11 April 2012

WIP: oh baby

Most notable progress this week is on the ripple baby set.  Look at that sweet cardigan!  Just need to wait for the cute buttons to arrive and I can finish it off.  I've also started the matching baby blanket.  I really like the effect that crocheting in the back loop gives. 
Look at those WIPs, so artfully arranged.
Only limited work on the blissful flowers shawl this week (sorry Ange!).  This is my commute project, and due to the Easter break I haven't been commuting.  So, that's why I haven't done a lot.  But, I found a few mistakes in the pattern!!  I feel like a crochet wizard!  The chart is clear though so I've not been hampered too severely.  Still enjoying this, and looking forward to getting it on the blocker.  I am currently on motif 108 of 144 (75%!).
Hastily picture taken on the train for your enjoyment.

So I finished reading (or, listening to someone else read to me) the Hunger Games and then I saw the movie.

I didn't mind the book, but it certainly wasn't brilliant and it's not one I see myself reading again.  **Might be Spoilers here** A couple of bits got me, like when they changed the rules I was like wwhhhhaaaaat?  And just because you can decorate cakes Peeta, does not a master camoflager make, imho.  PFFT!

The movie was ok as well, just the usual teenage rubbish.  I quite liked everything that happened before they got to the arena, the games themselves felt rushed.  And Woody Harrelson was good, but when is he not?

Anyway, if you like the idea of teens fighting it out to the death, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND SEE BATTLE ROYALE!

I couldnt decide what picture to include, but here are a bunch

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