09 May 2013

she runs the night

Yes, she does.

She Runs the Night, 4 May 2013, 10km

Time:  1.26.22
Place:  4768
Freebies:  Race tee was included in the registration price.  Rhonda got a cool drink bottle, but I was just too slow to get in on that action. 

This was by far the funnest fun run I have done thus far.  The atmosphere was amazing - over 6000 ladies there to run.  There was something about it, the fact that such a large group of women were there for the same purpose, it made me a bit emotional.  It was extremely cool to see everyone dressed the same, and people of all fitness levels joining in.

This was a Nike branded run - no charity involved at all.  I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it's funny, whenever I tell people I'm doing a fun run they immediataly ask what charity it's for.  This run was all about Nike showcasing their shit, and I tell you, they know their shit. The whole run had a very festival vibe about it, celebratory and empowering.  Their merchandise was obviously for sale, but it wasn't the focus of the evening, which was fantastic.

Everyone had these nifty bracelets that would all flash in unison, with each wave of runners getting a different colour bracelet.  Rhonda was in the second wave with a pink bracelet (Lionesses) and I had green (Tigresses).  There were some cool things around the course - a big screen which flashed your facebook picture up as you approached - it must have been linked to the timing chips and a huge projection screen with cheetahs, tigers and lions running beside you.  You can see some of these on Facebook.

Will definitly do this one again next year!



  1. Woah, that whole event sounds so amazing! Technology used in that way can really make an event memorable. I'm excited to see that you are not only sticking with your running, but you are taking it to a whole other level. You are such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks for saying so - it's so much hard work! Sometimes i would really prefer to be on the couch lol!

  2. That event sounds great! Seeing all these runs you do makes me want sign up for one :) I do a 10k run once or twice a week but I've never taken part in an event like this. Have a great weekend xx

    1. I've only recently been able to run 10k so it's still a big deal for me. I like the fun runs because it gives me a reason to train.