10 September 2012

The hunt for the ultimate Melbourne CBD eggs benedict: Brown Sugar Cafe

Last week took us to Brown Sugar Cafe, in the same laneway as Cafe Segovia, our venue of the week before.

Location: Brown Sugar Cafe
25 Block Pl
03 9639 7577

My sister posing outside Brown Sugar Cafe, with a belly full of benny.

On to the review!
Base: Turkish bread.  I generally like turkish bread toast.  I have a standing toast friday where I get turkish toast with vegemite.  Delish!  But this turkish bread, I dunno if it was old or just over toasted or just some weird variety that was made with added cement.  It was really hard, difficult to cut with my puny knife and really detracted from my whole breakfast.
Eggs:  Very good quality and tasty, though mine were slightly overcooked. 
Sauce: Not bad, but not excellent.  It didn't have a flavour of it's own, but tasted like eggs, so you couldn't differentiate it from the eggs.  It was like egg-ception.
Ham:  Ok, but I felt there wasn't quite enough of it.
Price:  $15.90
Coffee:  Ok, but nothing to write home about.
Service:  Very good.  They didn't bother us after we finished our meal as we sat chatting for another half hour. 

Tanya:  5.5/10
As I said above, the turkish bread ruined it for me.  No joke, I could hardly cut it with my knife.  Breakfast should not be this hard! So, the toast really ruined what would have otherwise been a very nice breakfast!
Lil sis:  6.5/10
Eggs good (cooked to perfection). Sauce, not bad (needs more). Ham, delectable (needs more). Bread, Chewy (GET RID OF IT)!! Coffee was satisfactory. Also great service, but so it should be considering it was very quiet at that time of day

And how does that look on the benedict-o-meter?

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