13 June 2012

WIP: magical

This week, I have said too bad current WIPs and started two more projects.  WTF is wrong with me?  I think I have a disease which prevents me from finishing things.

Anyway, this week I taught myself magic loop!  Yaaaayyyy!   Initially I tried magic-loop-two-at-a-time but yeah, that was too much for my grey matter to handle, so I'm staying away from that for now (despite my new found amazing knitting skillz).  Thanks to those that said I am a proper knitter by the way, you made feel all warm and fuzzy ^_^

So first, I give you toast!  Just in time too, we've just had the coldest start to a day for the year (hopefully I can get these finished while its actually still cold out).  I've added a space for my thumb to go through.  I didn't really want an actual thumb thingy like toasty, because this way I can still pull my thumb inside and keep warm, as per the pure intentions of toast, I'm sure.  This is only 4 train trips progress, holey moley!! 
Don't look at my uneaten mandarins.  Look instead at my magical wrist warmer thingy.
How ingenious is working in the round??  I only have to knit, but I get PURL stiches!  I am impressed, aren't you?

Secondly, here we have a ribbed beanie.  Again, I amaze myself.  How awesomely stretchy is ribbing?  Such a great idea for a kiddie hat, because I have no idea about child head sizes, other than what the internet tells me (I don't have a handy child near me to measure).  This one is for a little niecicle aged 7, I'm worried it's not very girlie though.  The colourway is annoying, it's pink and purple, but also almost black and grey.  grrrr.  I'll have to add a flower on it I reckon.
Whoa Tanya, slow down!  At this rate you are going to start finishing things!!!
I was at a bit of a loose end with reading, so have taken up the suggestion of the lovely Lisa from Tea and Craft and have started the first book in the Curse Workers series, White Cat.  So far, I'm liking it!  Curse workers are people with the ability to manipulate your emotions, luck, memories or hurt you with just a touch.  I'm only 2 chapters in but I like the protagonist and the way it's written so far. 
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