23 April 2012

Crochet & Knitting Blog Week - Day 1: COLOUR

So I wasn't going to participate in Crochet & Knitting Blog Week (CKBW) (see what I did there?  Crochet comes first with me!!) because I didn't want to bore you with my random thoughts on crochet and knitting.

But then I read a couple of posts today, day 1 of CKBW, and I have really quite enjoyed what others have to say (Particuarly Tink at Master of a Thousand Things and Nurse Nikki at Being Careful Not to Twist), so maybe you won't mind my ramblings too!


I was looking at my stash and projects to determine my approach to colour.  I don't think I have one!  I started crocheting in November 2010, and so far I am still just giving everyting a go, including colour.

Early on I was immensely inspired by the rainbow creations so popular in crochet land right now (a la Lucy).  Now I am looking more towards my style and what I like.  Looking at my FO's, of the stuff I've made for myself that get the most wear are purple, grey or black, or a combination of those colours.   So now when I make something for myself that is a wearable, I try to make sure it will be in a colour that I will actually wear.
Monroe, Shell Cowl, Different Lines (ok, red too), Sidewalk Shawl
A couple of items I've made an item, which I thought were just lovely at the time, only to never wear it becuase the colour just isn't me.  
My Elise, which I never actually wore now has a new home, and my Seraphina, which looks too busy with the harsh variegation, and I have since overdyed.
And the future of colour?  I'm salivating at the thought of working with these colours I picked up on my last trip to the Bendigo Woollen Mills.  Do you think they work together?



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