27 June 2012

WIP: doldrums

Hi there.   Nothing particularly exciting to show off today, even though I have been doing my best to keep my hook moving at every opportunity.

My Sailor Purples Shawl (haha, so clever, as I'm using purple instead of blue *snort*) is coming along, though I expect progress to slow down now the rows are getting longer.  I can get about 2 rows done per train ride at the moment.  It currently measures 34cm.  My plan is to use the rest of the black I have, then use the pink/purple remnants for stripes.  Hope I have enough, but I plan to do a bit of dyeing on the weekend (omg exciting!!!) to get another shade or two.

I found it amusing that a few of the comments on this shawl last week were all about how impressive it is that I am working with black yarn!  Yes, I do indeed have super vision.  
You can kinda get a sense of the texture by the picture on the left.
And, the poor little Blissful Flowers Shawl.  Still going, less than half a row to go now, so the end is in sight.  It took me a while to reverse engineer a way to add extra rows onto the outside of the shawl to make it larger.  A downside to the 'clever' outside-in construction of this shawl that I was so fond of initially, is that you have less control over the finished size, obviously causing problems when it turns out smaller than you would have liked. 
Just for you, a creative half in half out of focus shot.  Ooooo arty.
I will tell you something about these projects, it appears I am the first person to make them on Ravelry.  It gives me a bit of a kick really, I feel like a pioneer!  (Yes, my life is otherwise devoid of meaning)

I'm finishing up the third Curse Workers book, Black Heart, at the moment.  All in all it has been a thoroughly enjoyable series, and a very good audiobook to listen to during my daily commute (this means not too complicated to follow / holds my attention so I don't tune out).  Plus the audiobook is read by Jesse Eisenberg - how weird!  Who'd a thunk you could like a protagonist who's a blatant criminal?  And isn't Lila a pretty name? 
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