18 April 2012

WIP: Ripplin' right along

Yup, I've been rippllin' this week.  I've done about 25 rows of the baby blanket, which makes 7".  I want the blanket to be 26" square, so I believe I need around 93 rows.  So by my calculations, I'm about 37% of the way through.  How's my math?

I've adapted the pattern from the cardi from this set to make this baby blanket to match the set I'm also making.  I've written up the pattern on my project page if you are interested (let me know if there are any boo boos!).

This photo proves that the best place to take pictures of my work is at work. 
And the big news, I finished all the motifs on the Blissful Flowers Shawl!  Unblocked it measures 45".  I dont know how large it's supposed to be before blocking, so I'm a bit worried it won't block to the 70" specified in the pattern.  The pattern picture depicts a very large shawl indeed.   I'm going to do a trial blocking this weekend before I move onto the border, so I can add another row of motifs along the bottom if need be. 
Don't worry, blocking will make those flowers bllooooooommmmm!!
As for yarning along, I'm reading the second Hunger Games book, Catching Fire.  I'm much more satisfied with this book than the last, which surprises me given that I've been told by many that the first is the best.  It's still just teenage fluff, but a good one to listen to on audiobook on the train in the morning when I'm sleepy. 


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I'm trying to start a *thing*.  I don't really know the rules around these things, but because I love The Kitten so much, I always want to share her awesomeness with those around me!  So, every Saturday will be Caturday at My Grandmotherly Ways.  Every Caturday I will post a picture of The Kitten, and maybe some other feline related stuff.  I will add a widget which will allow you to link up with me, so you too may participate in Caturday and show us your furbabies!! Hope to see you back here on Sat.... er... Caturday!!


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