08 August 2012

WIP: tendrillar

I can knit while on a bus, I can knit while eating lunch.
I can knit while on a train, I can knit in the rain!

Well, maybe not in the rain.  That would be silly.

But, I really think it goes to show how my knitting confidence and skills are improving, by my ability to take this project on the train.  I've memorised the pattern.  What the fudge?  k6, k2tog, yo.  The pattern has some mumbo jumbo about using stitchmarkers and what not, why anyone would do this rather than going round and round and round without stopping is beyond me.  One more inch of pattern to go and I can start the picot finishing edge!
In the interests of full disclosure, my cowl is not without mistake.  Can you see it?

As a postscript to my Wonderful Realisation Of How Great A Knitter I Am Becoming, this morning there was another woman knitting on the train.  Her needles were flying and the yarn was a blur.  Somehow it made me feel a bit less special.  But I will endure!
I've stopped reading Jane Eyre for the moment (I'm up to the bit where she's just left Thornfield and it was depressing me.  That lady really needs to build a bridge, seriously, would it have killed you to just be his mistress?  Since reading this book last I think my feelings towards marriage have developed much - I really don't get it.  Fair enough in 1842 it was necessary, but now it's just like whatevers Jane, it ain't no thang!) and started reading (listening to) A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  I'm a big fan of reading the original source before/after I see a film I like.  In this case, I saw the film first.  I'm not one of those people who have to read the book first.  Whatever floats your boat dudes.  The book is good so far, in a sort of diary fashion.  The dude reading it is a bit weird though, he tries to do this Virginian accent, but then doesn't prounounce his 'r's.  (Like this: Warrior is prounounced Wawwior).  Obviously you may not want to watch the whole hour long video below, but John Carter animated! 

Oh and I also started reading the new Skulduggery book!  I've come to think of the author as a bit of a douche, (read his blog, blerg), but I still really like the books.  I mean, I don't like Valkyrie as a protagonist, (she lost me as soon as she cheated on Fletcher) but I love SP.  You can really picture what he would be like.  Even though he's a skeleton.

(thanks for the title, thesaurus.com!)

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