26 October 2011

Too many WIPs?

Can you ever truly ever have too many WIPs?  I tell myself no so I don't feel guilty about starting two new things in recent weeks. 
I'm feeling extremely different about knitting than I was a couple of weeks ago when I shared my frustration about this scarf.  
I've made some progress but it's super slow going.  I don't enjoy working on it so I only knit maybe 3 or 4 rows at a time.  I think many commenters were correct in their opinion that this yarn is not friendly, especially for a beginner.  This one is going to be in semi-hibernation for a while.

I got some new toys, and really wanted to try them out, so I cast on a new project.  And to my surprise, I don't hate knitting!  How nice are bamboo needles?  Very nice!!  The set I bought, although cheap, are smooth, lightweight and just pleasant to use.  Who knew??  Because they were so cheap I'm slightly paranoid that the tubes will fall off though.  
Pick up sticks anyone?
My new knitting project is Different Lines in some el-cheapo wool that I picked up from Spotties.  Probably not as el-cheapo as it could have been... but you know that feeling when you are desperate to start a new project and need the yarn now now now and don't have the patience to wait for much more reasonably priced and better quality yarn in the post?  That's how I felt on Sunday. 

I'm about 6 rows away from changing colour.  Then I need to learn W&T!  I must admit, I am really enjoying learning a new skill. Garter stitch is so nice too - I'm amazed at how springy it is!

I am heavily inspired by this version, however mine will be a combo of two shades of grey and red instead of pink (Spotties did not have an acceptable shade of pink).  Here's my plan. 

That's right, check out my awesome MS Paint skillz.
My circulars are only 60cm long.  Do you think they will be long enough? 

And of course, crochet!  Nevermind crochet, you are my first love!  I started a new crochet project recently too... an actual garment!  I thought it was time for a challenge (because 3036 beads wasn't challenging enough!).  I'm making a Stepping Stones Cardigan.  It's worked top down in what is called a 'spiked single crochet' stitch.  I quite like the pattern, even though it's going to be a very dense cardigan, and it may end up with power shoulders.  I'm using some 8ply cotton from bendigo woollen mills

I'm still listening to Skulduggery Pleasant.  (You can still get the ebook of the first installment for free here!) I'm on book 5 now, Mortal Coil.  The last two books have droned on a bit, and there's just not enough Skulduggery in them, which is disappointing.  A couple of high points include when Fletcher meets Valkyrie's dad (I'm a big Desmond fan) and when she has her heart removed and is using Necormancy while dead.  Whoa. 
How is it magic?  In a magicky way.
One humungous disappointment with the audio book is that Harper Collins did the ol' switcheroo and changed the narrator!  Rupert Degas read books 1-4 and he was brilliant.  Although now that I'm 95% of the way through the book I barely can tell, and I think Brian Bowles (cant even find him on the internet!) does a great job mimicking Degas, however, sometimes Skulduggery sounds like Sean Connery!  And on more than one occasion he reads with the wrong voice, so, for example, Sanguine has Shudder's voice!  WTF!!  Degas is far far superior in so many ways.  Degas IS Skulduggery.  *sigh*

As an aside, I LURVE how the Irish pronounce "idiot' - eejit.  LOL

Anyway, Tami's Amis for more WIPs and Yarn Along at Small Things for some more grown up books :)


  1. You have a lot of wonderful projects on the go and your shawl is coming along nicely :) I love using bamboo needles especially becuase I find my stitches don't slip around as much as they used to on the older metal knitting needles I used to use :) Happy knitting & crocheting!

  2. Yay, I'm glad you've discovered that you don't hate knitting ;) When I first used bamboo needles instead of metal/plastic, I was amazed at how much nicer they are, so I know exactly what you mean. Your shawl plan looks gorgeous.

  3. I have no concept of too many projects - there are always lots to choose from around here, depending on my mood and what else I am doing.
    Love the progress on the scarf, I haven't tried bamboo needles but I do love my caseine ones, (not sure if the spelling is correct but they are made from the excess milk product of cheese production).
    Enjoy your projects and sometimes starting now is the most important thing.

  4. I like having lots of things on the go at once - it means you can do whatever you feel like doing! I've had a few projects that I just can't wear now, because I got so fed up making them. Choice is good! (that's what I tell myself, anyway!)

    Your cardigan looks fab. I've had the pattern on my 'want' list for a while, so look forward to seeing how you get on with it.

  5. Everything looks wonderful. I always feel like I don't have too many WIPs until I feel like I've reached the point that there is no progress on anything and I want to cast on anything else.

  6. I love bamboo needles, they are my favourite! Your wips look great!

  7. Your are very busy. I have that shawl pattern and it's on my to-do list, but right now I've got to finish my wips...

  8. Uh, no... you can't have too many WIPs :)

    Have you tried Addis? They're my favorite needle, even smoother than the bamboo.

    Your projects look fantastic!

  9. If you put three or four rows on it here and there, eventually it will get finished.

    Glad the evil yarn didn't turn you away from knitting.

  10. Errr ... no you can't have too many WIPs. Right now I have four ... LOL!!!

    I have the same set of bamboo needles and I have the straights from the same seller. Honestly, if the straights are anything to go by, I know I'll love using the circs.

    Great projects and yes ... I love your awesome MS Paint skills.

  11. So glad you love your knitting again! Never too many projects, although I sometimes cheat and only post one so I'll have something new to talk about the next week!!

  12. It's amazing what a difference a proper pair of needles can make. I'm glad you've found some you love.

  13. What lovely projects. My dearest man can never understand why I need so many different needles. "It's all in the tools" I tell him.

  14. Your projects are all looking great! Loving the garter stitch shawl, and the stitch pattern on the cardigan is amazing. Also, thanks for the link to the eBook, you've persuaded me to read it!

    Btw eejit and idiot are two different words, though eejit is slang for idiot.

  15. All your projects look great!

    It personally took me quite a while to warm up to knitting--and when I found that I was enjoying it, it actually took me by surprise! (When did THAT happen?!)

    I also had a tendency to pick the wrong yarns for a beginner. :p

  16. I knit for stoles for my bridesmaids this past year out of Kidsilk Haze ... I got all Kidsilked out, I think. :-P

    Your plan for the stripey shawl looks awesome!

  17. I love that kidsilk haze scarf! Looks so nice a fuzzy. Really makes me want to start the one I had planned.

    Those needles look like the ones I bought off ebay. Sadly, the tubing does fall off mostly because the stitches tend to pull on it for me--also making it hard for me to knit quickly. But this is just personal experience. Hopefully yours work out for you.

  18. Don't give up on the KSH yet - it's such a fabulous yarn, light, luxurious,soft ...you will love wearing this scarf when it's done :-)

  19. I love your blog i was reading through quite a bit of it yesterday and i found the WIP Wednesday on here which i have joined for the first time.

    I love knitting with Bamboo needles they are so light and smooth!

    The green yarn for your scarf looks very fiddly not sure i would have the patience.

    Lovely WIP's

  20. Most of the time I agree with you in that you can never have too many wips. Sometimes though, I get overwhelmed by what's on my needles and then I have to finish things. That's a good feeling when that happens and I usually get three or four finished before having to cast on again and repeating the whole cycle.