29 January 2014

FO: perfect(?) pleats skirt

Look what I made!

There are definitely flaws, but hey, wearable and I think it looks quite shmick.

And no pattern!  I used this tutorial for a DIY skirt, but I departed from the instructions at the zip because I thought it was weird to cut into the fabric to make a zip?  Instead I did the pockets and invisible zip from Simplicity 2215.  A clasp thingy (technical term) to secure the waistband and blind hem stitch and she was done!

The fabric makes the pleats difficult to see, but I didn't think more pictures were necessary.  I'm quite pleased with the final result.  I really like the style, but I think I'd like to try these pleats next time.

Pattern:  DIY Perfect Pleats skirt, modified.
Fabric:  About 1.3m of cotton sateen bought on sale at Clegs.
Notions: 25cm invisible zip, metal clasp thingy.
New skills acquired:  Making a skirt without a pattern!  And the first time I used my overlocker, which I absolutely love.


27 January 2014

365: 301-320

I'm up to date on the picture-taking but not on the posting.  Only 1 month to go now!

301.  Always nice to get an ebay delivery intact!
302.  Only one pic of The Kitten in this lot!
303.  Another cool Melbournian building, The City of Melbourne Building
304.  New toy.
305.  I have a basil plant.  I feel fancy.
306.  Gravy chips?!?
307.  Cute little signs in Waratah Lane I think.
308.  Going up.
309.  Cliche picture of Melbourne bikes.
310.  I went runnning!
311.  Super creepy wrestling mask stapled to the wall.  Art.
312.  Couldn't resist taking a picture of my breakfast at My Other Brother.
313.  Black and white.
314.  True Love <3
315.  Leaving work at 7.30, still 40c
316.  What can I say, I like taking pictures of public transport?
317.  Sunrise on the last day of the heatwave.
318.  Octobunny sticker spotted on the stairs to the Rooftop Bar.
319.  A cheat photo, a pic of some pretty flower from the phone.
320.  Last day taking the bus due to RRL works.  It was an experience.


23 January 2014

Flow magazine

The lovely people at Flow Magazine contacted me last year after seeing some of my postcards on instagram.

I answered a few little questions on email and a few months later, voilĂ ! I get a copy of this beautiful amazing inspiring magazine in the mail, with some of my photos and a write up about what I think of Postcrossing.  In Dutch!  A short time later they generously sent me the English version as well.  Both are gorgeous, and I would highly recommend the mag.  Such a pity it's not readily available here!!

Are you a postcrosser?  I've just prepared a new batch to pop in the post :D


20 January 2014

365: 381-300

Late posting, but so close to the end now!

281.  Love the new Pratchett book!
282.  Christmas paraphernalia at Melbourne Central
283.  Bought my bro Crystal Head Vodka to congratulate him on graduating.
284.  The view from the office.
285.  Appetising Santa Cakes?
286.  Lovely Samantha Wills stationery my mother gifted me.
287.  Merry Christmas from Flinders Street!
288.  Gingerbread frappucinos = Christmas
289.  Cracker jokes are the best jokes
291.  Saw a T-Rex on the way home from Christmas lunch, no joke!
292.  The Kitten chillaxing.
293.  My first ever Boxing Dale Sale - waiting for Clegs to open!
294.  The haul from Clegs. Whoops!
295.  Wearing my Christmas Dress
296.  I dunno about you, but I approve of community endorsed graffiti
297.  Venus out of hibernation.
298.  Purple sky for some reason?   Pretty nonetheless.
299.  January 2 and hot cross buns at Coles!
300.  John Darling & Son at Albion


19 January 2014

Year of the jumper!

I refuse to call jumpers sweaters.  Really!

My 2014 craft year is looking chock-a-block full of gifts for others.  Here are a few of the yarny things I'm thinking about.  Not including WIPs which are a top priority.

Adam's mother has requested this fetching cardigan.  Oh my.

Hopefully some chunky yarn will have the ordeal over with relatively quickly.

And I have promised each of my sisters one of these, in adult sizes of course!

I will be Donatello, because I'm the smart one.
Jackie will be Michaelangelo, because she's the funny one.
Candy will be Leonardo, because she's the eldest, and has more of a leadership capacity.
Kat will be Raphael, because she's the angry one.  LOL sorry Kat, but I think he will suit you ;)

My younger sisters and I all had TMNT jumpers hand knit for us when we were young.  I'm so excited to re-live my childhood!  I'll dig out the photos of us wearing our adorable jumpers for you at some point.

I also want to make myself another Miette, this time more of a cropped length with no lace, as well as a February Lady in this red-brown colour.

So that's some of the plan for the moment.  I also want to make all kinds of scarves, shawls and hats, because small things are the best.  I have no idea if I will be able to accomplish 7 jumpers, but here's hoping!


15 January 2014

Out of hibernation

Picked this up after a long hibernation.  Took a while to remember how to do it! Aoibhe has some great video tutorials here if you're interested.

It's near impossible to get a picture of this true to colour. It's less pink and more red.  The same yarn I used for the notorious wedding shawl.

I'm on the second last row and not sure if it's going to be big enough.  I know it will grow, but I think I'll have enough yarn to do another repeat, so I might just do that.  I do like making things difficult for myself.


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08 January 2014

365: 261 - 280

The daily grind, still trying to remember to take a photo every day.  About 10 days behind in photos, and quite a ways behind in posting my summary.

261.  Sick old maritime parphernalia at my place of business.
262.  Hello kitty macarons.
263.  Happy 50th Doctor Who!
264.  Eggs Benny.
265.  Giant coffee.
266.  Fox postcards.
267.  Cool shark fabric remnant.
268.  The Kitten.
269.  Avos.  My fave.
270.  Don't know if you can tell, those are LSP leggings.
271.  Knitting.
272.  Jewell station.
273.  Flow magazine is just full of lovely sentiment.
274.  Pretty roses.
275.  Sky.
276.  A new project.  Calming garter stitch.
277.  The Kitten chillaxing.
278.  Cute Christmas deccos around Melbourne.
279.  Christmas is teenagers playing carols on their trumpets for the Salvos.
280.  Anyone else get exited when the milk expires on Christmas?