28 May 2013

out of copyright

So I just did a spot of research on copyright law.  Apparently, if a photo was taken before 1955, copyright elapses after 50 years!  Sweet mate!

I don't have any insidious intentions - I promise.  I just want to get some if these gems printed up as postcards to send them to postcrossers.  Anyways, I'm still doing reaserach about whether or not I can/should do this.

Nevertheless, I can still appreciate how rad these pics are. These are from the National Library of Australia Flicker Commons Photostream.

Ladies cricket team about 1910, area near Weetangera Lane on Peter Shumack's property 'Fernhill'

Young Australian male athlete flexing his muscles, ca. 1899

H.M. Queen Elizabeth at a garden party held in her honour at Home Island in the Cocos Islands, April 1954

Unidentified group of people proposing a toast after Christmas lunch: scenes of Army life in Australia during World War II

Surf sirens, Manly beach, New South Wales, 1938-46

This next one even has a little story along with it:
Even the defendent (left) laughed when his solicitor, Drouin lawyer Basil Telford joked to witness at the Local Court.... Three here are Drouin's Shire secetary (Thomas Ryan), secretary of the town Water Trust (William J. Young), and the school teacher, (Frank Davis). The local policeman (helmet on table) prosecutes.
Justices of the Peace, Thomas Ryan, William Young and Frank Davis sit on the bench at the Drouin Courthouse,Victoria 1916-

Mothers and babies at the Drouin Infant Welfare Centre, Victoria 1916-
 Again, a little story:

A wartime skeleton staff of two produces the Drouin "Independent" (once weekly); circulation 1,000. It prints social doings ... Apprentice Ken McPhan (16) who is an Air Training Corps cadet, helps owner-manager-editor-reporter ... William Pettit (59) who has run country newspapers all his life
William Pettit and Ken McPhan of the Gippsland Independent and Express newspaper, Victoria

And this one, apart from the rad camera angle:
Rev. William McSpedden, Vicar of Christ Church (Church of England), Drouin is a fighting parson. He held two bantamweight Victorian boxing titles in his youth; went into the ring at 124 pounds. Other sports were distance running and baseball. He captained a country baseball team, catching and batting a .3 average. Rev McSpedden still teaches promising youngsters the fistic art; is married and has a son aged two. He sings baritone solos and recites at local concerts.
Portrait of Rev. William McSpedden, vicar of Christ Church, Drouin, Victoria

Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset, 19 March 1932
Part of the collection: Official air views of the opening celebrations of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 19 March, 1932

Group of Aboriginals at Chowilla Station on the lower Murray River, South Australia
Bayliss, Charles, 1850-1897

The icy face of a member of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition team, 1911-1914

Parliament House, Canberra, [1930s, 3]
Unidentified baby lying in a hollowed out pumpkin : part of a mixed selection of lantern slides and negatives from John Flynn's teaching days in Gippsland, and early AIM [Australian Inland Mission]

Aren't they fantastic?  I hope I can capture some photos half as interesting and meaningful one day.  They don't even look real, some of them just seemed staged. 



  1. These are amazing, just extraordinary. Thank you for showing them to me.

    1. I thought I went a bit overboard with too many, but there was so many that caught my eye!

  2. They are great! I love the ladies with their surfboards ^_^