04 April 2012

WIP: Actual progress and jumping on the bandwagon.

Hello Wednesday!  I got a lot of great comments on my post last week, pursuant to which I exposed myself and my list of shameful list of WIPs.  Very happy that I could make some of you feel better, by either drawfing or drawing comparitively close to your amount of WIPs (I'm looking at you Andria, HillyT, Laura, Jocelyn and heather). 

I was also very enthused on the love for my TARDIS, so I will hopefully pick that one back up soon!!

And from now on, I will show you only actual progress made during the week. 

This week has been a crochet-a-thon.  I had a three hour train round trip on Sunday, perfect hooking conditions to work on my Blissful Flowers Shawl.  I've pinned out a section of it here so you can see the pattern.  It's natural state is bunched up, as per the picture to the right.  This will be rectified in blocking I'm sure.  

The best thing about this shawl is that the rows get shorter instead of longer.  All the shawls I've made thus far get bigger as you go, so you don't feel the progress.  This one is going to get super fun as the rows ger shorter!  I am currently on motif 55 of 144 (~40%!!).
I am now into what I call the 'skeleton' of the skein to the left.  I have peeled away its skin.

Ok, this next one is a newbie, but I'm not counting it as new because what I wanted was a set for a baby girl, and it became clear this one which I shared last week was going to be too big, and I am just not in the mood to faff about getting it the right size, ok?  Jeez get off my back! 

So instead I've selected this pattern for a baby set.  There are a lot of pretty versions out there, though mainly just the cardi, but I am making the bonnet and booties too.  Then the fun part - I get to satisfy my urge to make a ripple blanket by making a ripple baby blankie to match!  It's slower going than I would usually like, I believe due to the 4 ply yarn, the 3mm hook and crocheting into the back loop, which I dont engage in very often. Purty though!!

Progress shot taken in terrible lighting to the left, beautiful daylight photo of my magnificent stitching to the right.
Sooo.. thats the crochet.  Now I need to confess that I've jumped onto the bandwagon... the Hunger Games bandwagon.  (Party because Gingerhaze makes great comics about it and I wanted to be in on the joke.)  I haven't seen the movie yet, but I just haven't been able to avoid the hype, so I started the first audiobook this morning.  It's interesting enough, but it annoys me that there is so much hype when there is existing, very wonderful, stories about this same premise out there (Battle RoyalThe Long Walk?).

So, linking up with WIP Wednesday at Tami's Amis, Ambassador Crochet, Yarn Along with Ginny and Frontier Dreams.

I'm trying to start a *thing*.  I don't really know the rules around these things, but because I love The Kitten so much, I always want to share her awesomeness with those around me!  So, every Saturday will be Caturday at My Grandmotherly Ways.  Every Caturday I will post a picture of The Kitten, and maybe some other feline related stuff.  I will add a widget which will allow you to link up with me, so you too may participate in Caturday and show us your furbabies!! Hope to see you back here on Sat.... er... Caturday!!


  1. Caturday - how original, I will be back!

    I adore your floral shawl, really beautiful.


  2. Loving the baby jacket! It's very cute ^_^

  3. Love the flower shawl and the baby cardigan is just too cute!

    I'll be jumping on the Hungry games bandwagon soon. My husband just read the first one and reckons it's good and he's a complete book snob so it must've hurt him to admit that...lol

  4. All your projects look so cute! Great job!

  5. ripples are addictive, so beware! Love seeing your progress-- baby stuff is so fun :)

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  7. Ooops, I deleted my last comment by mistake I think.
    Your shawl is beautiful, really pretty.
    You are right to draw attention to my shameful number of WIPs, but I have no intention of it stopping me starting more...
    Mwa ha ha ha.
    Sadly my cat is too ugly to feature very often on my blog, people would think I was mistreating her, even though she spends all her time asleep on my bed and eating expensive cat food she still manages to look as if she's recently crawled out of a skip.
    Thank you so much for my award. X

  8. Oooo that shawl is going to be so gorgeous! It's perfect for spring! I haven't allowed myself to get wrapped up in the Hunger Games. I didn't do Twilight either. But it's becoming difficult to avoid! It's EVERYWHERE!

  9. your shawl is lovely such a good colour for spring

  10. The scarf is coming along nicely

  11. Oh, that shawl is looking stunning! I love how delicate it is. And the baby ripple looks great, the shapes and colours are fun.

    Also, it always makes me happy when someone other than me isn't like, immediately head over heels entirely for The Hunger Games. ;) I read all three books, and am nodding along emphatically at: It's interesting enough, but it annoys me that there is so much hype when there is existing, very wonderful, stories about this same premise out there. (...You may want to stop after the first one, as its far and away the best, I think.)

  12. I would love to be a part of Caturday's linky party. But... my tabby cat's about 12 yrs old and the only cute thing he does is sit in his tent. The tent being the bathtub between the liner and the shower curtain. He thinks he's invisible in there. LOL. If I can get some cute pics, I will certainly participate. BTW, I don't do Hunger Games, I am wrapped up in Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire).

    Renee :)

  13. I love the baby set. So cute. Good luck with finishing it.

  14. The shawl looks beautiful!

    While I'm not obsessed with the Hunger Games, I did find that I could not put it down mainly because I adored Katniss. While some of her decisions in the second and third novel are questionable, and I grew tired of her throwing fits sometimes, I couldn't really blame her considering how she grew up and the situation she was in. And she was such a refreshing change from Bella.

    The Long Walk was another book I couldn't put down when I first started reading it. In fact, I think I'm overdue to read it again...

  15. That is gorgeous. I love the pattern .

  16. Very pretty!

    Here is my craftiness of the week.. http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/04/keep-calm-and-craft-on.html