29 May 2013

Yer a wizard Tanya!

Seriously, how else would I be able to chart a cable pattern all on my lonesome?

So I started thinking about cables when I slapped my eyes on Liesl's latest gorgeous creation.

I had an image of a cable pattern in my head.  I had to get it out of there.  Similar to the Dapple cable but not quite.  I doodled a little design and with the power of Microsoft Paint behind me, came up with this.

I tried to find a pattern for it - surely this can't be a new idea?  It's all been done before - right?  I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.

Well, I couldn't find it. It's not quite a saxon braid, a criss cross cable, a celtic knot or a four strand cable.

I needed to get this idea out of my head.  I found this extremely helpful tutorial about how to 'uninvent' a cable, and decided to give it a go.  For my cable, I wanted 2 thick strands and 2 thin strands.  I've gone with 3 stitches and 2 stitches for each thick and thin strand, respectively.

Using this knit chart maker, and a little trial and error, here is my chart.

And of course, a little swatch.

The thick/thin strands are not very distinctive.  I'm going to work up a swatch in some chunkier yarn and maybe that will be noticeable.  Or maybe I'll try 4 stitches for the thick strands?

Seriously, if I can work something like this out, I can do anything!

Now to incorporate my creation into something!!


P.S. Later I found this pattern.  I knew I wasn't original!

P.P.S.  I'm still a friggin' wizard. 

P.P.S.   Lots more cables here!  I can't decide which I like better!!

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  1. I agree, who cares if it is out there, you are definitely a knitting wizard! You probably never saw it before and it probably was a totally original idea. I love it, you must find some way of adding it to a project, it could be like your knitting signature.

    1. I like the idea of a knitting signature! don't think I can incorporate it into every item though!

      I'm thinking a long doublethick cabled scarf for this sweet cable!!

  2. That's cool, Tanya! Even if it's not original, you still did the work and pattern making ^_^ Plus, if you're coming from a postmodern POV, nothing is original! ~_^

  3. this is so cool, and just love how you managed to come out with your own chart.

  4. Even if it had been done before, you have learnt a new skill, creating cable charts. There is no stopping you now. You will be a cabling diva!

  5. You are totally a wizard!! charts I can do, drawing - not at all (and definitely not with paint!)

    1. MS paint is the bomb! you need to get onto that :D

  6. Amazing chart and lovely project.

    Here's my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-90/

  7. You ARE a wizard and I'm entirely convinced that you CAN do anything :)

  8. That is a great cable! They are one of my most favorite things to knit.

  9. One of these days I will take some time to learn how to knit. My mother made us cable sweaters when we were younger and it was always one of my favorites. Thanks for coming by and partying with us. Have a funtastic week!

    Fluster Buster

  10. Wow... YOU are a wizard! I know the feeling though . I have worked really hard on a pattern before to find out later that it existed out there anyways ... But it is still fun to go throught the creative process and to know you can do it :) great job!

  11. Your cable is lovely and different from the one you linked to, it is symmetrical and yours is not. As most cable designs are symmetrical yours may well be original?
    Enjoy making something with your cables.

  12. I love knitting cables. And I like the cable pattern. :)