29 June 2012

FO: knitty

Wowser!  Look at all these finished items!

I recently finished two knitted hats.  That's right, two.  That's also right, knitted.  What is going on???  I think they're pretty snazzy too!  Here is a Snow Hat for Kid and a Two Needle Garter Hat, modelled by my lovely niecicle aged 7.  I actually made the purple one for her, and the green for a little boy, but she liked the green one better.  Go figure.  Sorry little boy, no hat for you.
I tried modelling these myself but I still can't get over how much I hate my face in photos.  ugh.
I really should have made the snow hat longer (ie. followed the pattern properly!), but I misjudged how long it should be for a decent sized turny uppy bit (wtf is that called?  I've gone blank).  I also need to watch my yarn as I knit because a few times I made accidental yarn overs between the purls and knits, causing me to have to undo a row every now and again, and then I didn't put the stitches on the needles properly and got all these twisted purls.  Despite all that, this knit up really quickly!  I will definitely make more, maybe even one for myself in a nice plain colour!

The garter cap was much more successful, with adequate length for a generous turny uppy bit.  The downside is that it has a seam, but I think it is not very noticeable.  I didn't whip stitch the seam, I don't know what the name is called for what I did, I sewed it up in a sort of inside-to-out motion.  I also modified the pattern to match the weight of the yarn, by casting on 25 stitches, and doing each decrease section over 8 stitches.  I only had to knit 6 sections (rather than the 7 suggested in the pattern) and the finished measurement is 9” long by 8” wide.  The snow hat is slightly smaller unstretched. 

And here are my finished toasts, modelled by the lovely A.  I made the thumb hole by not knitting in the round for enough rows to give me the desired size thumb hole.  I think I should have done the method of casting off stitches instead, becuase my hole was super loose, which I attempted to remedy by crocheting around the hole.  Also a lot of my ends are poking out.  Weaving in ends in knitting seems to require a lot more finesse than for crochet.  Any tips?  Aaand finally, my cast on seems tight, so it can be a bit of a struggle to get them up my arm. 

Anyways, the yarn for these cost me all of TWO DOLLARS!  So even with their imperfections, a great little item to keep my hands toasty this winter.

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