08 May 2013

Tanya does movies: April

Seriously, four movies.  Last month was bonkers.  You can tell what kind of month I've had by the number of movies I've watched.  Work was insane last month (I worked a public holiday y'all, so unAustralian!) so not much movie time :(

Bee Movie (2007)
There were heaps of Bee Movie memes going round tumblr a while back and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  How funny is it that you just don't see Jerry Seinfeld anymore?  This was ok, not particularly memorable.  Educational though.  Bees pollunate 3/4 of the worlds foods yo, we need bees.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Not really sure what all the fuss was about with this one?  I agree Jennifer Lawrence (who is the most gorgeous thing ever) gave a fabulous performance, but the story made me feel a bit sick towards the end?  Was I supposed to be happy that this woman emotionally manipulated the guy to fall for her?  Yeah, no.  Won't watch again.

Iron Man Three (2013)
Apparently Australia got this before the US.  Haha suckers!  Anyway, it was super fab.  I enjoyed every moment of it. Really fun, explosions, hilariously funny parts - the kid really stole the show - we're connected - classic.  But why is Tony Stark so into Pepper?  I do not see the attraction, she's always telling him off.  I thought it was fantastic that direct reference was made to the events of The Avengers and how that affected Tony.  Just love RDJ. 

The Last Stand (2013)
Arnold is back!  Hells yeah!  Arnie is a small town sheriff, and the only one (of course) who can stop this big-ass escaped convict from crossing the border into Mexico.  This was about as good as you would expect.  Passable action movie, predictable ending but some rad one liners and ARNIE! 


P.S.  Even though there wasn't much movie watching, there was quite a bit of TV show watching.  I love TV shows because it's so much less commitment.  The thought of sitting through 90 minutes is just too much for me to handle.  I've been watching Bad Education, Fresh Meat, Banshee, as well as all my usual shows.

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  1. I *loved* Iron Man 3 - it was so fun and exciting to watch! RDJ is fab, but I agree with the thing about Pepper; she seems like an ok person but not really a great romantic match? And to be honest, I'm kinda disappointed that they "cured" her since I thought that was something that might make her a bit more interesting and less prone to damsel in distress syndrome.

  2. I actually finally got my clutches on a copy of Silver Linings Playbook! I'm excited to watch it! Also, I'm even more excited to see Iron Man...whenever the crowd dies down.