25 May 2013

365: 61-80

61.  Dinner at work.
62.  Chuck Norris.  Best action figure ever, recently acquired by Partner for his colleciton.
63.  Bike rack.  Yes I'm so artistic.
64.  Typical view of Sydney, during a quick visit for a fun run!
65.  A quick knit.
66.  A treat for myself.  bestshowever.
67.  Another treat for myself!  Her name is Ingrid.
68.  Amazing product for the iced-coffee addicted.
69.  A favourite book, used frequently.
70.  Ridiculous artwork on City Link.  Apparently this is called the "Cheesestick"!!
71.  Mother's day high tea at Franga RSL.
73.  Lovely stamps on a postcard from Taiwan
74.  I like big balls and I cannot lie.
75.  The Kitten.  That face.
76.   Partner won me a Jake!
77.  Quick snap on the walk to the station.  What's this called?  Dusk?  Twilight?
78.  Resurrecting a hibernating project.
79.  Looking up at the Melbourne Town Hall.
80.  Shenanigans with The Kitten.



  1. I'm SO jealous you got to see Evil Dead in in theaters, so awesome!! I always giggle when I see Chuck Norris because my brother's name is Norris. How long do you think it will take you to get through that much Bones? I like watching that show, the scientific inaccuracies crack me up. I also love the strong, super smart female characters!

    1. evil dead was so so good. shame it wasn't released more generally! I don't know why, everyone loves to be scared right?

      Norris is an epic name, tell your brother he rocks!

      Nooo don't tell me there are scientific inaccuracies! there can't be! It's going to take me a good long while to get through it - I've seen it all before but will try to watch a couple of episodes a week :)

  2. I had a dummy exactly like Ingrid! Got it from my grandmother, she used to sew like a fiend when she was younger, I think she bought it in the seventies. Mine never got named though, unless you count 'STUPID BUGGERING THING WORK WITH ME GODDAMMIT' as a name. The dials were kind of rusty and tough ;)

  3. LOL great name! I don't think Ingrid is rusty, though I hven't put her to work yet!