31 August 2012

fo: blissful

Here it is at last, the completed Blissful Flowers Shawl.

We took the photos at the Treasury Gardens.  The whole time I was praying to the crochet-gods that no one from work saw me!!  I think the gods in this case were kind :)

Again, many thanks to Clara for taking the time to support my crazy crochet obsession by taking pictures of me, inept a model though I might be, and introducing the photography stylings of Louisa.  Louisa joined us last time and was credited as 'stylist', but this time she also brought her dslr with her fancy shmancy prime lens and credit goes to her for the great close up shot at the bottom.  It was a bit like the paparazzo were following me!  There was this weird bearded hipster guy lurking about for a while, but otherwise no dramas, apart from me now realising that I need a haircut after looking at the back of my head in the photos below.

Y'all might recall this one, Ravelry tells me I started this back in March.  Ravelry also tells me I've blogged about it 7 times.  Flip! Sorry for boring you so long!!  The pattern and colour of yarn were chosen by the recipient, my aforementioned crochet biatch Ange.  This was / is (?) her birthday present, for her birthday back in MAY!!  Sorry !!!! Only 3 months late!  I finally presented this to Ange last week, and she was happy with it, and assured me it was worth the wait.  She said, and I quote "you did an awesome fucking job!  only way to describe it!"  Can't ask for more than that eh??

Pattern:  Blissful Flowers Shawl.  I modified the original pattern by adding two extra rows, and opting for a simple edging to facilitate the addition of tassels.  I think it works.   It turned out 180cm long and 96cm deep.
Hook: 4mm
Yarn:  Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 5 ply in Pale Eucalypt.  I probably won't use this yarn for a shawl again, it's just a bit too course.   I used every single inch of 2 skeins.  This shawl is massive!!
Ravelled here

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