13 January 2012

Life’s A Happy Song

Hello 2012!!  My first post for the year!

The last three weeks for me have involved lots of entertaining, eating, being entertained, eating, sleeping, xbox and eating.  Very little crochet, knitting or baking, my usual pastimes.  I have just turned my brain off for the last three weeks and it has been awesome.  Sadly, I return to the daily grind on Monday.

So, I have none of my usual projects to share.   Instead, I'll share with you a random love of mine, the Muppets!   I've always loved them.  I had this poster on my bedroom wall as a teenager:


I saw The Muppets today.  Poor Australia had to wait about 2 months for this to be released.  Boo!

BUT it was sooo worth the wait!  I have not laughed so hard at a movie in ages!  Actually laughing out loud, with tears rolling down my face.

It's such a great story, and obviously put together by people who really love the material.  The jokes were Muppetastic, the songs were Muppetlicious.  It was incredibly Muppety.   Now I adore Jason Segal even more (I Love You Man is another of my fave movies)!  There was also a surprise (for me anyway) appearance from Jim Parsons (who everyone loves as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory) in the song 'Man or Muppet':

"If I'm a muppet, then I'm a very manly muppet"

You've all seen the trailers  (and probably the movie by now!) I'm sure, the story revolves around the Muppets getting back together.   It left me with a huge case of the warm and fuzzies,  I could easily watch it again, like right now!!  As a matter of fact I've been messing around with Muppet Youtube clips for the last couple of hours.

And while this is my first post for the year, I won't bore you with my list of new year's resolutions, but will share this clip of the song, 'Life's a Happy Song' from the movie (not actually the movie version, but writer of the songs Bret McKenzie with Kermit), which is pretty much the embodiment of how I want my 2012 to be :)

I've got everything that I need right in front of me
Nothing's stopping me, nothing that I can't be, 
with you right here next to me


  1. You may have had to wait longer that you'd like for this to be released in Oz but here in Hong Kong we're still waiting!!! Can't wait till it gets here


  2. I love the Muppets and I love you X.

    Your blog kicks ass compared to mine.

    Life's a fillet of fish.

  3. What a brilliant post! I saw the movie with my two little ones over the school holidays and I loved it. I was with another mum and the two of us were cracking up - our kids had no idea why. Man or Muppet was in my head for days! Have a fab week hon.

  4. I still haven't seen the muppet movie. I get motion sickness in movie theatres so I was waiting for it to come out on video. Unfortunately all the video rental shops went bankrupt in Canada, so I'm trying to find it on DVD for a reasonable price. Also - I am so in love with your blog!!! I found it via tea and craft and can't wait to see what other cool stuff you come up with! I am also quite grandmotherly with a love for cats, doilies, tea, and early bed times!