06 April 2012

FO: Cowlishness

So, I wasn't going to buy myself any more yarn this year.  I have enough stashed that, should the inevitable zombie apocalypse happen, I will have enough to keep me hooking for at least two years - and that's really how any crocheter should be measuring their stash.  But I digress.  Last week, I was feeling down and stressed and PMSing big time.  Obviously, some new pretty yarn was the only medicine.  So bought myself a couple of skeins of Lincraft Prism:

ooohhhh aaahhhhhh
Inspired by this, I wanted something quick and mindless for a bit of instant gratification.  And, wah lah, a lovely squishy cowl that adds instant colour and warmth.
I had nothing better to do in the 30c heat than model my new woollen cowl.
Want to make one?  Just get some squishy 10ply yarn with long colour repeats, start with around 57 foundation single crochet (fsc), to get to your desired length and then dc back and forth for your desired width.  I finished with a row of sc and then sc both ends together, with a twist to form a moebius.  Easy peasy.

As an aside, I googled 'cowlishness' and look what I found!  Is't it just lovely?  Knitted, but sometimes that can't be helped :D  I don't think I could pull it off though.
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I'm trying to start a *thing*.  I don't really know the rules around these things, but because I love The Kitten so much, I always want to share her awesomeness with those around me!  So, every Saturday will be Caturday at My Grandmotherly Ways.  Every Caturday I will post a picture of The Kitten, and maybe some other feline related stuff.  I will add a widget which will allow you to link up with me, so you too may participate in Caturday and show us your furbabies!! Hope to see you back here on Sat.... er... Caturday!!


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