02 July 2012

June Movies

I'm sure you're wondering what movies I watched last month...  well, I will ease your little mind and show you!  And as an extra special bonus, instead of showing you some boring movie posters, I'm taking my inspiration from Lisa and posting pictures of crafty things kinda related to the movie. 

Totally not my choice in movie, but there was nothing else showing at the right time so my friend and I went.  And do you know what, I was pleasantly surprised.  Cameron Diaz cannot act to save her life imho, however the rest of the cast were fantastic.  The Dudes Group were a highlight for me.  And, unexpectedly, I got a bit teary in a couple of places.  So, I would recommend this movie. 
I'm sorry, I don't know where this is from so can't give credit.  I love it though, it makes me laugh every time.
It was really good to see J and K on the big screen again!  A great popcorn movie, and Josh Brolin did a fanstastic young-Tommy-Lee-Jones.
We are stitched in black (sorry, I'm reaching...) (via)
Mabo (H)
Oh my goodness.  This movie.  This movie had me very very torn.  At first it made me disgusted to be Australian.  And then, the Aussies got redeemed just a smidge, only thanks to the High Court.  This movie resonated with me particularly, as all Australian lawyers will have studied Mabo at uni.  However, I never knew much about the background and history of Eddie Mabo.  The movie was intercut with actual news footage, showing politians and the public's attitudes at the time.  I cannot imagine any of those things being said today, so horrible!  And offensive.  I'm the first to admit my knowledge of aboriginal culture is very limited, so I can't comment on that stuff, but this movie was brilliant.  I was sobbing my eyes out, really!  It would be totally unorstralian of you if you do not see it.  Plus Deborah Mailman, need I say more?
Knocked Up (H)
Much more low brow than the previous movie, I had avoided this movie for ages because it looked super stupid.  Then it was on TV so I gave it a shot, and it was actually pretty funny.  Had I known Paul Rudd was in it I would have watched it sooner.  I looooove Paul Rudd!! 
I want to be pregnant just so I can wear this.  Not really.  Maybe I can wear it when I feel I have a food baby. (via)
Wunderlust (H)
Sticking with the Paul Rudd theme, this movie was ok.  There was this one part that had me on the floor -  Paul Rudd was talking to himself in the mirror, yeah, you know the scene right?  This movie was worth it just for this scene.  I'm not a Jennifer Anniston fan though, bleh. 
Not from this movie - but look!  A Paul Rudd bday card!! (via)
Last Action Hero (H)
Arnie!  You can't not like Arnie.  Hadn't seen this movie in ages, so we special ordered it in from JB HI FI.  On blu-ray too (lah de dah).  Oh it's so awesome.  It's a parody of all the action movies you've ever seen, and it has some coolio cameos too.  
I could not find an Arnie related crafty thing.  But advice Arnie is pretty creative, eh? (via)
Chronicle (H)
A different take on the superhero genre.  It's done like a documentary.  I really enjoyed it, though it took a while to get cracking. 
Yes, Lisa featured these, but I am copying becuase she's so cool (via)
Penelope (H)
I'd been wanting to see this for ages.  It was awesome!  I really enjoyed it.  Predictable yes, but a cool idea for a movie, and tons of amazing actors in it!  James McAvoyPeter Dinklage!
Piggy! (via)
Annie (H)
I saw Annie the musical last month.  It was not as good as I expected.  And that's a pain considering how expensive the theatre is.  Though I will say, I wouldn't mind if Anthony Warlow adopted me, he was amazing!  So after being a bit disappointed, I went home and watched the movie.  And it was awesome, just as I remembered it.  Annie was a movie I would watch repeatedly with my mother, and I'm happy to say it has lost none of its charm.  I even had a little tear in my eye when they sang Tomorrow.  Albert Finney is just wonderful.
You can bet your bottom dollar! (via)
Adventure Time (M)
Ok, not strictly a movie, but for some reason my local cinema had a one-session-one-weekend only showing of a selection of Adventure Time episodes.  (I actually think it was to advertise the toys just out in Oz because we were given a bunch of advertising junk).  Needless to say, I was there! It was amazing on the big screen.  They showed a couple of episodes from the new series, plus some fan favourites (Fionna and Cake!!).  AND we all got a Finn hat with our ticket.  Legendary! 
must.make.crochet.version (via)
Brave (M)
I'd been waiting for this one for a while.  It was a really beautiful movie.  Often it looked real (as long as there were no characters in frame).  And I was mesmerised by Merida's red hair. 
Being ginger is so hot right now (via)
The Devil Inside (H)
A popped this movie on when I wasn't really in the mood for watching a movie, so I continued to crochet instead.  Well, it didn't take long for me to start watching the movie rather than concentrate on the crochet.  It's another doco style movie, chronicling a woman's journey to find out what happened to her mother, after an exorcism was performed on her resulted in the deaths of those exorcising her.  Not for you if you're squeamish, but I do love me some horror.
Rawr (via)
Rock of Ages (M)
Wow.  Such a great movie.  So many great songs!  And it was funny as. My most favorite part was the duet between Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand, and I am not a Russell Brand fan, but I didn't mind him in this movie.  Wow, I kinda complimented Russell Brand there, you're welcome Russell Brand.
Pick up your geetar! (via)

The Thing (H)
How have I not seen this movie before?  It was freaking brilliant.  The effects were top notch, even 30 years later.  And Kurt Russell!  The Russells have certainly done their work this month, kudos Russells! 
See what I did there? (via)
H = home
M = movies

The stand out movie for this month was most certainly Mabo. 

Have you seen any good movies lately??


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