25 April 2012

Crochet & Knitting Blog Week - 3KCBWDAY2 - Photography & 3KCBWDAY3 - My Crochet Hero

I knew trying to participate in CKBW would be difficult.  I just don't get all that much time for blogging, and less time to take lovely photos, as there is limited daylight when I get home.  Boohoo for me!
So, I'm cramming TWO topics in today, and linking up with WIP Wednesday!  Do you have a problem with that??
Day 2:  Photography Challenge
I got a new hook!  It's a lovely 3.00mm Addi Comfort Handle Hoook and it handles like a dream (hehe get it)?  Using it is like a knife through butter, I could not recommend it more highly.  This photo is dedicated to my lovely new hook, who I have named Natasha.  
Oh lordy thats gorgeous. 
So that's my ripple baby blanket, now with 48 rows (I think this makes me at around 51% complete!)  I also took an uber close up photo of some recent progress on another WIP, my hitchhiker.  I was just going bonkers only working on projects for others and I really needed some me time, you know?  Not that I've done much, I think I added like 4 teeth, but I worked through all the pink and yellow you see below.  It's a bit boring as I feel I've gone beyond garter stitch now am itching to start something a bit more challenging (well, I kinda did start testing a pattern for something A LOT more challenging but I will not bore you with details.... yet).
Day 3:  My Crochet Hero

Without a doubt, Lynn from Sweet Little Stitches.   She's recently started releasing patterns on Ravelry
There are people who are good with colour, and people who make lovely things.  These people are ok, but I am just not impressed, because I always thing, with enough time and resources I could do the same.   What Lynn does is make practicalwearable crochet items from her brain!  She makes them up!  Her technical abilities just astound me - she even invented a crochet stockinette (Not tunisian)! I've just bought the pattern for the sailor blues shawl because its just lovely - it doesn't even looked crocheted (not that I don't want my things to look crocheted) but it's just ingenious in its simplicity!
Sailor Blues Shawl

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Another reason that I haven't had much time today (even though it was a public holiday and I wasn't at work) was that I was out all day trying to see The Avengers!  (why did I link to that?  As if you don't know what I'm talking about!)  OMG the cinemas was pandemonium!!  I have never seen it in such a state!  I should have taken a picture because the line was out past Subway, and I know how much people like photographs of queues!!  The session we wanted to go to was SOLD OUT!  I nearly turned into the HULK right there I was so angry!  We went home, bought our tickets to the next session online (which I will henceforth do as a matter of course because I really hate queues... so much that if I wait in line at a store too long I will put my items back on the shelf and leave, but I digress...) and came back three hours later. 
via.  I told you there is a lolcat for everything!
TOTALLY WORTH IT GUYS, you need to go see it.  It was jam packed with Joss Whedon's patented character banter, lots of action (duh), and lots of classic lines  *teeny spoiler so don't read if you are a wussy*  Captain America tells Hulk to Smash!  hehehehee

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