07 April 2012

Caturday III

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Hi all, it's that time of the week - Caturday!!  The day I have set aside to bask in the glory that is The Kitten.

For anyone new to Caturday, here's the sitch:  every Caturday (Saturday) I will show off a picture(s) of The Kitten, and maybe some other random kitty-cat stuff I encounter (Submissions most welcome in this respect).  Then I will invite you to show off your furbaby by adding your link to a recent post from your blog!  It would be great if you post on Saturdays too, but I'm not going to get my knickers in a bunch if you link to something else. 

Today's picture: The uber close up.  Do you stick your camera in your kitty's face in an effort to get a special shot? I do it all the time, with some gorgeous results, even if I do say so myself!

Cuteness attacks you from all angles!
Today's topic:  a Lolcat for every occasion

If you're cool like me (which I'm sure you are because look at you, checking out my awesome blog!) then you love lolcats.  One of my favourite things is to email a friend or colleague a lolcat when a certain emotion is expressed or event occurs.  For example, a friend of mine recently had some heart trouble.  All good now, but when she came back to work I sent her this:

via (This and this one are also appropriate)
If I'm feeling down or not in a good mode, I may send one of these:
Via here and here
It's your birthday?  Oh, have a lolcat:
 And of course, for Caturday itself:
It's simple really, just search google images for 'lolcat' and your keyword (ie, 'angry', 'sad', 'heart attack').  Happy lolling!

Please share your kitty related post by completing the details required by Mr Linky below.  Please link back here so everyone can share in kitty goodness!


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