30 April 2012

Crochet & Knitting Blog Week

I'm a quitter!

I'm going to do a quick post to explain why I have quit CKBW .  So I'm dropping posts for Day 4 (3KCBWDAY4), Day 5 (3KCBWDAY5), Day 6 (3KCBWDAY6) & Day 7 (3KCBWDAY7) (those are links to other blog posts for that day if you actually want something interesting to look at).

On top of not really getting time, I just didn't care about it really.  Frankly, I had better things to do than come up with something "blogworthy".  Additionally, the topics just did not inspire me, I found thinking about what to write extremely boring, so imagine if I made you read that stuff!!!

Day 4: A knitter or crocheter for all seasons?  How would anyone find that interesting?  (I too did not find other's posts particularly riveting on this front.  Oh it's too hot to knit?  duh).

Day 5: Something different.  I actually really enjoyed looking at others' posts for this one.  (This one by Knitting, Reading, Photography and maybe more was actually mind bogglingly good - take a look!)  But looking made me realise I just did not have the time or energy to contribute, and anything I did would seem rushed and lame. 

Day 6:  Improving your skillset.  Again, who cares?  I'm sure you don't care about my skillz.  You probably visit my blog to check me out, and that's cool.  Besides, I'm a crochet master, and I really don't like to brag ;) 

Day 7:  Crafting Balance.  Again, uninspiring.  "I like crochet the best, yessir!" 

Wildcard:  Craft your perfect day.  Yawn.  Who actually cares?  "I love crafting and I just wanna craft all day oh yeah"

I probably broach these topics every now and again while generally blogging, so I suppose that's my preference.  Keep it natural. 

This post is not meant to be offensive or derogatory to any of you who did participate.  I follow a lot of you and read all your posts, and probably didn't comment because my thoughts would have been along the lines of "that's nice".  I guess I found the whole thing a bit restrictive.  I don't like being told to "be imaginative", "be creative" etc.  This is my blog dudes, I don't want to stress about posting every day and force things I wouldn't usually talk about.  Whatevs.  In the words of popeye, "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam!"

Thanks for visiting, I'll try to be a bit more positive next time :)


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