16 May 2013

the greatest of them all

This cowl was by special request.  Partner's mother saw my camera strap cover and immediately requested a scarf adorned with kitties.  In suitable football team colours.  I tried to tell her the pattern wouldn't work as a scarf, and that I could do a cowl isntead, but even then it might be stiff.  She wouldn't heed my warnings and continued to insist. 

I was initially worried, but am pleasantly surprised by the result.

Many thanks to Clara for taking these magnificent photos!

Pattern:  A perrrrfectly wonderful tapestry crochet kitty bag.  Obviously this is not a bag.  If I make another cowl I'll tapestry-crochet the whole thing.  I did a few rows of stripes either side of the tapestry in hdc and they tend to curl over a bit as they lack the strucutral integrity of the tapestry section.  You live and learn, I think it looks rad anyway.
Yarn:  Some odds and ends I scored from the bargain room at Bendigo Woollen Mills, both of which are 8ply, the white being Celeste (I think) and the blue Persian.
Ravelled here.


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  1. It looks so great Tanya! I totally love it, and it doesn't look too "footbally" either which is wicked ~_^

  2. Wonderful Tanya! It looks great and the work of an artist :)

  3. it looks pretty cool and I think I wouldn't mind scarf either :) I have never attempted any tapestry crochet but this is on my list to do, also I think the kitties are perfect for this - really nice :)

  4. The cuteness! Anything with kitties is automatically awesome, but I just love this particular project. It looks good on you too, too bad you have to give it up!

  5. Great work..and patience! :)
    Tracy from www.crochethappy.com

  6. I love the kitties! My cat loves to sit on my shoulder and wrap himself around my neck. Very appropriate!

  7. A clever crochet job you did, well done:) !

  8. It is adorable! You are invited to share this With Show Your Stuff:


  9. I love pleasant surprises! I'd totally wear that!

  10. Wow, that's great!! ♥ Thanks for the pattern link :-)

  11. Wow, you did a great job Tanya - it is so cute! Thank you for sharing at Fluster's Creative Muster.

    Fluster Buster