21 May 2013

Breakfasting: Sally's Kitchen

My sincere apolgies to my sister Jacks, I just had to have eggs benny without you!  It just wasn't the same, I assure you!

Location:  Sally's Kitchen, 295 Exhibition Street Melbourne
Dining companion: Lermm
Dining date:  17 May 2013
Ordered:  Grilled asparagus with poached egg, hollandais & prociutto; skinny latte

A very cute and cozy location.  Lermm arrived first and I could literally not see her from the entrance way.  Service was pleasant, but frightfully slow.  The table we habitated was teeny tiny and the plates were huge.  Maybe that's supposed to be charming but somebody needs to do their math.

My eggs benny (for that is what they were, regardless of the fancified language) was ok.  Sauce was tasty but lacking that special something.  One of the eggs was slightly overcooked.  Ciabatta is not my favourite base for eggs benny, and I don't enjoy sharp edges on my toast in any case.  I have now decided that panchetta is not for me - it's all stringy, how is that enjoyable?  So overall an average dish. 

Sally's Kitchen's eggs benny gets a score of 5 out of 10 Benedicts!!

Don't get me wrong, the dining experience was very pleasant and I will definitely put Sally's Kitchen into my regular roster of breakfast locations!


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  1. I agree with you about panchetta - eating should be fun, not irritating ~_^