14 April 2012

Caturday IV

Hi all!  I am still enthused about Caturday, even if no one has joined me yet *le sigh*.  Nevermind, I will still include Mr Linky should you want to participate!

This week's photos: The Kitten is quite fond of sleeping on my lovely clean cloths.  Granted, I leave them in a heap on the couch invitingly, but even so, I present Exhibit A and Exhibit B.
I also enjoy taking pictures of A while he is sleeping, but I will spare you this time.
Do you know what the internet has taught me?  It's that people love sleeping cats.  Do you know how I know this?  I posted the following to Pinterest a while back and got almost 800 repins.  I really don't care about getting repins, but this one went absolutely gangbusters.  I know what the people want ;)

So, if you have a post about your kitty you would like to share, please fill out the form below and link back here to join the party!   Otherwise, it will be a party of one.  

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