03 June 2012

May Movies

I watch a LOT of movies.  Time and again I've asked myself 'should I blog about them?'  The answer is generally no, because, who cares amiright?
But then I saw Kim's post about the movies she enjoyed in April (and now May) and I thought, surely it wouldn't be too boring if I did a movie post once a month would it?  So, I am unashamedly blogging about the movies I've seen in May!  M=seen at the movies, H=watched at home.

Beauty and the Beast, re-release in 3D. (M)
A wonderful trip into nostalgia.  Kids these days just don't get quality animated movies like we did.  The 3D actually looked really good on this!  Apparently Disney are releasing one of the classics in 3D every year.  I'm psyched!
My face, when I watch a Disney movie (via)
The Five Year Engagement (M)
I went in expecting a plain vanilla romantic comedy, and was pleasantly surprised by this often crude and offbeat jaunt.  Written by Jason Segal, so no wonder it was awesome.
The Muppets (H)
A bought me this on Blu-ray the day it came out.  Thoughtful much?  ^_^  So obviously, I had to watch it straight away.  (I blogged about this when I saw it at the movies)  I love it more with each viewing - I've seen it about 5 times now.  Ditto above re Jason Segal.
The Muppet Movie (H)
Coming off the high of The Muppets, I wanted to go back where it all began to relive the original Muppet Movie.  It's still amazing, and it hasn't dated at all!  
 Still one of the best movie effects I've ever seen!
 (via [Warning - if you click that link the magic will be explained])
The Avengers (3D) (M)
We saw this for the second time at the movies.  We saw it on opening day (25 April in Aust) and it was just shocking.  People brought babies.  BABIES!!  No offence to the parents out there, but please do not bring your babies to highly anticipated movies on opening day - especially if you cannot control them.  I mean, seriously, it's not a movie for little kids anyway.  It really spoiled the experience for us, and A is a huge comic book nut, so we had to see it again.  We probably would have seen it again in any case, but still.
Mewlnir (via)
Death Warrant (H)
Jean.Claude.Van.Damme.  I'm a late student to action movies of the 80s and early 90s. There are many many I haven't seen.  I'm currently working my way through Van Damme's hits.  The blurb on the back of the DVD really got me pumped "Your ticket to a Van Damme good time"!  How could I refuse?

In Death Warrant, JCVD is an undercover cop, posing as a criminal in a maximum security prison to figure out why a bunch of inmates have mysteriously died.  I wonder what it would have been like seeing these movies at the time they were made.  Would I be laughing my ass off the same way at JCVD's ridiculously high pants?  Would I be cheering with the same intensity every time he spin-kicks a person in the face?  My only criticism of this film was that Van Damme didn't do the splits.  Seriously, that's why I watch these movies!  At least his shirt was ripped off.

Another movie I watched because something else put me in the mood.  This time, Tron Uprising.  Uprising was so amazing and similar to Legacy I had to go back and revisit it.  Legacy is amazing, even though Clu's face creeps me out a bit.  

This movie.  Seriously, this movie.  I love this movie.  Don't you find, that every once in a while you see a trailer for a movie, and you're like whaaaaat?  I remember seeing the trailers for this movie, and I was like whaaaaat?  And then I saw the movie and it was freaking AMAZING.  I love everything about this movie, and I can watch it over and again.  I'm not really a car-race type person, but this movie is worth watching just for the car races.  I recently got it on Blu-ray just to experience the full blown colourful car-fu explosion of awesomesauce.   This movie didn't do well, which disappoints me (I keep reading really awful reviews.  Some people just can't be pleased! oh wait, I found at least one person who liked it. Some faith in humanity restored).  It's just so much FUN.
Go Speed Gooooo (via)
Getting in the mood for MIB3 (which I am seeing today!).  How crazy that it's been 10 years since the last one?  Love these movies, Will Smith is just too cool for me.  And I love the wurms.  They steal the show. 
From MIB animated - crazy eh? (via)
I do love my animation.  Here's one of the non-Disney films that I quite like.  I had an urge to watch it so I went out and bought it.  I love hearing familiar voices in different settings - here John Cusack and Meg Ryan.  Lovely storey and music <3
Les Miserables (H)
Do you hear the people sing?  Singing the song of angry men?  It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!   I was listening to the musical soundtrack of the stage show recently when I got the urge to watch this movie. It's an old favourite for many reasons - anything with Liam Neeson is brilliant, and I love Uma Thurman.  I am not looking forward to Anne Hathaway as Fantine in the musical version of this movie coming soon - what do you think? 

Ahhh movies...  how do I love thee.  See you next month!! 


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