28 April 2012

Caturday VI

*cue music from Elton John's Saturday*
Caturday! Caturday, Caturday, Caturday! Caturday, Caturday!

You'll have that in your head all day now :D

That's right, it's Caturday!  The day I set aside to reflect on the cuteness of The Kitten, and invite you to do the same with your furbabies!

We got a new car a couple of weeks ago.  It's a new NEW car!  So, that is pretty awesome.  The Kitten also approves.  She treats it like a play ground.  She's an inside kitty, so even going out into the garage is a bit of a novelty for her (yes, we are cruel cruel humans).

Generally, we let her 'out' (ie into the garage) once a week, while we bring in our groceries (such an exciting life we lead!).  During this time she generally goes a bit skitzo, sometimes yowling while she does laps of the car, jumping into the boot while we remove our shopping and climbing on top of the car.  We find this quite entertaining.  Usually when she's on top of the car, she's a super duper fraidy cat and has to walk down in the most delicate way.

I am a cat and I do what I want.
I'm not quite a crazy cat lady (A is not allowing me to accumulate any more kitties until we get a bigger place), but I love this idea for your car if you are one:

(As an aside, Mikey Robbins calls those stick figure family stickers people put on their cars 'bogan hieroglyphics')

If you have a post about your kitty you would like to share, please fill out the form below and link back here to join the party!  

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  1. My cat used to always sleep on the bonnet of the car. It was his favourite place to be, I think because it was warm!