02 June 2012

Caturday XI

Yo yo yo!  It's Caturday!  The day dedicated to the The Kitten and the ridiculous amount of cuteness she eminates, and invite you to do the same with your kitty! 

Today, photos from the phone!!  The phone is always nearby, it increases my ability to snap The Kitten unawares when she is being cute.   The photos may not be the best quality, but the cuteness is always top notch!

Today's topic:  Kittens in Literature

A walk down memory lane today.  I loved, and still love, the Serendipity books written by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robyn James.  I'm trying to build up a complete collection of them now.  We had about 5 of them.  Fanny was one of them.   
Once you get over the alternate meaning of "fanny" (especially the aussie meaning) the book is lovely!  I really loved these books for the amazing artwork.  And yeah, it's nice they all have a message about being good to each other etc etc, but even as a child I remember thinking it was a bit of wank.  LOL.  But again, the calibre of the illustrations kept me reading and re-reading our limited supply of Serendipity books.
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