train ride at the moment.  It currently measures 34cm.  My plan is to use the rest of the black I have, then use the pink/purple remnants for stripes.  Hope I have enough, but I plan to do a bit of dyeing on the weekend (omg exciting!!!) to get another shade or two.

I found it amusing that a few of the comments on this shawl last week were all about how impressive it is that I am working with black yarn!  Yes, I do indeed have super vision.  
You can kinda get a sense of the texture by the picture on the left.
And, the poor little Blissful Flowers Shawl.  Still going, less than half a row to go now, so the end is in sight.  It took me a while to reverse engineer a way to add extra rows onto the outside of the shawl to make it larger.  A downside to the 'clever' outside-in construction of this shawl that I was so fond of initially, is that you have less control over the finished size, obviously causing problems when it turns out smaller than you would have liked. 
Just for you, a creative half in half out of focus shot.  Ooooo arty.
I will tell you something about these projects, it appears I am the first person to make them on Ravelry.  It gives me a bit of a kick really, I feel like a pioneer!  (Yes, my life is otherwise devoid of meaning)

I'm finishing up the third Curse Workers book, Black Heart, at the moment.  All in all it has been a thoroughly enjoyable series, and a very good audiobook to listen to during my daily commute (this means not too complicated to follow / holds my attention so I don't tune out).  Plus the audiobook is read by Jesse Eisenberg - how weird!  Who'd a thunk you could like a protagonist who's a blatant criminal?  And isn't Lila a pretty name? 
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25 June 2012

Step into the Sunshine

When I was a child, my mum played this album over and over, to the extent that these songs now form part of the soundtrack to my life (even though I am in no way, shape or form religious).  Here is one particular track from that album that I thought appropote for this post:
Anyway, why is this song appropote?  I thought it was a nice segway into the exciting news that I've been given a Sunshine Award! 
Actually, in recent weeks I've been nominated for the Sunshine award, not once, but twice!!   So a HUGE Thank you to Ashley from Geoknitology and Natalie from Marigold's Loft.   If both of you had not nominated me, you would definitely be on my list of nominations below ^_^

The Award comes with the following rules:
1: Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.  
2. Answer the 10 questions about your favourite things.
3. Nominate 10 blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated.

The questions:
1.  Favourite animal: The Kitten of course!
    Just try to not fall in love with her.  Just try.
2.  Favourite number:  Don't have one.
3.  Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Coffee.  I swear I don't need it, I just really like it. 
Plus, coffee makes your hair blow sideways while you fall asleep standing up.  Fact (via).
4.  Facebook or Twitter: Neither, I really don't need to know what you're doing every 5 minutes, and vice versa :)  I prefer PINTEREST!
Makes me laugh everytime (via)
5.  My passion:  I dunno, I love A, The Kitten and my family obviously.  Otherwise, crochet really is my passion.  It's something I do every day, and spend countless hours thinking about and researching.  I don't know what I did with myself before I crocheted, my life must have been quite sad indeed!
One of my favourite things to do is just browse my project page to see all I have accomplised.  Sad much?

6.  Getting or Giving: Both please.  I don't like things to be uneven.  See Big Bang clip below.
7.  Favourite Pattern: Well, I haven't seen them all yet, but the one I have made the most is the Dahlia Shawl.
Check it out here
8.  Favourite day of the week: Everything seems a little bit better on Friday.
If only it actually was Friday today (via)
9.  Favourite Flower: Not really a flower type of person, though I have an awesome cyclamen that just refuses to die
10.  Favourite Country: I've not been outside Australia, so that one will have to do - though it really is quite nice, why don't you visit?

And the 10 blogs I am passing this award onto, in no particular order (actually looks like they've come out in alphabetical order, which is lovely!) (I've also tried to choose blogs that I have not nominated previously for awards in attempt to spread the love around evenly):
Go and read all those blogs, they're brill!

Thanks again Ash and Nat -xox-

23 June 2012

Caturday XIV

Welcome back to Caturday, the day dedicated to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

Today, The Kitten is a meme.

And the bonus today, totally unrelated, is cat crafts!  I thought this tutorial to make a towel cat toy was just awesome!  (Found via Waldorf by Me)

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21 June 2012

Ripple Baby Blanket Pattern

Here we go, I'm putting this out there as a pattern in case you too would are interested in making a baby blanket to match this vintage set (also on ravelry here).   My blanket is ravelled here and blogged about here.

The premise of this blanket is taking the last row of the cardigan from the vintage baby set and adapting it into a blanket.  Not terribly difficult, but I know some people like things written down proper like.

Ripple Baby Blanket Pattern

You could use any yarn/hook combo you like.  I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply (Baby Wool) and a 3.5mm hook.

I've used UK terms. 
Foundation row: fdc a multiple of of 23 plus 20.
Row 1: ch 3, tr into next 9 fdc, 3 tr into next fdc, tr into next 10 fdc, *sk 2 fdc, tr into next 10 fdc, 3 tr into next fdc, tr into next 10 fdc**, repeat from * to ** to end. turn.
Row 2: ch 3, tr into blo of 3rd st, tr into blo of next 8 st, 3 tr into next st, tr into blo of next 10 st, *sk 2 st, tr into blo of next 10 st, 3 tr into next st, tr into blo of next 10 st**, repeat from * to ** to end. turn.
Row 3 and all subsequent rows: repeat row 2.

To make a nice square blanket I straightened the edges.
Row 1:
Top edge:  ch 4, 2 dtr, 4 tr, 3 htr, 3 dc, *3 htr, 4 tr, 2 dtr, 1 dtr2tog, 2 dtr, 4 tr, 3 htr, 3dc**, repeat from * to ** to last 10 st, 3 htr, 4 tr, 3 dtr.
Side edge:  dc.  (I haven't seen a tutorial for crocheting down the side of crochet, but what I do is 2 dc in the side of each tr and 3ch at the start of each row - try to do it in the same place for each stitch for a nice neat effect)
Bottom edge: ch 1, dc, *3 htr, 4 tr, 5 dtr, 4 tr, 3 htr, 2 dc**,  repeat from * to ** to last 21 st, 3 htr, 4 tr, 5 dtr, 4 tr, 3 htr, dc.
Side edge:  dc.
Row 2: dc around, with 3 dc in each corner.  You may find it hepful to place a stitch marker in the centre dc of your 3dc corners.
Repeat row 2 until you have your desired width of border.

End off, weave in ends, and block if desired.  I found my edging rolled up a bit, so I wet blocked it.

Change colours whenever you like for stripes, my version was 10 rows of white with 4 rows of pink, and the edging .

I also have a pattern for a matching beanie, if you'd like to check it out click here.

I've only made this pattern once, so please let me know if you have any issues with the pattern - I'm more than willing to answer any questions, and I would love to see your FOs should you make your own!

Also listed on Ravelry here!

20 June 2012

WIP: In blackest night

Ok, my title has only a tenuous connection to this post, sorry Green Lantern fans.  I just couldn't think of anything cleverer.

I started a new shawl on Monday, it's Lynne Sibley's Sailor Blues Shawl.  I've already mentioned how much I love Lynne as a crocheter - she comes up with the most ingenious designs!  I had a 6 hour round train trip to Moe on Monday, so I picked this out as a new commuter project.  I'll tell you, it's really slow going.  You can see by my extremely terrible picture it works up to a fairly dense fabric, and with the 2ply its going to be a long process.  So far I've worked 21cm.  I'm finding the black yarn makes it a bit difficult to see the end stitches, and I can't really tell where I'm up to (despite only a 4 row repeat), so I'm going to get out a bunch of stitch markers to try to keep track. 

I'm going to work this in the black yarn left over from Dahlia III and then add purple stripes with some random 2ply remnants I got for $2 from the bwm bargain room.  
I have no idea how I am going to show you the stitch pattern.  It really is quite nice, trust me.  Also, why is my shawl looking humpy?  I'm going to rely on blocking to fix that. 
And what am I reading?  I finished the second Curse Workers book this morning, Red Glove.  I'm enjoying the series, though the first book is my favourite so far - even though I guessed the twist, it was super interesting.  Red Glove ended in an interesting way, so I'm looking forward to Black Heart!  (Thanks again for recommending the books Lisa!)
I too would like to go naked if I had a body like that (via)

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16 June 2012

Caturday XIII

Welcome back to Caturday, the day dedicated to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

Today, more pictures from the phone.  You might have this same habit as me - getting into bed and just checking the phone before you settle in.  It's probably not a great habit, but whatevs.  Well, The Kitten loves bedtime too.  My hopping into bed is apparently a signal to her that it's cuddle time!  And that is also a signal for me to shove the phone in her face for a few snaps!!
Also seen here is another recurring theme, the ultra close up
Today, a rage comic that I can relate to!  I do this with The Kitten (though she doesn't scratch my face up).  Do you do this? :3
via (I am also a bit addicted to 9gag *secret shame*)
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13 June 2012

WIP: magical

This week, I have said too bad current WIPs and started two more projects.  WTF is wrong with me?  I think I have a disease which prevents me from finishing things.

Anyway, this week I taught myself magic loop!  Yaaaayyyy!   Initially I tried magic-loop-two-at-a-time but yeah, that was too much for my grey matter to handle, so I'm staying away from that for now (despite my new found amazing knitting skillz).  Thanks to those that said I am a proper knitter by the way, you made feel all warm and fuzzy ^_^

So first, I give you toast!  Just in time too, we've just had the coldest start to a day for the year (hopefully I can get these finished while its actually still cold out).  I've added a space for my thumb to go through.  I didn't really want an actual thumb thingy like toasty, because this way I can still pull my thumb inside and keep warm, as per the pure intentions of toast, I'm sure.  This is only 4 train trips progress, holey moley!! 
Don't look at my uneaten mandarins.  Look instead at my magical wrist warmer thingy.
How ingenious is working in the round??  I only have to knit, but I get PURL stiches!  I am impressed, aren't you?

Secondly, here we have a ribbed beanie.  Again, I amaze myself.  How awesomely stretchy is ribbing?  Such a great idea for a kiddie hat, because I have no idea about child head sizes, other than what the internet tells me (I don't have a handy child near me to measure).  This one is for a little niecicle aged 7, I'm worried it's not very girlie though.  The colourway is annoying, it's pink and purple, but also almost black and grey.  grrrr.  I'll have to add a flower on it I reckon.
Whoa Tanya, slow down!  At this rate you are going to start finishing things!!!
I was at a bit of a loose end with reading, so have taken up the suggestion of the lovely Lisa from Tea and Craft and have started the first book in the Curse Workers series, White Cat.  So far, I'm liking it!  Curse workers are people with the ability to manipulate your emotions, luck, memories or hurt you with just a touch.  I'm only 2 chapters in but I like the protagonist and the way it's written so far. 
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12 June 2012

Thoughts on knitting

Alright.  So I'm pretty sure any Tom, Dick or Harry out there who wants to knit, can.  But this post isn't about them.  It's about me.  And learning to knit.

I forgot how I learnt to knit. My mum must've shown me, but I don't recall any extensive lessons or anything. By learning, I mean I learnt how to cast on and garter stitch.  And the only things I ever knit were scarves made with the most frightful acrylic yarn that ended up being all kinds of wrong.  Before my current foray into knitting, the last time I delved into it was 7ish years ago.  There was a bit of a rage going round of knitting scarves out of that disgusting feather yarn.  Uggh. 

I've always liked the idea of knitting.  But always found it so so difficult.  My brain didn't really compute why this was the case.  I've always been a bit of a crafty lass, with cross stitching and sewing and various things involving glue, felt and polyfill.  But knitting was just so hard.  SO MANY LOOPS.  So very fiddly.  Stitches so easily dropped, and not so easily found.  And it's so so slow.  So slow.  And it made my fingers hurt.  Those needles were so pointy.

Fast forward to learning to crochet.  I taught myself from a book and online videos, and picked it up like a fish to water.  I instantly loved it.  It gave me everything I ever wanted from knitting, and more. 

But now, I feel I've gone as far as I can with my beloved crochet.  Oh there's still lots more I want to make, but I just don't feel challenged anymore.  And I don't find it particularly versatile, and crochet garments just don't do it from me.  Also I started feeling this enormous pressure to make all the lovely things I kept seeing out there in blog land.  Knitters outnumber us crocheters, so I really felt the odds were not in my favour (hehe Hunger Games references work everywhere!).

My crocheted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  Proof that I am a crochet master.
Enter my self imposed challenge:  Learn to knit properly.   I thought, surely it must have some similarities to crochet, and I can crochet like the wind!  So I found myself a couple of projects that I thought I could do, and do you know what, I did them!
Knitting project 1:  Different Lines, and 2:  Hitchhiker, proof that I can garter with the best of them.
And you know what else?  I feel like I need more of a challenge!!  I thought the knitting learning curve was super steep, and that I would need to work my way up to it.  That just made me *snore*.  So I thought, F*** IT!  I'm going to give something awesome a go.


Are you impressed?  I am bloody over the moon with this little test piece.  Moss stitch (ok, not that impressive).  Yarn overs (oooOOOooo).  CABLES (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).   I still can't believe I did it.  I feel like Dr Frankenstein.  Look at what I have created!!

Aaaannnnddd I blocked it.  No idea if I blocked it correctly, I didn't want to stretch it out like I would lacy corchet, it didn't feel right. 
The pattern is Umaro and before I purchased it I studied other people's projects very closely.  It's just so beautiful, do I dare try? 

Now I'm starting to understand what a lot of my problems with knitting have been.  I wasn't holding the yarn properly, and this meant I had no control over the yarn or my tension.  I was using disgusting yarn and the wrong needles  (I acutally don't mind crocheting with acrylic yarn, but wow it is not fun to knit with.  I never knew the yarn could make such a difference!).  I've discovered that I love knitting with bulky yarn.  I used some random bulky yarn I had in my stash.  And I knit that sucker up SUPER quickly.  Well, it took me a couple of hours - but to me it was so much new stuff and I had to follow the chart, so the time flew

So, the moral of the story?  I'm becoming a knitter.  I don't think of myself as a proper knitter yet.  I read these posts (eg 1 and 2) where knitters patiently frog their work over and over again to get it right, and I cannot see myself doing that.  But I can see myself hunkering down with some pointy sticks to attempt to make something beautiful!  I'm going to do a few chunky yarn projects first, and then see where that takes me. 

Stay tuned!! (if I haven't already bored you to tears)

09 June 2012

Caturday XII

Welcome to this week's edition of Caturday, the day where I go to the temple of cuteness to workship The Kitten in all her cute glory, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

Today:  My cat likes to hide in boxes.  And bags, which I will feature another day.  It's so cute, the way she instantly spies a new box.  You can see the need in her eyes to jump in and explore.  Its like hurry-up-and-remove-your-groceries-or-whatever-and-get-out-of-my-way-i-need-to-be-in-that-box!!
Exhibit A:  hanging out in the empty passionfruit soft drink box.  The Kitten is nothing if not classy.
And today's topic, Kitties in Literature

One of my favorite books as a child was My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes.  
The premise was simple enough.  The author's cat liked to hide in boxes, and the author's cat is compared to other cats, who do not necessarily like to hide in boxes.  Riveting stuff.  It had very cool art and also cool rhymes. 

I love that fat one. via
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07 June 2012

Ripple Baby Beanie Pattern

I made this hat to match, and was inspired by, this vintage baby set.  The set has a bonet, but I don't think bonets are very versatile and wanted a beanie instead.  I made this beanie as part of a layette, which I blogged here.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should point out that I actually don't have any babies, so I can't say definitively if this fits, but I use this very helpful website as a guide. 

The finished hat shown below measured 12" in circumference and was 7 " long, allowing the rim to be turned up.  Because I turned every row, there is no 'wrong' side to the rim.  It came out good and stretchy too, so should fit bub for a little while.

Ripple Baby Beanie

Yarn:  Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply baby wool (though any 4 ply should do)
Hook:  3mm

I use UK terms, but have inluded US terms in parenthesis.

Additionally, I have included instructions on how to give this hat the ridged effect to match the cardigan in the set.   If you don't want the ridged effect, don't turn your work, but continue in a spiral.  This will mean that your finished hat will not be reverseable, and your rim will show the wrong side of the crochet.

I do not turn the work until row 5, but you could turn before if desired. 

To start:  ch 4 and join to form a loop.
Round 1:  ch 3 (counts as tr(dc) here and throughout),  13 tr(dc) into loop, join with sl st [14 st].
Round 2:  ch 3, *sk 1 st, 5 tr(dc) in next st**, repeat from * to **, 4 tr(dc) into same st as starting ch 3, join with sl st.
Round 3:  sl st across one st, ch 3, *tr(dc), tr(dc) 5 into next st, tr(dc), sk 2 st**, repeat from * to **, sl st into 3rd ch of beginning ch 3 to join.
Round 4:  sl st across one st, ch 3, *2 tr(dc), tr(dc) 5 into next st, 2 tr(dc), sk 2 st**, repeat from * to **, sl st into 3rd ch of beginning ch 3 to join.
Round 5:  turn, sl st across two sts, sl st across to next st in blo, ch 3, *3 tr(dc) blo, tr(dc) 5 into next st, 3 tr(dc) blo, sk 2 st**, repeat from * to **, sl st into 3rd ch of beginning ch 3 to join.

Can you see the pattern?  Essentially you want 5 tr(dc) in the middle tr of the 5 tr(dc) of the row below, tr(dc) in all other sts and always skipping two st on top of the 2 sts skipped in the previous row.  You could make this hat to fit any head by continuing this way to your desired size.

Round 6:  turn, sl st across two sts, sl st across to next st in blo, ch 3, *4 tr(dc) blo, tr(dc) 5 3 into next st, 4 tr(dc) blo, sk 2 st**, repeat from * to **, sl st into 3rd ch of beginning ch 3 to join.
Round 7-19:  repeat round 6.
End off, weave in ends.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the pattern, and I would love to see your FOs should you make your own!

Link up your projects with the pattern on ravelry here!!

**Update 4/9/12:  correction made to pattern (see red text above)

06 June 2012

WIP: Seeing Green

There was no planning whatsover in the series of WIPs I have for your perusal today.  What could it all mean (hehe chryoprase.  I'd never looked it up before but I knew all the trolls on the discworld were named afeter geological things. hehehehehehe)??  Ahem.  Well, green...

Green is the color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green is a safe color, if you don't know what color to use anywhere use green.

Hmm.  Alright.  Check out my projects and tell me if you think they are safe, harmonious or balanced??

A new project!  I've been trying not to buy anymore yarn, or start anymore projects, but its so goshdarn hard!!  wwwwaaaahhhhh STOP JUDGING ME K??  Anyways, after finishing a mammoth project last week, I think it's ok to mix it up a bit with something small.  I cast on a garter stitch hat on Sunday using some bulky Pander Amber, it's purdy eh?  I had the sudden urge to make a bunch of colourful hats for the niecicles so I bought this yarn.  
Ok, so I wanted something a bit more challenging than garter, but you must admit, nothing looks better in close up!

My Spongey Scarf.  How do I love thee?  Let me not count the ways because I really don't.  Ok I'm being harsh, but this yarn is very difficult for a newbie to work with.  It is soft though, I imagine it will be like having some sort of green furry animal wrapped around my neck, an idea which I find quite appealing.  I'm finding it easeir than I did at the start, which I think I have my new bamboo needles to thank for, but I just want this one over with. (wow I have blogged about this one 4 times.  It's a one skein scarf!  That seems a bit excessive.  I promise only one more post about this one - when it's finished!)
I dunno, I can't think of anything funny to say.  Just look at my knitting, k?
The Blissful Flowers Shawl.  Oh poor little shawl, you were kinda finished, but you just turned out too small.  Why did you do this to me little shawl, when you were supposed to be a birthday present for my Crochet Biatch Ange back in May.  You've made me look like an absolute ho little shawl, and for that you will be punished, by being subject to my miraculous crochet skills whereby I add two more rows of flowers to you ex post facto.  TAKE THAT!  (Sorry for the delay Ange!!)

Why oh why will you not photograph true to your colour?  Stop being so difficult!!
I haven't done much reading lately.  I do that, I go through a period where I must always have a book on the go, then I go off reading for a while.  I tried reading one of Cherie Priest's steampunk zombie books, which you'd think would be awesome right, but found it super boring.  So much potential, so poorly executed.  And I generally stick it out with anything!!

Instead, I've gone back to the tried and true Pratchett, and am kicking off reading all the witch books with Equal Rites.  It's read by Celia Imrie, who I think is my favourite Pratchett-reader yet!  Her Granny is devine, and I love how Esk sounds like a little girl.  And what a great book it is too!  I always forget how much I love every single Pratchett book when it's been so long between readings <3

Why have I included a picture of Angelina Jolie in a badly photoshopped witch's hat rather than a picture of the cover?   I dunno, Google told me to (via)

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03 June 2012

May Movies

I watch a LOT of movies.  Time and again I've asked myself 'should I blog about them?'  The answer is generally no, because, who cares amiright?
But then I saw Kim's post about the movies she enjoyed in April (and now May) and I thought, surely it wouldn't be too boring if I did a movie post once a month would it?  So, I am unashamedly blogging about the movies I've seen in May!  M=seen at the movies, H=watched at home.

Beauty and the Beast, re-release in 3D. (M)
A wonderful trip into nostalgia.  Kids these days just don't get quality animated movies like we did.  The 3D actually looked really good on this!  Apparently Disney are releasing one of the classics in 3D every year.  I'm psyched!
My face, when I watch a Disney movie (via)
The Five Year Engagement (M)
I went in expecting a plain vanilla romantic comedy, and was pleasantly surprised by this often crude and offbeat jaunt.  Written by Jason Segal, so no wonder it was awesome.
The Muppets (H)
A bought me this on Blu-ray the day it came out.  Thoughtful much?  ^_^  So obviously, I had to watch it straight away.  (I blogged about this when I saw it at the movies)  I love it more with each viewing - I've seen it about 5 times now.  Ditto above re Jason Segal.
The Muppet Movie (H)
Coming off the high of The Muppets, I wanted to go back where it all began to relive the original Muppet Movie.  It's still amazing, and it hasn't dated at all!  
 Still one of the best movie effects I've ever seen!
 (via [Warning - if you click that link the magic will be explained])
The Avengers (3D) (M)
We saw this for the second time at the movies.  We saw it on opening day (25 April in Aust) and it was just shocking.  People brought babies.  BABIES!!  No offence to the parents out there, but please do not bring your babies to highly anticipated movies on opening day - especially if you cannot control them.  I mean, seriously, it's not a movie for little kids anyway.  It really spoiled the experience for us, and A is a huge comic book nut, so we had to see it again.  We probably would have seen it again in any case, but still.
Mewlnir (via)
Death Warrant (H)
Jean.Claude.Van.Damme.  I'm a late student to action movies of the 80s and early 90s. There are many many I haven't seen.  I'm currently working my way through Van Damme's hits.  The blurb on the back of the DVD really got me pumped "Your ticket to a Van Damme good time"!  How could I refuse?

In Death Warrant, JCVD is an undercover cop, posing as a criminal in a maximum security prison to figure out why a bunch of inmates have mysteriously died.  I wonder what it would have been like seeing these movies at the time they were made.  Would I be laughing my ass off the same way at JCVD's ridiculously high pants?  Would I be cheering with the same intensity every time he spin-kicks a person in the face?  My only criticism of this film was that Van Damme didn't do the splits.  Seriously, that's why I watch these movies!  At least his shirt was ripped off.

Another movie I watched because something else put me in the mood.  This time, Tron Uprising.  Uprising was so amazing and similar to Legacy I had to go back and revisit it.  Legacy is amazing, even though Clu's face creeps me out a bit.  

This movie.  Seriously, this movie.  I love this movie.  Don't you find, that every once in a while you see a trailer for a movie, and you're like whaaaaat?  I remember seeing the trailers for this movie, and I was like whaaaaat?  And then I saw the movie and it was freaking AMAZING.  I love everything about this movie, and I can watch it over and again.  I'm not really a car-race type person, but this movie is worth watching just for the car races.  I recently got it on Blu-ray just to experience the full blown colourful car-fu explosion of awesomesauce.   This movie didn't do well, which disappoints me (I keep reading really awful reviews.  Some people just can't be pleased! oh wait, I found at least one person who liked it. Some faith in humanity restored).  It's just so much FUN.
Go Speed Gooooo (via)
Getting in the mood for MIB3 (which I am seeing today!).  How crazy that it's been 10 years since the last one?  Love these movies, Will Smith is just too cool for me.  And I love the wurms.  They steal the show. 
From MIB animated - crazy eh? (via)
I do love my animation.  Here's one of the non-Disney films that I quite like.  I had an urge to watch it so I went out and bought it.  I love hearing familiar voices in different settings - here John Cusack and Meg Ryan.  Lovely storey and music <3
Les Miserables (H)
Do you hear the people sing?  Singing the song of angry men?  It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!   I was listening to the musical soundtrack of the stage show recently when I got the urge to watch this movie. It's an old favourite for many reasons - anything with Liam Neeson is brilliant, and I love Uma Thurman.  I am not looking forward to Anne Hathaway as Fantine in the musical version of this movie coming soon - what do you think? 

Ahhh movies...  how do I love thee.  See you next month!!