05 October 2011

WIP! More beads


Current bead count:  dunno, lost count/A LOT

I'm getting a bit addicted to my dahlia at the moment, as I can see the end in sight.  I only have a couple of inches of the body left to go before I get to the edging!  The EPIC NINE ROW EDGING that is.

I think the beads are just subtle enough, though I've been adding a lot of them.  I'm a bit worried that I may run out actually.

Every time I post this project for WIP Wednesday, I get at least one comment about how someone is afraid to try beading.  I would just like to say that this is my first go with beads using the dental floss method.  And while it is fiddly, it's really not that hard. I can even do it on the train, and that's saying something.  I find wrapping the dental floss around my left wrist (I am right handed) and poking the end down my sleeve with the pointy bit dangling out is a good method to keep everything in place.  Let me know if that doesn't make any sense.
beeeeaaddddsssss (read it like a zombie, it's funny)
 And the real reason I'm posting this project this week?  To share this picture of The Kitten with you ^_^

I've also made a little progress on my knitting of last week, but didn't take a picture.  Here is a close up from last week for your adminration.  I've really only made 2 more repeats of the pattern, leaving about 15 to go. 
Thanks to everyone for leaving such encouraging and constructive comments last week, after I revealed my frustration with my first proper knitting project.  I can see now the yarn is probably not the best choice for a beginner knitter, but I'm going to persevere just because I don't know what else I should knit right now, and because I am making progress, albeit slowly.

And I have a mini story to tell... I dropped a stitch!  It was infuriating!  I thought I was being very clever and knitting in the car on the drive home from Sassafras, and we went over a bump and the stitch was gone!  Instead of throwing my knitting out the window, which was my first impulse, I took a breath, finished off the row and put the knitting away.  When I got home I googled about what to do about this dilemma, watched this video, and managed to pick the stitch up!!  You can't even tell I dropped it now.  I felt like a knitting wizard!

I still like crochet much better than knitting, though I would love to become a master knitter only because knitting can produce much more varied and versatile results.  I'm just so impatient and don't want to waste my time faffing about with garter garter garter stitch... I want a to make something spectacular!


I'm now listening to audio book two of the Skulduggery Pleasant series.  I've read it before, but there is so much I honestly can't remember, it's like experiencing it for the first time again.  In short:  Lovin' it.  I walk the long way to work just so I can listen to it some more. 
Skulduggery:  "I'm probably your hero."
Before I end this post, I thought this was the approrpriate place to share a cool link for the sci-fi or fantasy connoisseurs out there. Check this flowchart out.  It's very fun.  I have only read about 20 books listed though :(.  There are a couple of Terry Pratchett books listed, so you know it must be a reliable source ;).

Thanks for stopping by, and do remember to check out more WIPs at Tami's Amis and the Yarn Along at Small Things.


  1. Your shawl is amazing. Glad you didn't throw your knitting out the window. Congrats on finding a fix yourself.

  2. Go you with the picking up a dropped stitch! Especially as I can't imagine it would have been easy in that yarn ;)

    Your shawl is looking beautiful

  3. The shawl is looking fantastic. Well done picking up your dropped stitch! I've had to learn how to do that this week too.

  4. Ooh, I'm making a dahlia at the moment too (blue laceweight for me), and I love the idea of putting beads on it. Thank you so much for the link - I can definitely see that working for my shawl!

    Also, I'm in awe of your knitting. I'm trying to teach myself at the moment, and it's such slow going :S

  5. Your shawl is beautful. I'm just about to start my first proper shawl, so I'm looking for inspiration. Love the beading. Maybe next time.

  6. Learning how to fix a mistake is what makes you a proper knitter. Well done on finding a solution. Soon you will be so blase about dropping stitches, you won't even notice you are picking them up.

  7. Your shawl is gorgeous! The beads are addictive aren't they:)

  8. Your shawl is soooo beautiful!! And love the photo of your cat :)

    You know...I was at a yarn shop in Maine last weekend, and saw a scarf just like the one you are knitting. Having just seen your photo of last week, I thought of your blog :)

    Have a great week!

  9. You obviously are good at lace knitting - something I avoid! Lovely work. And a cute kitty!

  10. Looking FAB! The beads really are very subtle, it's so pretty!

    (oh and as you have a lovely cat, I wonder if you would mind taking part in a little poll I am running on my facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crafts-From-The-Cwtch/158169594256756 )

  11. Picking up a dropped stitch is such a rite of passage -- congratulations on passing with flying colors! Your shawl is looking beautiful. It's going to be so sparkly when it's all done!

  12. well done on the shawl, beautiful. and the knitting, that is difficult yarn for anyone. i love the name of your blog, cute.

  13. The shawl is gorgeous! Awesome job on the picking up of the stitch!

  14. That is an amazing green :-) Love the kitteh ...

  15. Your shawl looks great, I love the beads! Well done with the dropped stitch, I might have just thrown it out the window but I am irrational that way!

  16. I love your shawl - and I LOVE that picture of your kitty!

  17. Does the kitty help you knit? So very cute and the shawl looks great.

  18. The shawl is looking great!!!!! The great thing about the Clea skein, is that you can just keep going without having to join a new skein, or running out before you finish the project!!!!!!

    All the best!!!!

  19. YOur shawl is amazing. And almost done--don't you just love the feeling when a object is so close to completion. Your knitting is looking great. Congrats on picking up your dropped stitch.

  20. Perfect on both counts.
    Gorgeous shawl with those pretty beads giving it some sparkle.
    Knitting is a much slower art but it appears you are making good progress on your pretty scarf.