28 September 2011

WIP! Holey moley, I'm a knitter...

...well, maybe just for a little while.  To be honest, I'm not really enjoying it.

I am making a Gauzy Gathers Scarf with yarn I won in a blog giveaway by the designer, Jorth!

It's insanely fiddly.  I have to worry about 42 loops!!!  With crochet there is only one loop to worry about.  So the margin for error is insane.  I'm having problems with tension, the scarf spins around the needle like I don't know what. 

I made one mistake so far.  I had 43 loops at one stage.  I knit that sucker together with another stitch.  I haven't dropeed any stitches yet.  touch wood.  I'm pretty sure my problems do not stem from my choice of pattern, I think it's a fairly basic combination of stitches.  Perhaps this yarn is difficulat to work with?  I like the fuzziness of it.  And my scarf is only going to weigh 25g!  That's pretty spiff.

I have no idea how anyone can find knitting easy, speedy, or enjoyable.  I've attempted knitting before, but I never got past garter stitch.  However, I thought now I am much older and wiser, and have become much more knowledgeable in the ways of yarn, surely there is a knitter inside me.  I am beginning to question that assumption.  Plus I really want to make a Doctor Who scarf

It wasn't like this with the hook.  Within a couple of days of picking up the hook I was whipping up grannies quick as a flash.  I never felt this anxiety or annoyance or frustration when learning to crochet.  This is a hard slog and if I don't feel better by the end of the scarf, the needles can get bent.  Literally.  I will bend them.

Me and kntting, we just dont gel.

Anyways, I finally finished the third installment of A Song of Ice and Fire during the week, so now I am treating myself by re-reading the first installment of Skulduggery Pleasant.
Random internet picture for your enjoyment.  A Storm of Swords!  (via)
I just can't help myself.  I finished the 6th book a couple of weeks ago, and I've been irked because my memory is terrible and I don't remember the events leading up to Death Bringer.
I just like skeletons, OK?
BUT there is a new twist!  As some of you may already know, I currently have a penchant for audio books, so I am listening to Skulduggery Pleasant.  It is so far a wonderful experience!  It is read by Rupert Degas (who looks annoyingly familiar but I can't place him) who does all the lovely Irish accents, so it just brings the book to life!  Not that I don't do a fine job with my own imagination thankyouverymuch, but listening to someone else's interpretation of Skulduggery's voice is a treat!  (It's pretty deep in case you were wondering).  I think some of my fave parts of the entire series is the dialogue between Stephanie and Skulduggery in book 1:

Stephanie Edgley: Mr Pleasant, you're a skeleton.
Skulduggery Pleasant: Ah, yes, back to the crux of the matter. Yes. I am, as you say, a skeleton. I have been one for a few years now.
Stephanie Edgley: Am I going mad?
Skulduggery Pleasant: I hope not.
Stephanie Edgley: So you're real? You actually exist?
Skulduggery Pleasant:: Presumably.
Stephanie Edgley: You mean you're not sure if you exist or not?
Skulduggery Pleasant: I'm fairly certain. I mean, I could be wrong, I could be some ghastly hllucination, a figment of my imagination.
Stephanie Edgley: You might be a figment of your own imagination?
Skulduggery Pleasant:: Stranger things have happened. And do, with alarming regularity.

As per usual, more WIPs at Tami's Amis, and yarn along at Small Things.



  1. Your description of all the "loops" made me laugh! I learned to knit first and still find it much more calming than crochet, although last night for the first time I really appreciated the speed of crochet and how it could be loved.

    I'm about 10% of the way through A Storm of Swords and LOVING it! I'm so happy that I came to the books late and have so much to catch up on!

    Have a great week

  2. Funny, I get frustrated and confused by crochet in much the same way (at the start of a row - which of the loops do I dc into?! etc) and find knitting much more calming. I have to say, your scarf is looking great, but that isn't the friendliest yarn to use for a beginner-ish project... Not that I think there are any rules for what people should start with though!

  3. Lovely colour of yarn. The scarf is looking great :-)

  4. Well done for sticking with the knitting. The scarf looks fab - as pinkundine says the yarn isn't the easiest to work with. You'll probably find a Dr Who scarf a breeze after this one. :)

  5. Oh no, what a shame you're not enjoying your scarf, they yarn looks so pretty and what you've knitted looks lovely. It took me years to get the hang of knitting, I kept trying and then giving up, I love it know though! Hope it gets easier for you!

  6. Don't give up! the progress so far is lovely.. Rowan kidsilk haze will not be my first choice of yarn as a beginner knitter.. but, just think that its gonna look so pretty once its done.. I love the color of the yarn.

  7. The scarf is so pretty. It's really too bad you're not enjoying it more. It will be so lovely when done.

  8. It isn't knitting, it's your yarn choice. I was "taught" to knit by a lady who gaveme size 9 needles and angora "dental floss". The worst combo to teach someone to knit. Sure, it was a lovely yarn, but there was no way I could learn tension while trying to keep flimsy yarn from slipping off my needles. Get some worsted weight in a wool blend or 100% wool, and size 8 needles. Work on just knitting garter or St st. As to the extra st, it could be from the start of a row. If you don't have your yarn positioned correctly, you actually knit into both legs of the first st. Always have the yarn haning from the front and down. Never take it to the back by way of over the needle. Wish I could explain that better. Good luck and don't give up. I second the comment about crochet being soooo much harder for a beginner to pick up than knitting. And I have taught both.

  9. ii know just what you mean. ive got a black wispy kidhair rowan and its just terrible. lovely, and terrible. i feel for you!! but look, you're doing it ! :))

  10. I'm sort of a closet crocheter--and never feel I can relax with that, so I feel your "pain"; but honestly, knitting with kidsilk haze is not a piece of cake for even a seasoned knitter-- with all that fuzz. I think your Dr. Who is going to be a fun knit for you.

  11. ROFL...knitting can be tricky if you are not used to it, but I promise...with practice comes enjoyment. When I first started to learn how to knit, I cursed up a blue streak and nearly threw the needles in the trash.

    You could try bamboo needles to see if they help more than the ones you're currently using. Is your yarn angora or mohair? Both are very slippery and like to drive the knitter crazy! Bamboo "clings" a little bit more, so less slip and slide.

    BTW, Love the title of your blog! I am much the same way LOL my friends always tease me about being a little old lady whenever I bring out my knitting.

  12. I tried knitting twice but just could not get the hang of it. I find crocheting easier and my 12 year old says if there was a speed crocheting competition, I would win. I can't always read patterns properly but I wing my way through. I'm thinking with the yarn you are working with, no one will notice if you are a stitch or two off. I bought some wispy yarn a few years ago but could not crochet with it. Gave it to a friend whose sister knitted up a beautiful scarf. Some yarns are meant for knitting, that's for sure. Have a great day. Tammy

  13. Lol , i know what you mean !! all those loops when we are used to one!!
    its looking really good !! well done !

  14. Your post make me chuckle! I am a crocheter who one day aspires to knit. I will have to be patient when that day comes!

  15. Crochet is definitely quicker and less fiddly. Oh, and much easier to rip back! But you just can't beat the texture and drape of knitted fabric! Stick with it; it gets easier!

  16. The scarf is gorgeous! I've just started trying knitting, and I've been quite enjoying it. I've been knooking though, with a crochet hook, and finding it a lot easier than when I tried knitting a few years ago.

  17. snice i have learned to hook, my knitting, has not had a look in, mind you i was crap at knitting anyway lol
    i find crochet much more relaxing then knitting, but will keep on with the knitting because some things just look so much better when in knit...but i will fess up and say That i LOVE crochet MORE then knitting lol
    your scarf looks awesome though! xx

  18. I learnt to knit when I was 7yrs old and found it so frustrating, but I could do it. I taught myself to crochet about 4 years ago and I find it much easier...so I'm with you.

    The scarf is lovely btw, but the yarn does look like it might be a nightmare to deal with.

  19. I found crochet a struggle after flying away with knitting. Your scarf looks gorgeous. Hope it soon comes easy for you. You have picked a gorgeous yarn to work with xx

  20. Wow - rock on with the scarf! But, I hear you about the slowness...it drives me crazy. I keep trying to knit...and then just fall back to crochet.

    Have an awesome week!

  21. Look at that lovely scarf! Well done (if done in pain) ;-). I fear crochet, so I guess we're in similar boats!

  22. YOur knitting is gorgeous. I love the color and yarn. That lace-weight is brave...I am a crocheter trying to manage knitting as well I think it's hard enough with worsted weight for now. I can't imagine how you are keeping track of something that tiny while still figuring out the stitches. Good luck.

  23. The scarf is very pretty. Kidsilk Haze type yarns are very fiddly to work with. You might want to give knitting a second chance with an easier yarn before you bend your needles.

  24. I'm a mostly crocheter, too, and I never find knitting speedy, but sometimes I do find it fun :). Have you tried knooking, where you can still have your crochet hook? I find it more intuitive than "real knitting."

  25. Beautiful - great work to only have found one extra stitch with all that knitting in pretty yarn. Love the colour and a warm scarf is just right in this wintery weather.
    Enjoy defacing those needles when you are done.

  26. This post made me smile, I must say I am a crocheter but I still find knitting calming...but it just takes far too long to do!

    Although a Dr Who scarf sounds awesome!hopefully you have a enough of the knitting bug inside to make it he he :)