01 September 2012

Caturday XXIV

Welcome again to Caturday, the day I dedicate to The Kitten and her cuteness, and invite you to do the same with your kitties!

So I got myself a dslr recently!  I have no idea what I'm doing.  I think the main reason I got this new piece of equipment was to take pictures of The Kitten.  Seriously.  And she's a wily subject alright.  She knows that as soon as she is being cute, the camera comes out.  (And she is cute, like 110% of the time) In which case she promptly runs away.   Anyway, even on Auto The Kitten is looking glorious.

And, lolcats to the rescue:  me and my dslr!

Got some cuteness of your own to share?  Please join in and fill in the linky below!!


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