07 May 2013

365: 41-60

41.  The Kitten, ready to pounce (her nightly ritual is to go a bit mental just as I'm going to bed).
42.  'Happiness is...' spotted at Melbourne City Library.
43.  Aslan!  Rhonda's beloved pooch.
44.  Kickin' back with some comedy, love me some Paul McDermott.
45.  A new project!  Is it a tablecloth or will it be a dress?
46.  Early morning at the hospital.  Don't panic, Partner is A-OK.
47.  EB4L!
48.  The Kitten, again (she's my back up for when I haven't taken a picture).
49.  Over the rainbow.
50.  Police (see also my favourite show).
51.  Tickets to Sammy J (he was awesome btw).
52.  My friend bought this ridiculous dessert to our afternoon tea, this one was: Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate - (that's Rasp & milk choc mouse, raspberry custard, raspberry compote, explisve milk choc chip cookie crumb, exaggerated raspberry cream, raspberry marshmalow, milk chocolate mirror glaze).
53.  Rainy train commute.
54.  Spotted outside a cafe: Decepticon fans unite!
55.  Another view from the train, trying to capture the sunrise, added bonus of fellow-commuter picking nose.  Sorry buddy!
56.  Got the theatre all to ourselves!  We were too early, it subsequently filled up!
57.  The only chance I had to capture these autumn colours, on the way to get dropped off for the train. 
58.  One of my many vices:  peanut butter toast at my desk.
59.  Great haul of postcards, 4 in one day!
60.  This is what dinner at work looks like.  Sigh.



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