30 April 2012

Crochet & Knitting Blog Week

I'm a quitter!

I'm going to do a quick post to explain why I have quit CKBW .  So I'm dropping posts for Day 4 (3KCBWDAY4), Day 5 (3KCBWDAY5), Day 6 (3KCBWDAY6) & Day 7 (3KCBWDAY7) (those are links to other blog posts for that day if you actually want something interesting to look at).

On top of not really getting time, I just didn't care about it really.  Frankly, I had better things to do than come up with something "blogworthy".  Additionally, the topics just did not inspire me, I found thinking about what to write extremely boring, so imagine if I made you read that stuff!!!

Day 4: A knitter or crocheter for all seasons?  How would anyone find that interesting?  (I too did not find other's posts particularly riveting on this front.  Oh it's too hot to knit?  duh).

Day 5: Something different.  I actually really enjoyed looking at others' posts for this one.  (This one by Knitting, Reading, Photography and maybe more was actually mind bogglingly good - take a look!)  But looking made me realise I just did not have the time or energy to contribute, and anything I did would seem rushed and lame. 

Day 6:  Improving your skillset.  Again, who cares?  I'm sure you don't care about my skillz.  You probably visit my blog to check me out, and that's cool.  Besides, I'm a crochet master, and I really don't like to brag ;) 

Day 7:  Crafting Balance.  Again, uninspiring.  "I like crochet the best, yessir!" 

Wildcard:  Craft your perfect day.  Yawn.  Who actually cares?  "I love crafting and I just wanna craft all day oh yeah"

I probably broach these topics every now and again while generally blogging, so I suppose that's my preference.  Keep it natural. 

This post is not meant to be offensive or derogatory to any of you who did participate.  I follow a lot of you and read all your posts, and probably didn't comment because my thoughts would have been along the lines of "that's nice".  I guess I found the whole thing a bit restrictive.  I don't like being told to "be imaginative", "be creative" etc.  This is my blog dudes, I don't want to stress about posting every day and force things I wouldn't usually talk about.  Whatevs.  In the words of popeye, "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam!"

Thanks for visiting, I'll try to be a bit more positive next time :)

28 April 2012

Caturday VI

*cue music from Elton John's Saturday*
Caturday! Caturday, Caturday, Caturday! Caturday, Caturday!

You'll have that in your head all day now :D

That's right, it's Caturday!  The day I set aside to reflect on the cuteness of The Kitten, and invite you to do the same with your furbabies!

We got a new car a couple of weeks ago.  It's a new NEW car!  So, that is pretty awesome.  The Kitten also approves.  She treats it like a play ground.  She's an inside kitty, so even going out into the garage is a bit of a novelty for her (yes, we are cruel cruel humans).

Generally, we let her 'out' (ie into the garage) once a week, while we bring in our groceries (such an exciting life we lead!).  During this time she generally goes a bit skitzo, sometimes yowling while she does laps of the car, jumping into the boot while we remove our shopping and climbing on top of the car.  We find this quite entertaining.  Usually when she's on top of the car, she's a super duper fraidy cat and has to walk down in the most delicate way.

I am a cat and I do what I want.
I'm not quite a crazy cat lady (A is not allowing me to accumulate any more kitties until we get a bigger place), but I love this idea for your car if you are one:

(As an aside, Mikey Robbins calls those stick figure family stickers people put on their cars 'bogan hieroglyphics')

If you have a post about your kitty you would like to share, please fill out the form below and link back here to join the party!  

25 April 2012

Crochet & Knitting Blog Week - 3KCBWDAY2 - Photography & 3KCBWDAY3 - My Crochet Hero

I knew trying to participate in CKBW would be difficult.  I just don't get all that much time for blogging, and less time to take lovely photos, as there is limited daylight when I get home.  Boohoo for me!
So, I'm cramming TWO topics in today, and linking up with WIP Wednesday!  Do you have a problem with that??
Day 2:  Photography Challenge
I got a new hook!  It's a lovely 3.00mm Addi Comfort Handle Hoook and it handles like a dream (hehe get it)?  Using it is like a knife through butter, I could not recommend it more highly.  This photo is dedicated to my lovely new hook, who I have named Natasha.  
Oh lordy thats gorgeous. 
So that's my ripple baby blanket, now with 48 rows (I think this makes me at around 51% complete!)  I also took an uber close up photo of some recent progress on another WIP, my hitchhiker.  I was just going bonkers only working on projects for others and I really needed some me time, you know?  Not that I've done much, I think I added like 4 teeth, but I worked through all the pink and yellow you see below.  It's a bit boring as I feel I've gone beyond garter stitch now am itching to start something a bit more challenging (well, I kinda did start testing a pattern for something A LOT more challenging but I will not bore you with details.... yet).
Day 3:  My Crochet Hero

Without a doubt, Lynn from Sweet Little Stitches.   She's recently started releasing patterns on Ravelry
There are people who are good with colour, and people who make lovely things.  These people are ok, but I am just not impressed, because I always thing, with enough time and resources I could do the same.   What Lynn does is make practicalwearable crochet items from her brain!  She makes them up!  Her technical abilities just astound me - she even invented a crochet stockinette (Not tunisian)! I've just bought the pattern for the sailor blues shawl because its just lovely - it doesn't even looked crocheted (not that I don't want my things to look crocheted) but it's just ingenious in its simplicity!
Sailor Blues Shawl

To see other bloggers' pictures for day two and three of Crochet & Knitting Blog WeekChallenge click here or here.

Another reason that I haven't had much time today (even though it was a public holiday and I wasn't at work) was that I was out all day trying to see The Avengers!  (why did I link to that?  As if you don't know what I'm talking about!)  OMG the cinemas was pandemonium!!  I have never seen it in such a state!  I should have taken a picture because the line was out past Subway, and I know how much people like photographs of queues!!  The session we wanted to go to was SOLD OUT!  I nearly turned into the HULK right there I was so angry!  We went home, bought our tickets to the next session online (which I will henceforth do as a matter of course because I really hate queues... so much that if I wait in line at a store too long I will put my items back on the shelf and leave, but I digress...) and came back three hours later. 
via.  I told you there is a lolcat for everything!
TOTALLY WORTH IT GUYS, you need to go see it.  It was jam packed with Joss Whedon's patented character banter, lots of action (duh), and lots of classic lines  *teeny spoiler so don't read if you are a wussy*  Captain America tells Hulk to Smash!  hehehehee

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23 April 2012

Crochet & Knitting Blog Week - Day 1: COLOUR

So I wasn't going to participate in Crochet & Knitting Blog Week (CKBW) (see what I did there?  Crochet comes first with me!!) because I didn't want to bore you with my random thoughts on crochet and knitting.

But then I read a couple of posts today, day 1 of CKBW, and I have really quite enjoyed what others have to say (Particuarly Tink at Master of a Thousand Things and Nurse Nikki at Being Careful Not to Twist), so maybe you won't mind my ramblings too!


I was looking at my stash and projects to determine my approach to colour.  I don't think I have one!  I started crocheting in November 2010, and so far I am still just giving everyting a go, including colour.

Early on I was immensely inspired by the rainbow creations so popular in crochet land right now (a la Lucy).  Now I am looking more towards my style and what I like.  Looking at my FO's, of the stuff I've made for myself that get the most wear are purple, grey or black, or a combination of those colours.   So now when I make something for myself that is a wearable, I try to make sure it will be in a colour that I will actually wear.
Monroe, Shell Cowl, Different Lines (ok, red too), Sidewalk Shawl
A couple of items I've made an item, which I thought were just lovely at the time, only to never wear it becuase the colour just isn't me.  
My Elise, which I never actually wore now has a new home, and my Seraphina, which looks too busy with the harsh variegation, and I have since overdyed.
And the future of colour?  I'm salivating at the thought of working with these colours I picked up on my last trip to the Bendigo Woollen Mills.  Do you think they work together?


21 April 2012

Caturday V

Welcome to another Caturday!  The day I set aside to bask in the cuteness of The Kitten.

In this week's edition, I torment The Kitten by using her as a prop to display my crochet wares.  In this instance, my summer garden granny square afghan (which is nowhere near completed, but that's another story).
The Kitten is extremely enthused to assist.
And for your amusement, here is an Etsy treasury I put together of people who take pictures of their cats to sell their items. :)

'People who take pictures of their cats to sell their items.' by omlair

The inclusion of a cat with your item will increase your sales ten fold. True story. <3

needle felted cat kitte...

In-Bread Cat Crochet Ca...

Warm Gray Stone - Hand ...

Sample Pack Catnip Cat ...

The Cat Forager Wood Ca...

Pet Dog Cat Collar ACCE...

KITTY CAT Lover Siamese...

Sassy Sangria Sombrero ...

Soft hand-knitted sweat...

catnip CAT TOY BOMB old...

CoolCats Pink and Black...

Cat Hat Steampunk - Mad...

Honey Bunny Cat Toy - ...

CoolCats Faux Leather B...

Cat Bow Tie - Choose Yo...

CoolCats Ladybug Yellow...

If you have a post about your kitty you would like to share, please fill out the form below and link back here to join the party!  

18 April 2012

WIP: Ripplin' right along

Yup, I've been rippllin' this week.  I've done about 25 rows of the baby blanket, which makes 7".  I want the blanket to be 26" square, so I believe I need around 93 rows.  So by my calculations, I'm about 37% of the way through.  How's my math?

I've adapted the pattern from the cardi from this set to make this baby blanket to match the set I'm also making.  I've written up the pattern on my project page if you are interested (let me know if there are any boo boos!).

This photo proves that the best place to take pictures of my work is at work. 
And the big news, I finished all the motifs on the Blissful Flowers Shawl!  Unblocked it measures 45".  I dont know how large it's supposed to be before blocking, so I'm a bit worried it won't block to the 70" specified in the pattern.  The pattern picture depicts a very large shawl indeed.   I'm going to do a trial blocking this weekend before I move onto the border, so I can add another row of motifs along the bottom if need be. 
Don't worry, blocking will make those flowers bllooooooommmmm!!
As for yarning along, I'm reading the second Hunger Games book, Catching Fire.  I'm much more satisfied with this book than the last, which surprises me given that I've been told by many that the first is the best.  It's still just teenage fluff, but a good one to listen to on audiobook on the train in the morning when I'm sleepy. 


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I'm trying to start a *thing*.  I don't really know the rules around these things, but because I love The Kitten so much, I always want to share her awesomeness with those around me!  So, every Saturday will be Caturday at My Grandmotherly Ways.  Every Caturday I will post a picture of The Kitten, and maybe some other feline related stuff.  I will add a widget which will allow you to link up with me, so you too may participate in Caturday and show us your furbabies!! Hope to see you back here on Sat.... er... Caturday!!

17 April 2012

The Crochet Biatch Club Convenes

I have two buddies who are as enthused about crochet as me.  I call them my Crochet Biatches.

I thought I would take some time out to tell you the story of the formation of the Crochet Biatch Club (CBC).

I taught myself to crochet in November of 2010.  I quickly became very passionate about my new hobby, but had no one to share my joy with.  Also, in the beginning of my crochet career I was a little bit timid about sharing my hobby with anyone, feeling it was a bit naff and grandmotherly. 

But, I did start talking about it, and was chatting to some co-workers about it.  Two in particular indicated they would like to learn, so I quickly offered to give them some lessons. 

So it came to be, way back in May last year that we booked a meeting room on a Monday, I provided my new padawans each with a little starter kit of crochet hook, yarn and printed instructions for the basic stitches, and we began to hook together. 

Fast forward a year later, there is not a work day that goes by that we don't speak about crochet, share ideas, forward links to each other about yarn, patterns and colour choices.  Many a lunch hour is spent in my office, with the door closed, merrily hooking away.  We attract a bit of attention from passers by, ranging from funny looks to the more bold who stick their head into my office to offer some quip or other about our hobby:
"Are you going to make me a blanket next?"
"What are you working on today?"
"Look at you bunch of Nannas!"

We just laugh it up and get back to hooking!

We have also begun to add weekend crochet sessions to our schedule, rotating between each biatches house as to the location.  We have now had sessions at everyone's house.  This past Sunday we convened the CBC at Ange's house and a good time was had by all! 

Her house is just beautiful!  Well, a bit like a display home really (Ange forwarned us that she is a neat freak to the nth degree, and this was no joke!).  But absolutely lovely, and it was the perfect day for it!  Sunny and warm, but just perfect in the shade.  We didn't really get much crochet done in the end, as we spent most of the time bitching, gossiping, admiring the flowers (and Ange's yarn stash!) and eating - it was devine!

And now the Biatches themselves (in no particular order):

Crochet Biatch Ange.  The self confessed neat freak, a perfect princess and absolutely indecisive.  Ange is always asking me "how does this look?", "what do you think of these colours?", "is this ok?".  But I absolutely adore her for it!  Ange's crochet style is: perfectionist.  She likes to have every stitch perfect, and will practice, practice, practice before starting anything.   I think her yarn stash is already bigger than mine!  She is the blanket biatch.  Ange's colour palate is girly - pinks, purples, pale green.  I asked Ange to send me some pictures that represent her crochet style, and she sent me these:
Ange has told me to tell you she loves flowers, girly colours and alpacas!  via: 1, 2, 3
Crochet Biatch Rhon.  Rhon is a fitness fanatic.  She's always telling me about how many hundred squats and pull ups she can do, but she's just the tiniest little thing!  She does crossfit, the most insane type of fitness thing eva.  Rhon's crochet style is: free spirit.  She loves the mindlessness of crochet, and doesn't over think it.  She has made her own scarf and blanket pattern.  Rhon's colour palate is greys, beiges, pinks and browns.   The first two pics below are Rhon's babies, Vervainn the 16 year old black beauty and Aslan, 11 years old.  Despite Vervainn's age, since Rhon started crocheting she acts like a kitten when that yarn comes out!
3rd pic via
I feel it is so important to have people who you can share your passions with.  My passion is crochet, and while that might not be impressive by some people's standards, I feel very blessed to have two kindred spirits who I can share my passion obsession with.  You really need to surround yourself with people who get you, or you feel a bit empty.

I'm not usually this mushy, and sincerely apologise.  It won't happen again!



14 April 2012

Caturday IV

Hi all!  I am still enthused about Caturday, even if no one has joined me yet *le sigh*.  Nevermind, I will still include Mr Linky should you want to participate!

This week's photos: The Kitten is quite fond of sleeping on my lovely clean cloths.  Granted, I leave them in a heap on the couch invitingly, but even so, I present Exhibit A and Exhibit B.
I also enjoy taking pictures of A while he is sleeping, but I will spare you this time.
Do you know what the internet has taught me?  It's that people love sleeping cats.  Do you know how I know this?  I posted the following to Pinterest a while back and got almost 800 repins.  I really don't care about getting repins, but this one went absolutely gangbusters.  I know what the people want ;)

So, if you have a post about your kitty you would like to share, please fill out the form below and link back here to join the party!   Otherwise, it will be a party of one.  

11 April 2012

WIP: oh baby

Most notable progress this week is on the ripple baby set.  Look at that sweet cardigan!  Just need to wait for the cute buttons to arrive and I can finish it off.  I've also started the matching baby blanket.  I really like the effect that crocheting in the back loop gives. 
Look at those WIPs, so artfully arranged.
Only limited work on the blissful flowers shawl this week (sorry Ange!).  This is my commute project, and due to the Easter break I haven't been commuting.  So, that's why I haven't done a lot.  But, I found a few mistakes in the pattern!!  I feel like a crochet wizard!  The chart is clear though so I've not been hampered too severely.  Still enjoying this, and looking forward to getting it on the blocker.  I am currently on motif 108 of 144 (75%!).
Hastily picture taken on the train for your enjoyment.

So I finished reading (or, listening to someone else read to me) the Hunger Games and then I saw the movie.

I didn't mind the book, but it certainly wasn't brilliant and it's not one I see myself reading again.  **Might be Spoilers here** A couple of bits got me, like when they changed the rules I was like wwhhhhaaaaat?  And just because you can decorate cakes Peeta, does not a master camoflager make, imho.  PFFT!

The movie was ok as well, just the usual teenage rubbish.  I quite liked everything that happened before they got to the arena, the games themselves felt rushed.  And Woody Harrelson was good, but when is he not?

Anyway, if you like the idea of teens fighting it out to the death, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND SEE BATTLE ROYALE!

I couldnt decide what picture to include, but here are a bunch

Via. Click to see more hilarious Hunger Games comics

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07 April 2012

Caturday III

Logo is still a work in progress XD

Hi all, it's that time of the week - Caturday!!  The day I have set aside to bask in the glory that is The Kitten.

For anyone new to Caturday, here's the sitch:  every Caturday (Saturday) I will show off a picture(s) of The Kitten, and maybe some other random kitty-cat stuff I encounter (Submissions most welcome in this respect).  Then I will invite you to show off your furbaby by adding your link to a recent post from your blog!  It would be great if you post on Saturdays too, but I'm not going to get my knickers in a bunch if you link to something else. 

Today's picture: The uber close up.  Do you stick your camera in your kitty's face in an effort to get a special shot? I do it all the time, with some gorgeous results, even if I do say so myself!

Cuteness attacks you from all angles!
Today's topic:  a Lolcat for every occasion

If you're cool like me (which I'm sure you are because look at you, checking out my awesome blog!) then you love lolcats.  One of my favourite things is to email a friend or colleague a lolcat when a certain emotion is expressed or event occurs.  For example, a friend of mine recently had some heart trouble.  All good now, but when she came back to work I sent her this:

via (This and this one are also appropriate)
If I'm feeling down or not in a good mode, I may send one of these:
Via here and here
It's your birthday?  Oh, have a lolcat:
 And of course, for Caturday itself:
It's simple really, just search google images for 'lolcat' and your keyword (ie, 'angry', 'sad', 'heart attack').  Happy lolling!

Please share your kitty related post by completing the details required by Mr Linky below.  Please link back here so everyone can share in kitty goodness!