22 May 2013

Keep Calm and Cast On

Well of course I am not original at all.

Seriously, is there anything better for quieting the mind than starting a new project?  It's funny that this is true for me, given that the cast on is my ultimate least favourite part of knitting.  I mean, ugh - all that counting.  And the fiddlyness.  And then knitting the first row, it being all tight and hurty for the fingers (yes, I may be doing something wrong).  And don't get me started on working in the round and the stress involved in making sure the cast on isn't twisted and that it joins properly and doesn't ladder. 

It must be something about requiring 100% of my concentration, everything else fades into the background.  And then, the amazeballs feeling of seeing those first few inches.  Bliss.  I'm loving this new project.  I mentioned it as one of my 'hopefully one day I'll make this' projects a while back and have since had the sudden urge to cast on.

This urge was borne of the slight panic in knowing I have a HUGE project coming up, and the yarn is right now on its way.  I've also recently finished a bunch of things so felt justified in starting something new.  So I'm in the eye of the storm.  Stress + excitement.  Knitters will get it.

Lookit my progress anyways, only started this mid last week.  I have less than 10 inches left to knit.  It's been super fast and satisfying to knit.  One of those projects I step back just to admire every few rows.  I've got a bunch of kitchener stitch

A bunch of people on ravelry are all 'boohoo so much stockinette'.  This isn't even stockinette dudes - I consider real stockinette is alternating your purling and knitting rows, where as this is a big knit tube (btw, I am still amazed at how knitting in the round = stockinette).  No freaking purling, no sir no way no how.  Suck it purl, nobody likes you anyway.  I'm loving this.  The enormous needles, the fluffy yarn, the speedy progress.  This is zen knitting. 

Oh yeah, I've gone backwards on Venus, which is super annoying but I had to rip out row 8 because I stupidly read my dcs as US rather than UK dcs, and then I tangled all the yarn.  Back on track now, but progress is slow.  I can do one and a half shells per train ride.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm dying over here from "suck it purls. Noone likes you anyway"!!! LOLOL!!! Hysterical! You're too funny man, too funny.

    A funny lady with awesome projects. Can't wait to see the F.O's.

  2. Knitting in the round surely is magical! Looking forward to seeing these pretty projects finished! ^_^

  3. Beautiful! I love how quickly things fly off the needles when knitting in the round.

  4. Ahem, I like purling (ducks and runs) Gorgeous yarn choice for Venus. Hopefully the pattern starts to behave for you :)

  5. I had a good giggle with your post, thank you :)
    I remember when I started knitting in the round how I too couldn't get over that just by knitting I ended up with stockinette, still is amazing!
    Marigolds' Loft

  6. Yep - no one likes purling! Great post - love your projects x

  7. Ooo your Venus is going to be stunning!

  8. Everything looks great!

  9. sooooooooo, what are you going to make with the Sea Silk? inquiring minds want to know. love the tone of your Venus.

    1. it's going to be a gift, unfortunately i will be setting it free!!