01 May 2013

CH-145596, NZ-84515, US-2183566 & US-2186225

I received a few postcards this week, a very eclectic mix that I feel compelled to share.


(Including this one because the sender actually sticky-taped a coin to the card!  Amazeballs, Imma do this from now on.)


I'm a cat.  I am forced to live with this dog.  He is FATDOG and he wants to EAT ME. 
Purr love Gordon


This card is actually made with blindingly fluro pink.  Arrghhh my retinas!

Dear Tanya
You have such a pretty name!  I love it.  Anyway, I'm Madison.  I live in Colorado Springs with my parents, brother Weston, sister Sydney and four cats.  I'm 12 and I loev soccer, swimming, basetball, softball, and vollyeball.  Do you like Australia?  I've always wanted to go there.  And oh, do you have a cool accent?!  I LOVE Australian accents!!  Hardly anyone I know has an accent of any sort.
Greetings from America,
Madison :)


Hello Tanya!
Like you, I enjoy fiber crafts - I'm a pretty good knitter and have made crocheted items as well.  Instead of a yarn-related postcard, however, I have chosen this view of the Harvard Medical School.  Trauma surgeons and scores of medical specialists have been working around the clock here in Boston to treat victims of the bombing at Monday's Boston Marathon, and they have worked miracles - I am in awe of the dedicated people who do this work at the world-class hospitals here, which are supported with HMS staff and students.  Though many of the injured sustained amputations and other devastating traumas, they are getting the best kind of care.  I'm proud of Bostonians' response to this attack!
Best wishes,

I've been postcrossing just over a year now, and I am still astounded at the glimpses into the lives of others I get by reading these brief messages scrawled on the back of little pieces of cardboard.  This week's batch was a perfect cross section: wordless but interesting; a person who has anthropomorphised their cat (haven't we all?); a handmade card from a happy and carefree 12 year old girl; and a person at ground zero of the Boston Marathon bombings writing a postcard one day after the incident.  I got chills reading that last one.



  1. Why have i never heard of this? What a great idea, I might even sign up, I think my girls would like it. AM really enjoying catching up on your blog.

    1. It's completely addictive and wonderful. It just so wonderful everytime I get a new postcard <3

      I couldn't recommend it higher!