02 May 2012

WIP: garter garter garter

Ahhh back to the familiarity that is a normal WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along.

I wasn't going to do a post today, but to hell with it, I'm proud of my progress!

Getting closer to the end of my Hitchhiker, although sadly I will not make it to the magical 42nd tooth.  I currently have 31, and with less than one colour repeat left, I think I'll be lucky to get another 4 or 5.  Sad :(  I hope it's long enough.  Buying another skein of yarn is out of the question, as is frogging to add a different yarn to make cool stripes.  I might try seeing if I can find some yellow to tack onto the end, as I will be finishing with yellow.  We'll see. 
Last week, I was up to the yellow.  Judging by my progress, I am obviously a kniting master.

I've got 2 chapters left of Mockingjay (lord I am an idiot.  I wanted a fancy link for here, but then I actually read the frickin Wiki page and now know the ending. So yeah, don't click it if you don't want to know.  A has been so annoying lately, as he read the wiki pages ages ago, and periodically asks me "so how's the book going", and when I recount the latest chapter I've read, he keeps asking "I know what happens, I can tell you"  bah!).  Book 2 was my favourite, with book 1 coming in second and book 3 coming in third.  It just gets a bit ridiculous, and people I liked died, so that sucks.  Boo!  After my initial meh-ness on this series I've warmed up to it and enjoyed it for what it is, teenage fluff.  I'm looking forward to the next movies though, hurry up dammit!
Oh god, I spoiled the ending for you didn't I? (via)

These books reminded me tons of John Marsden's Tomorrow Series, which I love.  If you like teenages running around blowing shit up and saving the worldishness, you should read Tomorrow.  Now I'm looking for my next series to start reading, or maybe I should get back to Game of Thrones.  Finishing a series (albeit a short one) is the WORST!

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