06 June 2012

WIP: Seeing Green

There was no planning whatsover in the series of WIPs I have for your perusal today.  What could it all mean (hehe chryoprase.  I'd never looked it up before but I knew all the trolls on the discworld were named afeter geological things. hehehehehehe)??  Ahem.  Well, green...

Green is the color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green is a safe color, if you don't know what color to use anywhere use green.

Hmm.  Alright.  Check out my projects and tell me if you think they are safe, harmonious or balanced??

A new project!  I've been trying not to buy anymore yarn, or start anymore projects, but its so goshdarn hard!!  wwwwaaaahhhhh STOP JUDGING ME K??  Anyways, after finishing a mammoth project last week, I think it's ok to mix it up a bit with something small.  I cast on a garter stitch hat on Sunday using some bulky Pander Amber, it's purdy eh?  I had the sudden urge to make a bunch of colourful hats for the niecicles so I bought this yarn.  
Ok, so I wanted something a bit more challenging than garter, but you must admit, nothing looks better in close up!

My Spongey Scarf.  How do I love thee?  Let me not count the ways because I really don't.  Ok I'm being harsh, but this yarn is very difficult for a newbie to work with.  It is soft though, I imagine it will be like having some sort of green furry animal wrapped around my neck, an idea which I find quite appealing.  I'm finding it easeir than I did at the start, which I think I have my new bamboo needles to thank for, but I just want this one over with. (wow I have blogged about this one 4 times.  It's a one skein scarf!  That seems a bit excessive.  I promise only one more post about this one - when it's finished!)
I dunno, I can't think of anything funny to say.  Just look at my knitting, k?
The Blissful Flowers Shawl.  Oh poor little shawl, you were kinda finished, but you just turned out too small.  Why did you do this to me little shawl, when you were supposed to be a birthday present for my Crochet Biatch Ange back in May.  You've made me look like an absolute ho little shawl, and for that you will be punished, by being subject to my miraculous crochet skills whereby I add two more rows of flowers to you ex post facto.  TAKE THAT!  (Sorry for the delay Ange!!)

Why oh why will you not photograph true to your colour?  Stop being so difficult!!
I haven't done much reading lately.  I do that, I go through a period where I must always have a book on the go, then I go off reading for a while.  I tried reading one of Cherie Priest's steampunk zombie books, which you'd think would be awesome right, but found it super boring.  So much potential, so poorly executed.  And I generally stick it out with anything!!

Instead, I've gone back to the tried and true Pratchett, and am kicking off reading all the witch books with Equal Rites.  It's read by Celia Imrie, who I think is my favourite Pratchett-reader yet!  Her Granny is devine, and I love how Esk sounds like a little girl.  And what a great book it is too!  I always forget how much I love every single Pratchett book when it's been so long between readings <3

Why have I included a picture of Angelina Jolie in a badly photoshopped witch's hat rather than a picture of the cover?   I dunno, Google told me to (via)

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